Saturday, 29 November 2008

The 'lost' blog entries and other stories...

Everyone is a critic...

For a guy who has been trying to somewhat organize his life after the enforced hiatus of obligatory military service, I am not exactly doing a bang up job. Still, I am fighting the good fight on the job hunt front, while maintaining a relationship with Ms DP a.k.a. "Readheaded goddess"
(a little flattery will work miracles on reducing the pricing of the upcoming engagement ring or so I have fooled myself into believing, LOL!!!). However, the recent disaster that has savagely "torn my psyche apart" (excluding the fact that I 've got no M and Ms in munching range which is probably as worse as it gets in life, period...) is that I have handwritten several blog entries which I just can't locate at the moment. Sure, sure I occassionally track down one motheaten page or two but all I got is bits and pieces of the actual "masterpieces" in the making ( I know, I know I am too good for words feel free to bow before my might and all that...). As I survey my desk for any "proof of write", I can only feel horror at the dangers that may lurk at every corner. Copies of degrees and CVs , mixed with crumbs of sandwiches long devoured and wrappings of supposedly healthy energy bars that stand as relics of hypoglaecymic episodes that never happened. This isn't a desk anymore, it is a war zone and I just lack the will to make things right, or maybe the situation is evidently beyond redemption and I am just cutting my losses who knows... I swear to you, recently, some things on my desk have begun to transform from inanimate objects to full fleshed life forms. "Spore" videogame eat your heart out, you hear!!!

Why buy a game to create cartoonish abominations when I can just type in verbal abominations instead is anyone's guess:). Ah, my awesomeness knows no bounds it seems... Except, when Blogger crashes, which is often, and a natural disaster at each own right, so I will shut up now and stop testing the patience of the Blogger gods:).

With the onslaught of other priorities heading my way and with blogging sidelined, at least for month December, looking for the aforementioned handwritten posts seems like an unwanted nuissance akeen to the last 'summer' mosquito standing, buzzing in your ear instead of the ear of your next door neighbour. The blocked nose, I am currently a proud owner of ,doesn't help proceedings either... Oh, I am becoming such a cry baby it seems I probably need a baby sitter more than a wife to be... (
hmmm... that sounded kinky in some weirdly psychotic kind of way... just what I like then, LOL). As I am typing this I am half immersed in a pile of... (don't say it DP, don't say it...) papers [phew!!! this blog is still on the verge of an M(adness) - rating], CDs, pens, pencils etc. etc. It is surreal how I can make such a mess on a desk I am not using particularly often these days... I mean if I used it on regular basis , the poor thing would probably detonate in some sort of glorified nuclear explosion incident, out of frustration of being owned by an untidy geezer like myself. Ah the weight of being DP's messy desk is unbearable it seems, judging from the creaking sounds that I hear emanating from the wooden structure beneath my keyboard. Oh well, time will tell if the damn thing is going to come crashing down like a tower of playing cards or if it is going to go the hardcore desk's way and stand the test of time as the one desk that DP's clumsiness didn't demolish.

Surely you can't be THAT desperate and seek this info here:). And I thought I was mad!

In other stories, the job hunt is going 'somewhere' but not anywhere in particular and truth be told sometimes I think I am chasing my tail on this front . Having been away from the 'greek swing of things' for such a long time has unfortunately shielded me from all the lunacy of greek bureaucracy for way too long. Still, being the good hip (
does anyone say 'hip' anymore? OUCH!!! 'poor word choice incoming!!!') life fighter that I am, I am fighting the good fight with a smile wider than Joker's after ending a weekly constipation drought with *ahem* highly "explosive" results (what a disturbingly amusing thought...LOL). Still, at least I am realistic about what can be achieved when I put my skills (*cough* my what? oh yeah those made up things that look cool on paper I mean, especially in Comic Sans, I swear to you guys they ROCK in Comic Sans) and my charm (*cough* yep, I got plenty of that, if you consider eating M and Ms while standing upside down wearing only my underpants ,well... charming, LOL!).

So this is my life then... a job hunting Merc without a gig under his name, in love with a beautiful redhead (with obviously poor taste in men but who cares, LOL!), near the end of my military service and with my humour sense intact (o
r so my NOW deaf circle of friends keeps nodding/telling me...). Oh yeah, once in a while I blog too... Ah, it is good to be me, minus the lack of any decent jokes in this post and the recently acquired invisibility of my readers (yep, I must have the highest number of invisible readers in blogging history only second to that of my previous post).

News Update 1: I just found one of my posts, hanging between life and death at the edge of the desk. Steady now, little buddy, come to papa Deadpoolite and it is all going to be alright.... Why kill yourself dear handwritten blog enty, a life of infamy and apparent on-line demise awaits in my blog:).

News Update 2: This blog isn't dying anytime soon... The only reason being, I can't afford the virtual bullets to end its sorry on-line existence... Oh well, there is always the next millenium I suppose...

So yeah, I'll be back, I always do, it is what I do and in great style nonetheless:) [
modesty is for losers, you know it and I assume it... LOL!]