Wednesday, 30 May 2007

A peaceful moment on Sunday morning…I wish I had more of those these days…

It may come as a shock to people that repeatedly visit this blog,( hey you aren’t that many just yet but why not pat you on the back for a job well done so far,lol) but today I am not in my usual “wacky mode” mood. Wacky mode is what keeps me going writing this blog but sometimes you pause and try to restrain the wackiness from breaking to the realm of the real life that you lead. Oh, I am sure I would endorse it greatly if that ever happened and I just cut loose on the world around me but the state wouldn’t be so pleased with a usually “law abiding citizen” going nuts and running around in his underpants armed with a water pistol uzi (now that would be an image to behold,lol). So, eventually, I would have been locked up in a nut house with other fellow inmates all dressed up in our matching white robes, singing 80s songs (what a decade….) and popping our anti-depressant pills like M and M’s (all credit to my friend Abraxas for that little joke…) smiling merrily with bliss, not a care in the world (hey a man has got to have ambition in his life right? lol).

A rare occassion of beauty and silence merging peacefully, no snappy remarks, no wacky comments, just enjoying the pure simplicity of the moment...

Anyway, today (this text is being written on Sunday 28th but since internet connection is a no-no situation here I ll post it in the blog when I can) I just wanted to share with you, as much as I can via this blog, the beauty of the simple things in life that I am currently experiencing. I am sitting in a house by the sea, weather a bit cloudy but not raining just yet. I ‘ve got my loyal 7 year old laptop in front of me (my little HP dinosaur as I cheekily call it) sitting on the desk in front of me, typing this blog entry in as fluidly as possible, hoping that this ageing piece of hardware wont give up on me altogether before I am done. Next to the laptop, on my right hand side, there is a mug of hot coffee, my ever trusting companion in a morning like this, one where half of my brain wants to go back to sleep while the other half is torn between giving up on me totally or just persisting for one more day in the hope that some new life input will brighten it’s day (yep my brain has a “brain” of eachown so to speak no surprises there, everyone is a critic,lol). As cheesy as it may sound, little birds are singing around the premises (cant tell if they are hitting it off or are just plain bored from this quiet uneventful day and are trying to spice things up with their singing). The sea isn’t too far off from where I am standing and I can just make out the sound of small waves crashing on the seashore with suicidal tendencies (how romantic…). My dad just became part of the picture at hand, suddenly giving me tips on how to plant some seeds on the ground being the amateur gardener that he has become recently(sorry dad but you had that one coming, it was inevitable, heh). I smile at him with consent saying the occasional “yes dad”, “cool dad” while my mind is miles away. Don’t get me wrong, I am all up for some quality time with my father now and then but not at bloody 10 am on a Sunday morning (blame it on my ever revolting brain cells I mentioned earlier,lol). As I am taking a sip of my still warm coffee, a light breeze is caressing my face trying to naturally induce a gentle awakening of the senses. It feels good, there is no doubt about it. For just one moment things that trouble me, be it that elusive gal that I really dig, my career problems and future, the soccer club that I am a supporter of, PAO (short for “Panathinaikos” what a mouthful for non-Greeks, lol) that totally sucks at the moment and other brief thoughts that occasionally cross my mind don’t really matter anymore. All that matters is the peaceful moment that I am currently experiencing and I am taking it all in hungrily. This is one of the simple things in life that I am so fond of, where you can be alone with your thoughts and play around with them rather than let them torture you with insecurity in the confines of your usual rural habitat.

Hey what was that I was talking about, “being alone with my thoughts”, well you can cross that one out, neighbours just started coming around to check their properties, what with summer coming up and all.

Oh well, nothing lasts forever, time is up, better say hi…

Talk to ya later folks!

Friday, 25 May 2007

Resisting the lust for a videogame walkthrough....barely...and proud of it!

The source of last night's frustration
that goddamn
"God of War 2" game

I am an avid videogamer and I am currently delivering punishment left and right in God of War 2 for the PS2. I am also ridiculously patient as a person.As far as videogames are concerned when I am stuck, I become stubborn as a mule. I just have to go past this one last level before I drop the game. I will never admit defeat. It is all a bit pointless really but I can persist in the most absurd of situations even if the game is utter crap or it requires some ridiculous solution that the game designers conceived after a major hangover.In those kind of situations my most hated enemy, the Van Helsing to my Dracula, the Green Goblin to my Spiderman, the Jerry to my Tom is using the damn walkthrough. This is essentially a written guide that tells a hapless gamer how to pass a certain tough spot in the game. Usually, it is good to use one before you get totally frustrated with a game and start questioning your sanity and what death would suit you better to end the gameplay torture...

The forbidden fruit for gamers.
The goddamn walkthrough...

Yesterday night was a restless one, so I decided the hell with it I'll just kick some ass in God of War 2 and let some steam out. So there I was, starting up the PS2, loading the game at my last save point. Problem was, I was royally stuck... it was a bloody room I needed to cross
and there were a couple of switches I needed to press simultaneously. I started observing the room carefully to see what could help me in my silly quest but the room was pretty plain in design. After an hour of frustration where I had scanned every pixel on the screen (hell I had observed every fucking corner of my living room by then as well,lol) the crave started to take over. The crave to use a walkthrough and be done with it...I subdued the urge for that instantly
...I would not surrender...I would know no defeat...this aint the fucking Kubric cube it is God of War 2 damn it, it is not suppose to tire your brain cells but numb them.

Another half an hour passed, I had tried every conceivable and inconceivable approach multiple times (apart from the correct one obviously ,lol). The damn gate wasnt opening, it just stood there mocking my incompetence and my stupidity, wasting my time like a fool.... Then the urge came back, "I ve had enough with this shit,I 'll use a walkthrough" . However, the gamer nut inside me prevailed "no fucking way" I thought "I am going to open the gate TONIGHT and that is that"!

Ok, enough is enough just let
me go past the gate...

Another half an hour passed and the hallucinations started , I was visualising my game character walking past the gate laughing manically however it wasnt really happening. "For fuck's sake I am God of War in this game I can beat up cyclops,minotaurs and other monsters with my little pinky finger and I cant open a lousy gate! How lame is that...". Frustration kicked in, I was either going to use a walkthrough to go past the damn gate or throw the gamepad to the TV screen and break it. Maybe that would open the damn gate as well and that is all that mattered (yep I was that far gone folks,lol).

Maybe it is the TV's fault, maybe just maybe
all hope isnt lost yet

As I was pleading for mercy from the gaming gods (ok this is officially one of the dumbest things I've written but the hell with it, it fits the mold,lol), one of my half dormant brain cells sprung to life and gave me the solution to this problem. I opened the damn gate swearing at it silently (people were sleeping in the house doing what was normal not cursing at virtual gates in the middle of the night,lol). I swore in my mother language Greek, I swore in English, hell I probably swore in alien languages and Chinese as well (the only phrase I know in chinese is how to ask "where is the toilet?" and mind you I say it in perfect chinese accent,lol). All the rage of those lost hours of my life while I was meaninglesly trying to go past that damn gate just got loose(I am just glad I didnt wake anyone up because there is no greater rage than that of a person that loses his/her sleep over nothing and that is a fact of life,lol).

I saved my progress and went to sleep feeling a deep feeling of satisfaction ( I know, I know it is just a silly videogame but the hell with it I like my small victories now and then regardless of the field, I am a sucker for a good celebration what can I say...).

Today, I resumed playing of God of War 2 and I am royally kicking asses nothing can stop me so far. Not a scratch, not a worry in the world I am invincible I am telling you (yeah right..). I think it has to do with what happened last night when my own personal dormant God of War was unleashed on that virtual gate....

p.s.1 The reason I wanted to browse the game fast is because it is a bloody rental and I will have to return it soon. (The daily pressure of losing cash to a third party, you cant beat that for strong motivation for sure,lol)

p.s. 2 Time to play again....Someone is going to!

I am past the gate and kicking asses left and right again
Hooray for Deadpoolite!

Monday, 21 May 2007

Diet is like the Incredible Hulk, you transform into someone else...

Over the years I've accumulated some excess weight. Blame it on studying and every day stress or to the love that was never meant to be, it doesnt really matter. You may call it overweight (heck some people say that 1 Kgr over your normal weight is overweight, go or just plain fat depending on perspective(well I am not into photo shopping myself like so many people do on the web, I am all natural, lol). Still the time came where part by circumstance, part by choice I said to myself "enough is enough". So here I am, going strong, week after week shedding the Kgrs and becoming the adonis that I was always meant to be (if you are looking for a modest guy you are in the wrong blog, lol). The funny thing though is not the transformation itself, which is a cool thing and a blessing for your health (doesnt hurt your shagging potential either, lol).

"It is all muscle... I swear!!!"

What I find the most fun about the whole affair is trying out old or relatively old clothes and see that they fit. It sounds quite trivial and it probably is but still it comes as a shock when you start wearing clothes that hadnt see human ass or human chest for 2-3 years. Let me elaborate, since I've begun "mini-sizing" myself ("diet" is too boring a term, lol) my old clothes (old as in 3 months old, lol) became too bulky for my body. The choice was simple, either go around dressed as a washed up Eminem wannabe or buy some new clothes. I was opting for the latter option but call it luck, call it destiny, call it malarkey I chose to have a look at a little storage space I had for relics of my past (a bunch of stuff really) looking for a particular T-shirt I was fond of. What I found in there was beyond belief, trousers, t-shirts, shirts a lot of them totally unworn or slightly used. Some of those things were bought by me, others given to me as gifts in various occassions. It was really cool trying all this stuff on for size and finding out that this Deadpoolite could fit comfortably into pretty much anything. Being the comics fan that I am I couldnt do anything else but smile in the thought, "The Incredible Hulk changing into his human self Bruce Banner". Now I know how that feels...

"Feel like tap dancing!"

Friday, 18 May 2007

Flirting with danger (actually with women but it is the same thing more or less...)

You know I am a sucker for a good romance. I am not the Meg Ryan type of guy (after all I am insane but not THAT insane, lol) but you know every now and then there comes a person of the opposite sex that actually interests me and not purely in the "eye candy" side of things. There is such a person at the moment so I am kinda of formulating the right way to go about it. In the process of things I considered all avenues possible but as it usually happens with things when you think about them too much you start off with one thing and you end up with something totally different. So I' ll just put my flirting prowess on standby for the time being and share with you thoughts on how a man approaches a woman and gets his arse kicked every single time, lol!

"Damn it woman I just wanted to knock you out on a date...
Get back here!"

1)The Neaderdal approach : Back in the days of the cavemen things were so simple. Flirting was as simple as "I got the wooden stick, I see the woman I like, I bump her on the head, I let loose some incomprehensible war cry and then grab the object of my desire by the hair and drag her to the cave". Damn those were the good times for men you know, you could be the hunter of the game and you could actually get away with it! Good old days... If you followed this approach today you would end up in a prison cell for armed assault with a man called Mitsos that hadnt showered since his baptism...

"Face it babe you've hit the jackpot
with me,
you just dont know it yet!"

2)The Cocky approach : Since "armed flirting" is out of the question, the flirting ingenuity of man evolved into a whole different beast. Gone are the actual weapons, welcome the verbal weapons. A man oozing with confidence to the point of cockiness, approaching a woman and talking to her like she is already his or implying that there are plenty more of women in the pipeline for him if she refuses him. Ah you got to love us men so damn predictable, no wonder women play us in their little pinky finger. Usually these are the cases of men that want to get laid as soon as possible with whoever possible and they follow the golden rule of "Statistically speaking if I flirt every woman on site, one of them is eventually going to sleep with me". As far as flirt strategies are concerned as simple as they come really...

"I 'll climb the staircase to your heart
me and my stupid haircut, yeah babe!"

3)The Romantic approach : "Isnt the sky beautiful, arent the birds singing lovely, oh your eyes I am so lost in those dark blue seas of love (goddamn cant continue with this sweetalk I feel like a damn teddy bear with hearts on it....). This guy knows what women want, he has seen the rom coms starring Hugh Grant, Sandra Bullock and Meg Ryan and he actually believes these things happen every day! Oh well, nothing wrong being romantic I suppose but too much of it and you 'll end up like those poor actors(poor as in personal acting suffering not money,lol) in soap operas who end up saying lines like : " Loren I cant live without you, without the warmth of your body, the aroma of your hair and the kicking of your feet up my ass when we sleep" ...

" I see you are impressed by
the wealth of my emotions..."

4)The Show off approach: This approach projects the message " I got the money and I got the moves, give me some sugar baby". All you need to do is focus on one strong selling point. Be it the high income, your sculptured biceps or a chin made in heaven , anything goes as long as it makes the woman interested in you with minimal verbal effort. Nothing wrong with that and for people with ridiculous money or adonic bodies it works like a charm. For the rest of the world, it is a matter of postponing the inevitable of your love interest finding out that you may got a fancy car but you spend all your money on it and you got no money left...Buying that essential second pair of underwear is out of the question then , lol. Still, this formula does get you laid at least twice, it seems, before the illusion wears off eventually,lol.

"Man I cant take it anymore... If I hear one more time about
how sweet Brad Pitt's ass is and women accessorizing
I am going to blow my brains up!"

5)The Guy in touch with his feminine side (also called the metrosexual approach just because it sounds cooler,lol) approach: This take on flirting presents you to women as a guy deeply concerned with them and their problems. You show you actually care of the subjects they talk about and you are there for them initially as a friend. You hang out with lots of them and you try to be willingly "the sheep in their pack of wolves" so to speak. This strategy has the additional risk of you being perceived as gay since you dont project "Alpa-male greatness" in your every move or gesture, plus you hangout with women for "no apparent reason" to the other males' eyes. When it works though, this approach usually ends up in something meaningful and at least ressembling a proper relationship since a man willing to listen about nonsense like "cosmetics, clothes and accessorizing" is a man send from heaven for every woman...

I am sure that there are plenty more approaches and ways to go about it but I really cant be bothered any more to think about it. Now about my own little flirting agenda, hmmmm, which way should I go about it...oh the hell with it "where is my wooden stick?"

Till next time, Deadpoolite signing off...

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Keeping my insanity in check and moving on...

"Well I may be as torn as this guy
but I am a helluva lot prettier,lol"

You know people have many sides and this alter ego (no relation to the sakis rouvas cinematic masterpiece I assure you- Greeks will know what I mean, lol) Deadpoolite is just one of them for me. It is so liberating to be as wacky as you want even if it is just for writing blog entries and dissing verbal punishment left and right. Still I do wonder these days what keeps me going you know. Hey, I am no old fool and this isnt any earth shattering and soul draining account of my life so keep the tissues in the drawers you crybabys.

So as I was saying before I was hit by lightning (nope now that I think of it that was the other time...), ok before I watched the "...of the living dead trilogy" (hmm nah that wasnt yesterday either , damn those memory lapses keep getting worse, I'd better hit my head with a hammer to keep altzheimer's at bay....heh works for me...) I was thinking where I stand as a merc with a mouth in this world. You know what gives me the edge, what gives me the moves (that sounded like a fricking John Travolta quote out of Grease or something...damn it disease is spreading), what makes me tick, what drives my insanity, what is the essence of who I am (man I am one deeply philosophical monkey this morning...hope there is a vaccine against it...).

Initially I grabbed by the ghoulies (ok that is officially too hilarious even for me, lol) some bare essentials of life. Like love, amour , doing the nasty (where the hell did that come from...curse you late night tv and cheap american productions..), making out, you know the drill. So am I in love then? Well I know for certain I 've been in love once and it wasnt pretty, it ended up right before it started truth be told but that doesnt mean it hurted any less... (oh come on son pull yourself together, do it for the fans..). Still the prospect of it is as endaring as makes you want to wake up in the morning just to see what lies around the corner in the "loving" (just switched on to "THE MASK" mode, smokin....switching off) department. So yeah this is a decent motivation but a short fueled one. You know good enough for a short boost of goodness but not enough to sustain my insanity in the long run. As for non-sexual love, you know from family and friends I am cool I got plenty thank you mr god sir for that, thank you a lot!

"Love, love and more love, blood sugar going up....
Just spare me the Amelie soundtrack will ya?"

Then I moved my motivation dilemmas to the path of career. Heck, a good career means everything even for a merc with a mouth like me... so how does that fare. Well, it used to be the world and I gave it a really good shot at least in getting the academic qualifications I needed and at setting ambitious goals. Everything seemed in working order and I was destined for greatness, then there was the accident (black humour folks sorry couldnt resist no accident dont worry...blame the insensitiveness of me on the damn Marvel Comics I am so fond of, there is always an accident there be it a bite from a radioactive burger or the fart of an albino nuclear reactor- ok time to reset my brain clock again , hammer time here I come...). But thuth be told, something happened on how I had things planned and I am kinda of questioning my motivation and my dedication to my work prospects and the career path I've chosen. I am not sure I have the luxury to do so but this is where I am at the moment.... trapped in a flux of nothingness at the moment...still I will prevail I always do (oh yeah baby you better believe it I know I do, lol!).
So formulating a career with potential is a motivation worth rooting for but still it aint the essence of what I am about at the moment.

"Not my line of work but still scary, lol!"

So then what? Am I about having fun just going out, playing videogames,watching movies etc etc Am I about writing endlessly on this blog and scripting my ever postponed novel? Heck if I know... truth be told, only thing I know is that this is a turning point in my life (you know the kinda of change that makes you scared shitless one moment and laugh full of joy the next one...oh beloved mood swings Deadpoolite loves you so much, you pretties). Is change necessarily a good thing one may wonder, is it all that it is cracked up to be, does it lead to better things? Well the greek philosopher Socrates would say "There is one thing I do know, that I dont know anything..." and he couldnt be more right...

"I wish change was this easy you know. Give me something to shoot or decapitate and be done with it. Deadpool rocks (irrelevant but cool,lol) "

See you soon in the funny pages

Take care

p.s. This is as serious a post as I can manage in this blog, enjoy it while you can or run a stake through my heart and banish the evil of my semi-serious blog entry. Either way I am good, lol ! (ok adding "self destructing tendencies" to the diagnosis log, obviously I need a knock to the head with a bigger hammer to set things right....hmmm... going to the many hammers so little

Sunday, 13 May 2007

A small test for Deadpoolite, a big yawn for humanity...

I hate those damn self awareness quizzes with a passion. You know some philosopher, writer, whatever, had a major hangover and became too philosophical all of a sudden spouting nonsense questions around him. Then, years later "experts" make gravely serious statements like "The man had a point back then" , "Oh the wisdom, what insight, he was ahead of his time" "The people of his era could not comprehend him". Geez, I am sure every major pioneer in life was acknowledged properly after he died. Regardless, being the big softie that I am (with a twist of insanity to spice things up...) I am answering the questions to this godawful list of existential questions (truth be told I am too lazy to think of an original topic at the moment so I might as well go mainstream for one post,lol). I have to thank fellow blogger Itelli for teasing me to answer this "test" (I am a sucker for challenges regardless of how trivial they may be) .

Ok, then drums rolling.....steady now...aim !

1) What would be the absolute happiness for u?
I dont care about absolute happiness. I mean what is the point if you are happy all the time it kinda of loses its value as a concept. I prefer short bursts of happiness to keep me going and a bit of adversity to fuel my creativity (I didnt really answer the question but I never said I would so no worries,lol)

2) What makes u get up in the morning?
The sun and that godawful alarm clock...

3) Last time u broke out in laughter was...:
My timer was off so I wouldnt know. Stil,l I laugh all the time usually at myself and how brilliant I am (thinking that I am brilliant is pretty hilarious as well!)

4) Your principal characteristic is:
I am ridiculously patient and persistent when it matters. I am also a bit stubborn but it adds to my charm I am sure of it,lol.

5) Your main defect:
Not being insane enough to fit in this uber insane world. Working at it though...

6) Any mistakes u'd be lenient with?
There is no self improvement without making mistakes. Plenty of mistakes but they were all my choices made with the best of intentions and affected only me without ruining other people's lives.

7) Any characters in history with whom u identify?
The biggest comedy writer of them all, Aristophanes of ancient Greece. He swore, he wrote timeless comedy and his satyric insticts were always vivid and to the point. So, I wouldnt say identify rather than inspired by. Truth be told, all the people that stood for their values and saw the bigger picture regardless of their usually tragic ends are people worth identifying with.

8) Your heroes?
A bunch of them actually.
Odysseus (aka Ulysses) is my absolute hero always heading for Ithaka towards his family despite all the adversity and impossible situations.In the words of K. Kavafis -great greek poet-"it is not the destination that counts but the trip you took to reach it", I do love that concept.
Deadpool, for all the wrong reasons I assure you,lol.
All the underdogs in comics with a special soft spot for Spiderman, Donald Duck and Daffy Duck

9) Your favourite trip?
I ' ve made a bunch of enjoyable trips but the best is yet to come I am sure.

10) Your favourite writer?
Arthur Conan Doyle( I love the deductive mind of Sherlock Holmes), Jewles Verne( he "pictured" my dreams as a kid) and myself once I get of my ass and start writing my ever postponed fictional story.

11) The quality you most admire in a man?
Since I am not gay it wouldnt be his ass, so it would have to be trustworthiness and a sense of humility (I hate cocky bastards with a passion!)

12) The quality you most admire in a woman?
Having the insight to give space to a man without the need to be told to do so and the braveness to stand her ground in a conversation without the need to revert to sexistic tactics. Still, if I have to say one thing only it would be this. I like the clearness in a woman's eyes, when those eyes mirror herself and her convictions and dont have "bitch" and fake bravado written all over them (I think I 've just out-prousted , Proust,lol)

13) Your favourite musician/composer?
U2, as a band. Bono's lyrics/voice speak to my heart and Edge's guitar is the soundtrack of my life with the ambience of the two other members making the acoustic experience complete.

14) Your favourite tune while in the shower?
I kinda of mumble incoherent lyrics and tunes of my own creation as they come to mind. They usually make up a pretty cool theme song of total madness that is lost in "unwritten music" oblivion as soon as I am out of the shower.

15) Title of the book that most affected u?
"Don Quixote de la Mancha" BY Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra>

I think the character of Don Quixote saw the world for what it really was (just have a look around you,lol)

16) Title of the movie that most affected u?
Well I have to be honest. Although not the best movie ever (not even close,lol), the first "Spiderman" movie has affected me more that any other movie I 've watched. The reason? I have been reading the Spiderman comic books since I was 6 years old and I always dreamed of a Peter Parker/ Spiderman movie and the way that he would swing with his webs in New York. When I watched my childhood wish coming true on the silver screen it was beautiful, a shiver came down my spine and I was near to tears (words really dont do justice to how I felt...). All of a sudden I was a kid all over again( hey gimme a break I may be a merc with a mouth but at least I am a romantic and sensitive one,lol)

17) Your favourite painter?
My godmother. She is a pro, she draws with cool and vibrant colours and I love her to bits as a person.We do share the same insanity you know...

18) Your favourite colour?
Orange. I am an orange nut. I see orange and I feel all warm and fuzzy inside (minimum calories maximum uplifting , I love it!)

19) What has been your greatest success?
I think the greatest success is yet to come, so far it has been a series of small victories that make me burst with joy (yeah I do that a lot as well as fall in sadness, god I love my mood swings I couldnt live without them!). Having trustworty friends is as close as I have reached so far...

20) Your favourite drink?
Cold water from natural streams from my dad's greek village of origin Klepa, Greece. It always brings back memories of childhood friends lost in time and my long gone grandparents which I adored...

21) Your biggest regrets concern...
...I am too multi-tasking at the moment and not always with important stuff. Whenever, I focused in one thing at a time I was really good at it but with multi-tasking I am OK great rather than REALLY great. Still need to work at it and become as good as I can be... ( I am a sucker for self-improvement I feast on it brutally in fact,lol)

22) What do u hate most?
Mosquitos in summer with the weather all warm and humid that dont let me sleep with their buzzing(call me shallow all you want,lol). I hate them with a passion I can stay up all night just to kill the little bastards (I am nuts like that,lol). In a previous life I was definitely a mosquito serial killer or a superhero called the "mosquito annihilator" (sounds so ridiculously gay it is

23) What do u do when u r not writing something?
Being constantly updated on my science, reading comics and books, watching movies or theatre plays and playing videogames (oh Making out is always good when it is possible and means something rather than just for the sake of it...(nothing wrong with the latter though,lol)

24) Your greatest fear?
I guess when I get older, death(of course Grim Reapper being the unpredictable chap that it is can come at any moment but that is out of my hand so no worries,lol). For now it is more a case of little insecurities rather than fear of some impending doom,lol!

25) When do u lie?
When instict dictates that the person talking to me cant handle the truth and would react badly to the direct approach. I'd like to call it "alternative truth" or "being diplomatic". It helps me sleep at nights as peaceful as a bird....

26) What is your motto?
Every obstacle is for a good reason (essentially this is the greek version of "what doesnt kill you makes you stronger")

27) How would u like to die?
A senile old fool in my sleep with loved ones all around me. I will not know the faces but I will feel the love, that's the way to go!

28) If u were to meet God, what would u like to hear from him?
1)Was it all a big great hangover for you?(regarding world's creation)
2)I wasnt too bad a man but we can always play tavli(something like backgammon) to decide, best out of 5? (regarding my fate)
3)What is the rent up here? The view aint half bad... (regarding, whatelse, living conditions...)

29) Describe ur current mental state.
Unstable as ever, still no danger to humanity...not yet!

Well now that I am done with this I can aim my blogging crosshair to more juicy material (come to think of it I would like to ask god one more thing "How the hell -sorry god- do I come up with all these cheesy blog lines? " I dont have a clue myself,lol.

Talk to ya later!

Thursday, 10 May 2007

When action meets soap opera with cataclysmic results...

You know I really wanted to go serious on you if only for one post, if only temporarily. It is called personal credibility I am told. You know be really deep, express your inner emotions, write about your frustrations and exorcise the evil within (god, I need to lay down on the Evil Dead trilogy viewings, lol). I was determined but unfortunately the blogoverse had different plans for me. Let me elaborate. After the evening meal, I switched on the "little funny box" called TV just to zap past channels with meaningless programs. A moment before I switch off the tv, I tuned on a channel that was showing probably "Bold and the beautiful" (that is a US soap opera for the ones fortunate enough not to litter their brain cells with such useless knowledge,oopps too late now, lol). As I was ready to log off and go on with my life, I saw an actor on-screen which, let's just say, I didnt expect to see on a soap opera. Lorenzo fricking Lamas!

"Lorenzo Lamas in his action glory days
kicking asses left and right"

"Lorenzo Lamas, the puppy eyed version,
going all soap opera versatile on our asses"

What next...?
"Shakespeare? Have mercy..."

You may wonder who the fuck is Lorenzo Lamas. This guy is one of those unsung all american action heroes. You know the type, semi or all muscular dealing justice to the crooked on TV or DVD. Him on a soap opera! The TV-verse works in mysterious ways, I am telling you.

It was like epiphany, my seriously damaged brain was suddenly filled with images of greatness from such action b-movie legends like Chuck "the ultimate roundhouse kick" Norris, Steven "the pony tail of doom" Seagal, Jean Claude "the belgian oak" Van damme and Dolph "I got my ass kicked in Rocky 4" Ludgren. These are the true american heroes not like the overrated stallones and swartzenegers (I am bound to spell his name wrong it is inevitable,lol) of this world. These people keep making movies despite having zero acting talent so it makes you re-evaluate if the US was indeed the land of opportunity once upon a time. You know what a real fan boy's dream would be , just to pit all those suckers in the same movie kicking eachothers asses. That would be a sight to behold and the ultimate collector's DVD. Just dont put too many lines on the script and you are looking at a masterpiece. If only those hollywood big shot producers took their heads out of their asses and took notice.

"What is the essence of life? Getting shot by me!"

"I want to flex my acting muscles
like my real ones. Get me a soap
opera role, please..."

"You know movies like this made
me think getting my ass kicked in
Rocky 4 was a blessing..."

Blame the madness I unleashed in this blog entry on a single viewing of Lorenzo Lamas being all emotional and romantic in a soap opera. Let me tell you, I half expected him to start sending punches right and left just for old times sake you know, but he was a gentleman and didnt fakely punch anyone. Maybe in the next episode...

P.s. 1 : Useless info coming up! Lorenzo Lamas played in ALL the episodes of Falcon Crest another soap opera back in the days of the dinosaurs...

P.s.2 : Never have I mentioned the world "ass" so many times without referring to women once!
That is me Deadpoolite "the ultimate version" then, a bonafide gentleman,lol!

P.s.3: Ok, I'll try to get serious on my next post. Seriously...oh come on now dont laugh...not too hard anyway, lol!

Catch you later!

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Music to my ears, causing you all tears?

Last Sunday while I was messing around with my blog, it seemed kind of cool to add some music tune playing when someone is unfortunate enough to enter. I kind of considered it a welcoming sign to the reader I suppose. Since only one tune plays and that can easily be paused by pressing the button on the player I thought that even the people that wouldnt find the tune to their fancy would just pause the damn thing before the evilness of the music makes their pc's explode,lol. Since this is a relatively new blog, I am still experimenting on things and see what works and what doesnt, you see.

However, the reaction to this addition was mixed to say the least with people telling me to either throw the music into "trash bin oblivion" , keep it but change the tune frequently or to change the style of music being played since it is not to their taste. Now I am a simple Deadpoolite trying to make some blogging in the world but it is hard to please everyone. My priority for this blog is the text of course and to make people enjoy the few minutes that they spend here regardless if they are regular readers or people that came here by accident. So being Greek and having democracy running through my veins (one cannot get too cocky about his heritage I assure you,lol) I thought "The hell with it, let's vote".

In that respect I would appreciate your input on the matter by voting on the mini-poll to your right.

p.s. If your opinion coincides with "Kind of. As long as it is not distracting..." you might as well add a little something on the "comments" of this post and propose what type of music would be acceptable for you.

Thanks for the insights!

Monday, 7 May 2007

Marvel Comics movies, friend or foe?

I decided to write this little piece about the ongoing pehnomenon of the last 5 years or so. I am talking about the behemoth of movie creation that is called "the Marvel Comics movie".
You know the drill, get a comic book character dress him in a fancy hollywood suit and present him with a ribbon to the movie audiences that otherwise wouldnt give a toss about him/her. In an era where Hollywood is dying for inspiration (or at least that is what executives say) the pages of comic books have become the new screenplays. So how do those movies fare I wonder, let's see some pros and cons :

Stan Lee (old guy,creator of spiderman) : "Move out of the way Spiderman here comes Stan "the man" Lee"
Spiderman : "You know Stan, technically this written piece is dedicated to me".
Stan Lee : "Shut up Spidey! All I need is a rubber to erase you out of existence!"
Spiderman : "Ok Stan...Whatever you say...You are da man! (senile old fool...)"

Spiderman:Oh, good old Peter Parker. Still fighting the good fight for a bunch of New Yorkers that hates and loathes him. How has the silver screen treated him I wonder...

The good : The costume has remained unchanged from the classic comic book look, he is always the average joe fighting the good fight. MJ is always there to love him and hug him and and... despite him being an absolute dork. Still you cant fight it, you root for the guy he is so similar to you anyway (well if you take out the fact that he sticks to walls and shoots webs out of his ass, sorry hands, that is, lol)

The bad : For some reason, he constantly loses his mask all the time(in 3 movies now he always lost it or got it torn apart at some point, kind of stupid really). I mean by now half of New York knows who Spiderman is so why bother with the secret identity thing. MJ is getting progressively whinier with each new installment and she is a constant source of trouble. 3 movies havε passed, 3 times she was abducted, 3 times she needed saving, it's all getting a bit tedious. And a note to Sam Raimi, I like the 3rd movie but it should have really been Spiderman vs Venom all the way. Why couldnt you see that...

...and the ugly: Well we reached the third movie. It is time to lose some heat and let the franchise catch its breath. Unfortunately, this wont be happening because Spidey makes ridiculous money at the box office so there will be a Spiderman 4 movie sooner than necessary.

Daredevil : "Strange my radar sense doesnt pick up a movie sequel in the horizon.It must be something I ate..."

Daredevil : He is not one of the more mainstream properties marvel comics has but he is considered one of the coolest characters by Marvel Comics fans. Eventually, he got his own movie....

The good: Daredevil, daredevil in dark alleys and daredevil being the coolest blind person alive ( I always liked that aspect of the character since it sends a strong message about "people with disabilities really being people with special abilities". Bullseye is so over the top, it is fun. And Jennifer Garner, yammy..!

The bad: The editing was too quick, the movie was (literally) too dark and there was just something wrong about Ben Affleck grinning like a fool all the time. "You know Ben this wasnt an Axe commercial it was an actual M-O-V-I-E !". The final fight with Kingpin was a joke and probably the shortest fight in the history of good guy/bad guy fights.

...and the ugly : I dont see another movie happening soon since box office dictates otherwise. It is sad since Daredevil is one of the most "human" characters that Marvel Comics has created and I would have liked them to give it another shot...

Hulk : "Hulk wants sequel. Hulk's next movie will smash the box office....Puny humans"

The Hulk : The green goliath. The unstoppable destruction machine. The dumbest superhero? ever made. Eventually he got his own movie but how was it...

The good : Ang Lee (the director) tried something really ambitious and very intelligent. He attempted to make a proper movie about a fictional character. It was humane, it was smart, it had the best editing I've ever seen. Eric Bana was ace as Bruce Banner and Jennifer Connely's eyes were there to lure us, males, once again. To this day I watch this movie and I cant decide if it is a failed experiment or the work of a genius (I am leaning more towards the latter myself).

The bad : This movie was too intelligent for the average audience and too DAMN intelligent for the popcorn generation of movie goers. Most people wanted to see Hulk smashing shit for 2 hours and couldnt care less about anything else. Nick Nolte was also so nuts in this movie. I mean he was so out of there that I think he could easily take Hulk on and beat him with his little finger,lol.

...and the ugly: The movie tanked commercially, so there wont be a direct sequel to this. I guess I am just disappointed that there isnt a corner in the movie market for an intelligent blockbuster (The Hulk is as close as it has come in my opinion). This isnt necessarily a bad thing since the new Hulk movie has Ed Norton and Liv Tyler in it and focuses on a more traditional style of Hulk story , Bruce Banner on the run. Still, I would have liked to see the original cast reprising their roles...

Blade : "Man, I tell you I am blessed.I am black, I wear dark shades and I feature in this really dark photo. Noone can see me blush with shame for the utter mess that Blade : Trinity was..."

Blade: A really C-list character of Marvel Comics showed the way for comic book movies. You better believe it...

The good : Wesley Snipes is Blade. Never has an actor identified so much with a lead character in this type of movie. It is uncanny I am telling you. The 2 first movies were dark enough to be gritty, fun enough to be good action movies, cool enough to justify repeated viewings. And then...

The bad: ...came the 3rd movie. Except from the uber sexy Jessica Biel (Jessica Biel as in the woman not as in the actress if you catch my drift,lol), this movie was shit. Vampire poodles anyone... Nuff said. This was crap and not even its kickass soundtrack could save it. Wesley Snipes was bored, if not asleep through out, the Dracula was a boy band reject and Kevin Reynolds was just annoying...

...and the ugly: The 3rd movie was directed from the guy who wrote the two previous movies and Batman begins, David Goyer. It is still a mystery to this day how did the guy who essentially expertly "created" the Blade character for the silver screen misfired so badly in the only movie he had total control of. Oh well, anyone is untitled to a bad day at the office I guess,lol.

Electra : "I am sexy and I am Greek. I made a movie once in Hollywood, still trying to forget that one."

Electra : The first superhero of greek origin on celluloid (hooray!). Jennifer Garner in the lead role (double hooray and a backflip for that one). So was it any good?

The Good: Jennifer Garner and... Jennifer Garner (the woman Jennifer Garner). Hey wait a minute I already said that. Well there is nothing else to it really,lol. Some originally conceived bad guys with visually cool powers.

The Bad: The kid ninja or whatever that girl was....I cant really blame Jennifer Garner for this utter crap, I dont think even Meryl Stryp could have saved this movie from disaster (although to be honest I am pretty sure by this point Meryl Stryp can save ANY movie from disaster, she is the ultimate female super-actress after all). The special effects were crap, Jennifer Garner was like a zombie throughout( I almost expected her to grin like her husband Ben Affleck but she preferred the sleep walking approach,lol). The story was bad, the bad guys were bad (ok that actually sounds like a copliment but trust me... it isnt,lol). Essentially what could go wrong went wrong...

...and the ugly : Well not Jennifer Garner for sure,lol. This whole movie is ugly, ugly as sin I might add.

Ghost Rider : " I heard global warming would set us all on fire eventually but this is ridiculous!"

Ghost Rider : Although never an A-list character in the Marvel Universe, he is probably by far the coolest looking character. I mean a guy with a flaming skull riding a bike, spreading justice to the wicked. It doesnt get much cooler than that...

The good : First things first, I like Eva Mendes a lot (you got to love those curves man,lol). Now that this is out of the way let's talk about the movie. Nicolas Cage was an odd choice (too old for the role) but due to some sort of miracle he actually pulled it off (to the best of his ability) not being his usual nutty over the top self. Eva Mendes would look gorgeous even if she wore a potato sack and the Ghost Rider special effects are unbelievably cool. Still...

The bad: I think Cage was miscast.He does the best he can but the role just doesnt suit him. Eva Mendes doesnt have anything to do in the movie ( and no skimpy outfits for her how criminal is The bad guys make the ones in the Electra movie look good and that says a lot. Never have I seen such short,boring, uneventful good guy/bad guy fights. The movie is overall very slowly paced, so I guess insomniacs will love it.

...and the ugly : What could have been a top looking movie of manic action ended up an utterly boring affair. A good premise wasted by a director with limited vision. Ok, it was only a popcorn movie but it could have been a way cooler poprcorn movie (you know with extra sizzling butter and all,lol)

Wolverine : "Hey guys does my butt look fat in this outfit?"
Other X-men: "Yep"
Wolverine : " I knew I spend too much time seating on my ass blogging about nonsense..."
Other X-men: "You are not alone there..."

X-men : The best comic book allegory (dont worry folks I am not getting all philosophical on you using "literate" words, so put your holly water and crosses away for the time being,lol) for social racism and the burden of someone being "different" from the rest. The premise was there but what about the movies...

The good: The first movie did a lot with a minimal budget and put the comic book movie on the map with mainstream movie goers. Suddenly, it was ok to "like" a comic book movie and you werent regarded as some sort of weird geek if you talked about how badass Wolverine was (let's face it he is badass, not as badass as Deadpool of course,lol). The second movie was phenomenally good in all respects, essentially bigger and better and regarded by a lot of people as the best comic book movie ever. Then came the beast of the third movie(cool special effects)...

The bad: The third movie is kind of hard to judge. The change of direction from Brian Singer to Brett Ratner is like going from being a Transformers fan to being a Smurfs hardcore fan. Still the mainstream audience loved it because it was accessible and fast with lots of action and no "real" dialogue between the characters. People that had more expectations of it hated it with passion though. I mean lead characters die left and right with no emotional impact to anyone, the dialogue is more cheesy than acceptable and Wolverine behaves like some twisted castrated version of him. He just isnt him and that ladies and gentlement is unacceptable by the equally nuts Deadpoolite,lol.

...and the ugly: Where does the franchise go after this. There are so many characters left to show on the silver screen so the potential is there. The thing is if the movie producers are going to go with the flow of the third movie then there is a chance of alienating the comic book fans who are the heart and blood of this franchise(and all franchises to be honest). Can such a risk be taken..? (who cares...I just wanted to write something that sounded really dark and ominous,lol)

Deadpool : " I wonder if I am a bit UNDERarmed for the Deadpool movie premiere ...They'd better give me an Oscar as well, I dont carry all these guns just for show you know..."

Lastly there is the
DEADPOOL movie (not really but there are some rumours that it is going to be made and I cant wait for it...probably the only person that is going to watch it as well,lol)

I think I havent forgotten any other movie based on Marvel Comics creations so lets call it a day and go eat a sandwich or something. Hey, Deadpoolite needs to eat and get the energy to drive the world insane. It is a dirty job but someone has to do it,lol.

Take care all!

p.s. "Merc" is short for "Mercenary" as in "soldier for hire" for the uninitiated among you.

Always outnumbered never outgunned!

Hello folks. Deadpoolite reporting. It has been a long time since I posted anything on this blog and it was inevitable that I would eventually get the itch. Oh, you know what I am talking about, the itch to start blogging again. Between you and me I dont know if that is good or bad,lol. Still, here I am mumbling like the proverbial nut that I am. No harm done. This world has stopped making sense a long time ago so I might as well go with the flow,lol.

I have been busy for the past weeks making sense of the adventure called life. You know job hunting, chick stalking (it is actually called "getting a date" in some countries can you believe it? lol), target sniping (ok maybe not the latter but I am getting there,lol) so this blog has been left untouched (in the most innocent way possible I assure you) for quite a while now. Well I plan to change that for what it's worth I am going to try anyway. Hey, no contracts signed, no strings attached just the good old deadpoolite charm (or insanity depending on someone's perspective...) being put to good use.

You know I havent chosen the name of the blog or anything about it lightly. I mean if I wanted to make it more accessible for the reader I could have gone with a bigger brand name like "Spiderman world web" or "Jack sparrow reporting from the black pearl" or some shit like that. Well, it aint going to happen, Deadpool is the way to go and I am going to spread the word (at least until he gets his own movie you know,lol).

So attach your seatbelts, check your brains out on the entrance and come have fun.

Deadpoolite out!