Friday, 24 July 2009

Random thoughts of blank importance....

Damn that title sounds intelligent even if I say so only myself. It is so damn hard to write about nothing in particular and come up with something that sounds coolish. So, this is a post about random things perplexing my life at the moment, hang on dudes and dudetes...

I guess the fact that I finished this game won't do anything for my CV's credentials but I couldn't resist the b-movie urge to post this pic purely on b-movie principle:).

On the work front I am almost where I need to be but it is progressing ridiculously slow because of set deadlines beyond my control. Still I will eventually get where I want to be and I am currently undergoing a warm up/ training period. You wouldn't call me fully employed but you wouldn't call me unemployed either, LOL! It is all a matter of perspective after all. Oh, and CALISTA, that thing you mentioned about me getting immersed in a bio lab, it is coming, so you might as well lock yourself up in a nuclear banker because who knows what I am going to unleash once I begin meddling with DNA:).

Step aside from the test tubes DP... slowly...:).

On the personal life front, I am pretty content and as much in love with my girl as day one(yeah, there was a woman out there that can tolerate my non-sense after all). Furthermore, we have started making some changes to our humble household beginning with the purchase of new bedroom furniture which looks cool and awesome and, and... basically serves all the right purposes kinky and non-kinky ones... I don't know what will follow but our common life proceeds as good as can be expected and in September we will have reached 2 years together,not bad eh? (of course there is a ton of macho malarchy induced men that would beg to differ but who cares, LOL!).

...bedroom testing in progress:).

On the videogaming front (I can sense Muse, Calista, Zhu and all other female readers taking a nap at this point) I just finished House of the Dead : Overkill on Wii and all I have to say is... B-Movie Extreme Extravaganza doesn't get much cooler than that!!! If you like the B-movie vibe of low budget fims with crappy cheesy dialogue that do not take themselves too seriously,then you are going to enjoy this. Pretty short game, the gameplay is repetitive, as all House of the Dead games but who cares... The coolness checklist is there... Zombie shooting CHECK. Ridiculously funny and profane story CHECK. Did I mention Zombie shooting? Oh yeah, CHECK!!! Pretty short game though, so either borrow or rent (otherwise I am gonna laugh like Joker on crack over your credit card bill coming next month).

Her name is Varla Guns... Need I say more, male population of the world:)?

On the summer vacation front things are more or less preset... This being my first year in the beautiful isle of Crete there are so many places to go and enjoy at this time of the year, I will rarely move my ass away from the place. I am thoroughly enjoying my staying here and I sincerely recommend it as a vacation destination to people that haven't had the luck to visit the island. Come on Google it up, you know you want to:).A week ago, I had a bit of a tour to Northern Greece involving a lot of fun with fav relatives, witnessing an extremely traditional greek wedding (no Nia Vardalos filming crew in sight so do not fret true believers) and having an overall blast of a time. For a week, we were constantly changing places of accomodation and meeting many people I think my brain kinda of overloaded from the vast data input. Oh, well nothing new there:).

Bloody DP is working the hell out of me... slow down man... I am the only brain you got!!!

On the blogging front, this was more a proof of blogging life than a post... Besides who has the stamina to blog, with the temperature so high at this time of the year. With more inspiration will come new blog posts but till then, it will have to wait.

Take care all and see you around!