Friday, 17 October 2008

An amalgam of nothingness... just the way I like it then:)

I intended to have a pretty serious post in this space instead of this one, I kid you not. However, the cogs of my insanity prevented the revolting development of a semi-sane post appearing in this blog(phew I thought I was a goner for a moment there...). After all I got a reputation to maintain and let me tell you, it has become hard as frozen nipples (what kind of ridiculous metaphor is that?oh well...) to be a master insanist in these already TOO insane for words times. Now, one may wonder(one person that has way too much free time in his/her hands that is) what is the inspiration behind this post. To this enquiry I would reply : "None!" (yeah I am "deep" like that, LOL!). I just had to write something... In all honesty I will unleash some random thoughts of mine upon your unfortunate minds and see what happens... Yep, you are THAT unlucky:).

Check out those killer lyrics... Oh yes, this Merc has plenty of wacky tales in him it seems:). My poor, poor readers...

As I am approaching the last fourth of my obligatory military service a lot of issues raise their ugly heads. My life with my soul mate, my future career path and its hardships , familial peace and videogaming glory. Now, the serious stuff is for another time, today the problem is how am I going to finish all those videogames I currently own (yeah I know, I am a man of immense prioritizing you dont need to remind me... lol). Currently I am the owner of an Xbox360 and of a number of games that have recently reached a double digit number. If I take Gears of War out of the gaming equation I haven't finished any of the the other games since I wasn't even near the console for most of the time this year. As months go by, new titles that I HAVE TO HAVE become available, thus this game library is going to get even more expansive. And let me not start on the upcoming purchase of a Wii console next February... Oh the nightmares of the upcoming games for that one make me ecstatic with agony day in day out (not really, but I had you fooled for a moment there didn't I, LOL!).

No can do Monsieur Pool... I am on a diet... Bummer!!!

Leaving videogaming troubles aside, I am then thinking of my diet. Ah, diet... Don't you just love all the sudden deprivation of cool food and its replacement with badly tasting 'mother nature ' products. It is a common known fact that during this godforsaken army life of mine I have gained weight... Weight gain means clothes don't fit and one starts to consider wearing potato sacs for extra comfort. Still, since I am a good trooper than never cowers before a challenge (unless it involves invading brocoli and killer tomatoes... oh the horror or the pain...) I have recently began this dieting masterpiece of mine with the hope that one day THAT elusive pair of jeans will be refited to my normally shaped ass and the forbidden love of flesh and cloth between them will flourish once again. Oh well, one can only hope:).

I came this close to detonating the damn thing but then I suddenly realized... I've got plenty more to write!!! Yeah, I know, I am a blogging genius and all... Oh stop it... You are making me blush:).

There is also the small matter of "what I am going to do with this blog"... So many thoughts have crossed my mine about the fate of this blog. They have ranged from detonating the host server of it to irreversibly erase its sorry existence from the net, to updating it to a new template coupled with widgets that (what a coincidence...) million other bloggers out there are also using(top points for originality to all blogger s out there then, including yours truely , lol!)... All this abrupt nonsense came to an end when I resetted my brain using a nicely placed hit on the skull with my trusty sledgehammer courtesy of my right hand. After the 'star parade circle' around my head had subsided I realized the error of my ways and how ludicrous all scenarios regarding the fate of this blog were...

Oh ridiculously cliched fortune teller... What will the future of this blog be? Should I persist, this blog will be eventually encoated in M and Ms goodness you say? Ah... as noble a goal in life as any I have to say:)!

You see, this blog is about the content of the posts and about being unique in the sea of uniformness that the blogosphere is. It doesn't matter how many people read it or if they 'get' the 'tongue in cheek' nature of the humour on display. The purpose of this blog is for me to have some fun or share some of my thoughts at random without taking the whole affair too seriously(quite the opposite actually, LOOOLLL, as most frequent readers are painfully aware). It is a good thing that now I have finally the luxury to re-engage in this blogging habit of mine staying true to the roots that spawned the very creation of this blog space.: "All people are entitled to eat chocolate until they burst from sweetness... ". Naaaahhh that aint it, my misled reading minions, the following IS though: "It is good for people to smile and feel upbeat and I'll be damned if I dont give my best shot at making it happen while immensely enjoying myself in the process".

Nurturing a new post is a hard job you know... Hmph... Everyone is a critic...:).

With those last, ominously wacky, words I leave this blog once more, shooting all political correctness out of the sky with no mercy or aiming accuracy whatsoever...Yep, I am officially having fun again in this place! Wanna join the ride ?(if not you should know, that I have a strictly 'no refund' policy in this blog, hey, I am running a laughing business here not charity okay? LOL!).

Till next time, take care all!!!