Friday, 18 July 2008

The post that was never meant to be...

Goodbye cruel blogging world... Goodbye non-existing readership of mine and pointless stupidity infused posting... This blog is no more, it has ceased to be, it is an ex-blog that has gone to meet it s Blogger maker once and for all... It was a wild ride while it lasted but my wacky powers have failed me at long last... So then... One more thing left to say before I let my blogging existence fade into oblivion...Read on at your own peril...

Oh come on I fooled ya there for a moment didn't I? HA,HA,HA,HA!!!!! That was an appropriately shocking intro to my first post since... since... well since forever... LOL!!! No way I am quitting folks, but still I had to oil my pranking cogs so to speak:). On with the real posting festivities then!!!

You know I see what is happening with this blog, I really do (when I am not overdosing on M and Ms and see multi-coloured bunnies with afros, dance around me to groovy disco tunes that is...). Because of circumstance and not having the liberty to do so whenever I want to, I rarely blog anymore... I suppose that is to be expected... After all, blogging has sort of de-volved in my list of priorities and has become more of a "luxurious" past time since I do not have the time to exercise it the way I want to (and no that is not by typing, wearing only my underoos hanging upside down from the ceiling, although you never know what my wacky future has in store for me, LOL). All of the above are solid facts but there is a nagging feeling deep inside that doesn't let go of my wacky psyche... I tried to shake that feeling off several times but it still persists... I thought I was going to be driven insane but then I realised that is my natural state so no worries then:). To cut the long story short I created a couple of conspiracy theories about why it feels off whenever I log-on to Deadpool's Laughing Den... So without further ado let's see what this sad excuse of a brain I am plagued with has come up with...

Scenario 1: I have outgrown the habbit of blogging...

The thought has crossed my mind you know... Scarce readership, not enough mood on my behalf to write because of circumstances that will persist until Feb 2009 and just plain lack of writing mojo so to speak. The thought of letting R.I.P. of this blog has visited my mad Merc-y brainstorms once or twice but it hasn't taken over pushing all sanity away (bummer!!!). Two realisations made me push all 'deleting possibilities' away:

1) I like writing too much and I love the way I am communicating my thoughts in this particular blog. This damn place has character and personal style and it would be a shame to toss it all aside just because of a passing phase in my life.

2)I like the visual energy of this place and for a guy who is not big on the HTMLs and XMLs of this world , Deadpool's Laughing Den has the comic bookish style that I wanted for it, although it doesn't deal directly with the subject matter it is inspired from visually.

So then, Deadpool's Laughing Den is here to stay('
Hooray!!!' , or "Bummer!!!" depending on perspective I suppose, LOL).

The novelty of blogging seemed to wear off for a moment there but then... it just didn't LOL!!!

Scenario 2 : I have outgrown my readers...

This has been a long time coming to be honest... As I've been visited progressively fewer and fewer of my affiliate blogs I realised that several of them have ceased to be affiliate or even interesting to me. Several blogs have been either cancelled or stuck in a neverending loop of repetitiveness that really didn't add nothing to my reading experience. As I have less and less time to actually visit blogs and comment on them I might as well go with the ones that keep things fresh and interesting. That is why I've given a well deserved boot to several of them thus my links list has become significantly smaller and all the better for it (
I like giving the boot, it is just one of those sadistic pleasures that my Mercy punk ass can't get enough off, LOL!). Although the verdict is still pending for few of the remaining ones (come on you blogging scoundrels I can hear you shaking in terror over my blogging gilotine so to speak, LOL!) I won't be making any changes on that front anytime soon (breath a sigh of relief you overhyped links of mine, the day of judgement has passed for the time being, LOL).

Scenario 3 : This blog is 'too unique' for its own good...

This has also crossed my mind and I thought of making the writing style more accessible to the average reader since sometimes the combination of 'proper english/comic bookey english/ english of my creation/english which should have never seen the light of day' can become confusing to say the least
(more often than not I am like, 'what the hell is this geezer talking about' and then the realization hits me hard, this geezer is ME!!! LOL!!!). However, this latest scenario faded into the wilderness of my subconcious before it even became a meaningful thought... The reason? If I modify my writing it just won't be me and the whole blogging experience will become a swamp of creative stagness and a burden rather than a joy... The solution is simple... Seek for appropriate audience rather than 'change for the sake of change' which would be sad really... The time when I will get my hands dirty with promoting this blog is not near but I will do so even if I have to increase my wacky rumblings brand of blogging a notch or two ( now that is scary...LOL!!!).

One thing is for sure... My unfortunate readers will once again pay the price of their persistent mazochistic tendency to read this blog... New victim....eerrr... readers are also welcome:)!!!

Bottom line folks of past, present and future is, Deadpool's Laughing Den is going to prevail despite recent hardships and lack of time... The reason being simple: I like making people smile or at least try to do so in my own unique way.Plus the awesomeness that is the Deadpool character comic book creation simply dictates it, so who am I to argue with the head honzo of comic book nutters eh?

Take care and throw the veil of pretended seriousness away, there is no place for it in this blog corner (
don't you just love those impulsive sentences of mine at the end of each post? Oh I am so egocentric I think a tear ran down my cheek just by the realisation of my blogging awesomeness ha,ha,ha,ha!!!).

Till next time be well!