Monday, 25 February 2008

A chunk of familiar madness among the staleness...

Oh my god!!! What a philosophical title! Am I actually growing old? And if I am growing old does this mean that before too long I will enter this URL and think : "What the f... is this geezer Deadpoolite talking about? He must have some screw loose on his head or something, no doubt about it...". Since I still recognize this URL as a creation of my own master wackiness, I consider myself to have scraped through the inevitable senility of old age once again. But then again, I am not old but I will be one day which doesn't really rock your world as a realization, dear readers, but it does add one more line to this pointless post which is always a plus, LOL!!! Now that I am re-reading the title of this post (yeah I am a man that has 'peculiar' hobbies like reading the same sentence a gazillion times, especially if I have written it, hahahaha) I sense a strange air of wisdom behind my words. Either that or I have eaten something rotten and I just became aware of it (good thing that blogging doesn't transpire smell or flavour then, heh).

I am good!!! Still no apparent logic-infused side effects on this Merc:).

In case you are wondering I will be back in full military duty (probably scrubbing toilets or doing something equally 'brain stimulating' and 'military like', LOL) on Thursday, which means I have all the time in the world to torture my handful of readers with posts of extreme "awesomeness" like this one. Hey, you two giggling at the back... keep it up!!! My self sarcasm knows no end (unless I am stuffed with M and Ms which puts me in 'emergency toilet mode' but that is scary and I will spare you the horror, just this once of course, LOL). Hey, I just realized I reached the second paragraph of this post and I still haven't said anything extremely brain stimulating or remotely interesting to a third party... Damn I am good!!! I still got it!!! The truth of the matter folks is that I have missed this god forsaken place called "Deadpool's Laughing Den". I have missed its unique insane take on an even more insane world (yeah I know I am modest as hell, LOL). Anyhow, before I detonate the bloggosphere with the atrociousness of my self mockery let's move on to juicier stuff... And no, I won't be participating in a nude photo shoot, I am not paid enough you see.Actually, come to think of it, I am not paid AT ALL where I am!!! I really need to fire my agent...:).

Thinking about women in the army is like roller skating for the first time... You want to do it but inevitably you fall a lot and eat dirt every single time:). I can sense some 'girlfriend incoming' missiles coming my way, so a nutty boyfriend evasion manoeuvre is in order:).

Anyway, to a more personal and less -oh my gosh dare I say it...- wacky note, I am doing fine where I am. It will never be my 'cup of tea' (but then again I am no Englishman so who cares, lol) as a way of life and it does have its 'weird uniqueness' as a lifestyle. It took me several days to find a 'rhythm of living' (because I am always beaming with strange wacky vibes you see, heh) that I would be comfortable following under these peculiar circumstances. On the plus side, if there ever was a chance for extremely heterosexual male bonding this is it, since there are only 'traces of women' around and the ones present are higher ranked than my majestic DPness so I need to behave...(as much as someone with the 'insane genes' maxed out can 'behave' anyway).

At this point I have to state that if suspected of 'heterosexual malpractice' (don't you just love my crazy non-existing terminology, hahahaha) with another woman, my girlfriend Siryn will cut my head clean, so to speak, and that is always a great incentive to be 'a perfect gentleman'. Yes, my gal is a 'pacifist' by nature like that:). Ah, gods of monogamy have mercy on me will ya? LOL!!! I am sure you appreciate that this change of lifestyle hasn't affected my humour glands, if anything it has really elevated me to a plane of humourous existence beyond any visible redemption in the horizon (oh how I love "torturing" the english language, it makes my wacky world a better place I am telling you, heh).

Keep smiling because I love it when you do:). I am doing fine so no worries!

This was a first post of more to follow depending on restrictions, mood and time availability. I am around and I am looking forward to check how my blogging friends are doing. No, I am not irreversibly falling into the 'big softie' side of things, I just want to 'friendly torture' them with my 'venomously comical' comments on their posts (hey, a man has to have hobbies right? LOL).

Till next time, take care and I will be around when I can be around (I know, I know, you could live your lives without such deadly threats but what can you do...heh).


Saturday, 2 February 2008

Last post till... the next:)

Well I am joining the military on Monday and I will be its faithful, if somewhat wacky, servant for the next year. As a result my blogging frequency will suffer because I won't have much accessibility to a PC or the internet. Still I will be around when I can be around both as a writer and a reader... And to a certain soul out there that was worried about it, I just want to say, "I won't forget you". As I won't forget the rest of the fellow nutcases that hang out over at this blog (ah don't you feel the love and respect that I have for my readers... it just oozes from every pore of my blogging existence, lol). On a more personal level, I am taking this whole military experience thing as light as I can, treat it like another experience and wait for the days to pass really:).

I really like the following song for some reason. It just fits this post for no apparent reason , LOL!

Till next time then, take care and be well !

P.S.1 : The DP counter top right let's you know when I will be re-entering the bloggosphere at full strength and not sporadically, so you can't say that you haven't been warned when the time comes:). Later!!!

P.S.2 : OK, I confess I really had to put this song in as well since I just really really like it. As for the content of the video, oh well who cares, it is at least colourful and playful :)