Monday, 29 June 2009

Why are you still blogging you anachronistic freak?!

I am sure you have all noticed it... It permeates the once thick blogless atmosphere of times past... Oh, bloggers where art thou? Blogs are closing down with alarming (or high pleasing, I am sure you have you seen the crap that was out there at the peak of the 'sport') rate. I check my links at the right hand column and they ooze defunct from their godforsaken URLs. The number of comments in even the most prominent blogs has tanked beyond any foreseeable redemption and the monster of... Twitter has raised its igly head until the next trend comes out. It is 'lazyman's blogging' for the uninitiated and all the better for it if you ask me. I mean there were so many blogs out there at one time and so many of them were so utterly crap, made from people that can't tell their 'B's from their 'C's. Yet, they made a blog because 'everyone was doing it'. And when the damn thing reached saturation point, when even cats and dogs were blogging their nonsense out, it was evident that the decline was not far away.

Is blogging really 'dead' or it is all a big cartoon conspiracy? LOL!!!

Still... a handful of us keep blogging, maybe not as regularly as we used to but our blogs remain alive for some uncanny reason. Virtual relics of dying ways of internet interpersonal interaction or persisting pioneering doofooses? Either way it is evident that the flare for the 'sport' has gone. Personally, blogging served a purpose of sorts in a time where my life was in between choices and non-choices. A way out of thinking about the 'serious stuff' all the time.And laughing hard at the face of every day's continuously looping habits I did. Now, I stand quite indifferent at the sport with not much personal investment in the sense that I don't really put much time in creating the blog entries or to visit other people's blogs. Yet, I keep feeling a strange sense of 'obligation' to keep my two blogs going, more because they are a part of me and remind me of what was and how life has changed for me since their inception and during the course of their life.

So apparently, old school bloggers are sort of 'undead' with a killer on-line twist... Oh, yes, you can't put a mouthy fool like myself down that easy, you Twitting beast!!! LOL!!!

Which brings me to the main question of this blog entry... Why does each one of you keep blogging? Does this habbit serve the same purpose as it once used to for you? What was the original motivation for kickstarting your blogaddiction and where do you stand with blogging at the moment? Come on fellow blogging madmen and madwomen of the bloggosphere, share your insightful lunacy with the rest of us!

And with those wise words, I end this non-post and await your replies with great interest and curiousity.

Take care all!

P.S. : TOP RIGHT, relative poll, vote!!! Nuff said, LOL!!! Yeah, I know I am subtle like that, ha,ha,ha!!!


siryn said...

Can't see the poll with the F*king explorer at work.
So I must say that I love all the optionw and I vote for: "I breathe thus I type"!!!
And I still...;)

Sol (Frederick) Badguy said...






Calista*Was*Here said...

Well, I told you my reasons to blog once upon a time...
Whole thing started as project 'making money online'. Since I didn't want to become a spammer nor did any illegal things, project failed.
Blogging about health and making friends were the best part regarding that adventure.
Roaming around, I noticed your Brit buddy, that travels much, posting a note under rubric that I like to call 'READ ME'. I found his blog interesting, but was attracted to good vibe comment of yours there.

That's how I found you :)

It was 2 years ago and in a cyber world that amount of time means century, lol...

I don't blog anymore (that didn't stop me to vote :D) but am still around to see what my friends do and I generously share my opinion in a form of comment :)

Although you abuse English sometimes and you deserve nothing but spanking, it's natural to evolve DP, and your warm Balkan soul shines forth...

Blogging is not popular anymore, but there is still hunger for all those social sites out there. So if you don't have any kind of online profile, you don't exist, lol.
Some people know rules, but have no clue about game.
Whether off or on line, some genuine values never change.


Greeks are hot!
(dark hair, brown eyes, athletic types... to be specific :D )


Zhu said...

I keep blogging because it motivates me to take better pictures, to write better.

Oh, and also because it was that or taking a hobby, such as knitting. And God knows I can't knit....

Deadpoolite said...


Oh well it is the thought that counts love, no worries:).


Show off!!! Good for you:).


Pretty insightful comment girl! Thanks for the vote of confidence by the way:).


You know if you ever knitted a sweater or anything it would be the most multicultural sweater ever. One side knitted in Mexico, part of it modified in Canada, a touch of France in there somewhere, and let's not count the planes:). Good thing for us that you stick to what you do best then:).

Personally, I don't really know why I am blogging anymore. I think it is more a stupid self imposed obligation to keep my blogging creation(s) alive, since the blogging process has become very secondary to me compared to what it once felt like. I still find it fun, I suppose that is as good a reason as any:).