Saturday, 14 August 2010

An optimistic post about Greece, I kid you not:)

For the ones among you that are still alive since my last post and, for some perverted reason, keep visiting this blog space now and then I have to say : " You are da bombs!" whatever this massacrism of the english language truely means. When I kickstarted this blogdiocy of sorts back in the day of blo(r)gasm all around the internet, I intended for only one thing: "World Peace!". Well, not really but it seems that every leader around the globe has that somewhere in their agenda right before "free ice cream for the general public" and "taxes for taxes sake". Yeah, that sounds right about right in my book more or less.

Now, I am no leader since my number of minions is currently in the zeros and truth be told my only true future follower is currently incubating in the sexy womb of my other half (but more on that on a future post, let's not lose our focus here people!). The point of this post is that Greece isn't dead for the obvious reason that I am Greek and I am writing this excruciatingly painful for readers blog post, about my country. Contrary to what global media may have made you believe, Greeks are not tearing eachother apart for a loaf of bread (give us time we will meet your shitastic "expectations" in an alternative universe someday global bullshiters out there). Now this may come as a shock to you out there but we still proudly eat our tzatziki and consume gyros and greek salad, albeit in lesser quantities than before. So, yeah a lot of unemployment around this part of the world to which I have fallen a "proud" victim of, since a few months back. Oh well, more time for blogging till the next job I suppose:).

So yeah, we learned as a country that money do not materialize out of thin air and can suddenly become invisible from one day to the next, bummer! Oh well, nobody is perfect:).

Now in these "dark times" where every youtube video has some mentioning of the "greek tragedy" in progress, it really matters how one views the proverbial glass, half full or half empty. It does make a difference and I am not necessarily a representative greek specimen (since I obviously lack any common sense which is always a plus). The way I see it, all this crisis can really do to greeks, is force them to revaluate some things they took for granted and return to what truely matters in life: "sex and feta cheese!". Hmmm..., nah, scrub that example off the black board, it sucks and I won't have any of it.

The basic organisation of the greek state has always been "selectively objective" towards people with the right connections. Still, despite not all people having the right connections, there was never any serious "life threatening" problem of cash flowing in greek households (don't ask me where it all came from they just appeared out of thin air I tell you, LOL).Truth be told, most of greek families are not wealthy and are just getting by but there was always "an illusion of grandeur" in the citizens of this country for no apparent reason. Greeks are driven by some uncanny 'bon viveur" twist that makes them celebrate and destroy (at the same time because we are the gods of multitasking) the blessed by nature beautiful place they live on. You see Greece is one of the most beautiful places on earth with great diversity of landscape and the only ones that take it for granted and do not appreciate it enough are the Greeks, ironic eh?

This is Fyra : Santorini, beautiful place eh? And the damn country is full of such places, I love it!

But this is not a post about how Greeks do not appreciate Greece enough, since no blogspace in the world could cover this issue. This is a post about opportunity on the face of adversity. At the moment Greece is under renovation but with things being bought from places like IKEA, not using 'the other expensive stuff" that we can't afford. The country is being torn apart and is being reconstructed from the ground up, something that was long overdue and under ideal conditions would have been done progressively. Time is a luxury we don't have as a nation I am afraid, since some massive "bill shaped gilotines" are hanging over our heads threatening to cut our precious mousaka portions in half (dear god, not mousaka, anything but mousaka, you foreign gits out there, LOOOLL!!!).

Contrary to popular belief Greeks are adapting to this shity situation admirably.They don't like it, they have been falsely brought up with a golden spoon that doesn't belong to them but they are adapting. You see, greeks prevail under pressure (it took us 6 months to renovate the Olympic Stadium of Athens while it took the Brits 10 years to make the new Wembley I kid you not, lol).Maybe it is genetic, maybe we are just stupid asses that leave things till the last moment and then by using some sort of miraculous superpower we produce good results a minute before the deadline, I really don't know:).

The poster reads: "Attack of the giant moussaka". What? Shaking in your boots chickenshits? Didn't you think that we had a defensive plan B eh? LOL!!!

As with 90% of my posts I haven't thought of a single word prior to writing but I don't have to, I am Greek. In the moment of crisis my inherent superpower of "last moment triumph" kicks in so no worries there, heh. I am making this up as I type and loving every moment of it! Behind the freightened faces of greek people about 'what happens tomorrow', hides the determination of a nation that prevails under adverse conditions. If being in recession for several years means that a brighter future is being built for future generations, so be it. I am not one to shy away from a challenge and nor is the majority of the greek population. Heck, we may shed a few needed kilograms in the process which can only be a good thing:). Now back to that slice of glorious greek mousaka that I left untouched during lunch, mmm yammy!!! Come and have a taste you are going to love it!

If greek society manages to see what is happening as a challenge and a way to improve things then we will manage beautifully in good time. If not, then we will still manage but a lot of people are going to fall in the process and no opus is going to be written about their tragic tales...

Damn that was so poetic and serious I can't believe it was typed by my fingers (I never said I was modest folks, just sugar coated nutty!). If I smoked, this would be a good time to have a smoke and admire my blogging masterpiece.Then again, I can't afford smoking, so it is a good thing I don't, LOL!!!

Till next time, take care and laugh your heart out when the opportunity presents itself:)

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Switch off your mobiles, movie post in progress damn it!

So, yeah this is pretty much a defunct blog, one that it's owner keeps visiting for some pervasive reason though, LOL! So, I guess it ain't THAT defunct just in a state of " highly selective hibernation", yeah that is more like it... Today's lesson of madness is going to revolve around movies and the movie going experience. This is by no means sparked by a single movie going event but is more of an amalgam of random thoughts about the process of watching the damn things at cinema theatres. Lately, I have watched a couple of these buggers, namely " Avatar" (in 3D after having watched it 2D first simply because there was no initial choice) and "Sherlock Holmes". Both movies were good fun and I hate when people dismiss watching some movies simply because 'they are silly blockbusters', they are 'American toss and C-list fodder' or whatever. Some movies should be given the benefit of the doubt (although Transformers 2 should be given the death penalty instead).

First there was the Megan Fox cleavage... eh Transformers 2 poster I mean, and all was good... Then they went and made a movie out of it and it all went downhill from there:).

I am sure by now most of us are familiar with the movie going experience in multiplex cinemas. A bunch of people storm the blockbuster movie waiting to be shocked and awed (not really) preferrably in a GOOD WAY (you hear that X-Men Origins : Wolverine!!! Oh, Deadpool's treatment in that drivel still hurts to this very day...please movie gods, make it stop!!!). So, among the badly cooked doritos with cheese (still can't shake the 'industrial oil' taste of the cheese last time I tried those), the pop corn mountains and the ringtone competition of horror there is an actual movie to watch.And at the end of the day, in an era where the options of watching a movie are unlimited, it seems that going to the movie theatre still holds some charm especially for the 'big event' movies.

I am going to get the b*rd even if it means, funding my own movie!

Let's take 'Avatar' for example... So, much hype you couldn't really miss it even when taking a damp... I swear, one time, prior of wiping my perfectly shaped behind (or so I say myself, LOL!) I saw a Navi face coming out of the toilet paper roll in glorious full 3D! (For the not 'Avatar enlightened' , "Navi" is the name of the blue people on all the Avatar visual cues you see left and right). Yeah, all that talk about 'the cinema revolution' and 'the next step in the movie viewing experience ' had finally gotten to my head it seems... The 3D movie experience itself was interesting in parts although I wouldn't like it to become the norm (not on my toilet rolls at least). I have to say in the first ten minutes or so, I could feel my head struggling to cope with the new imagery since our bloody vision is already in 3D and so essentially we superimpose more 3D on our already establisthed 3D watching goodness, thus making our brains go temporarily haywire. Still, 3D or no 3D the movie was good in my book, judged by the merits of a Sci- Fi movie extravaganza with a decent message twist and definitely a feast for the senses (and since I am on a diet, I welcome any feast other than an eating one with open arms, sigh...). Closing pervert line alert... I am still not sure how the Navi "do it" (you know 'procreate', 'do the nasty', 'give eachother sugar' THAT do it, geez!) so we will have to wait for the DVD edition to see more 'joined ponytails' mayhem, it seems, LOL!

And then I materialized near DP's ass and I saw it drawing close in glorious 3D, I kid you not! The nightmares, the horrible nightmares...

The Sherlock Holmes movie was a different beast altogether. I have to say, being a fan of the title character did wet my appetite a bit more for watching this. And trust me, it did not disappoint. Robert Downey Jr gave a superb interpretation of the character but I have to say that the one that truely surprised me was Jude Law. He does an amazing job as Dr Watson and has great chemistry with Downey Jr. Simply put, this movie was FUN! Special kudos to the visual way Guy Richie presented Holmes' deductive logic, I loved it! The only bad thing about the movie was the bloody doritos I tried eating while watching it, I swear that smelly 'semi-liquid' cheese accompanying them can melt any solid substance known to man! Oh, well I lived to tell the tale and brag about how hardcore I am surviving devouring part of it, so I guess a stupid story of movie going heroism ain't a bad way to survive the ordeal,LOL!

Elementary my dear readers... Oh, that was so cheesy, I love it!!!

So, yeah, usually the movie going experience's downfalls come more from something like a girl crying in the audience (damn that Dumbledore death in Harry Potter that sent the proverbial girl into tears making me to want to manically laugh at the absurdity of it all, LOL!) rather than the movie itself. Although, the "Gamer "movie almost made me reach for my tissues and the Russian roulette revolver I always carry with me for such occassions. Unfortunately, I missed...

Till next time, take care all!