Friday, 13 February 2015

So it begins...

I am the sort of person that gets attached to personal projects like this blog. Thus, it is always hard for me to leave something behind. Despite not having written anything on this blog for ages , I kept visiting it from time to time, trying to force myself to write its virtual obituary so to speak. Just to bid it farewell and be done with it. But... I couldn't, I simply couldn't leave behind this part of me that  I cherish so much. This blog has helped me through a very stale and stagnant phase of my life and although a lot of things have changed in my life since the blog's original creation, I'd like to think that this funny and playful side of me has not disappeared but simple evolved.

So, if I can't say goodbye to this blog, then what? Well sometimes, you need some sort of spark to ignite your interest again on a project and for me the following picture depicts just that :

The DP movie is getting into production slowly but steadily, yeah baby!!!

For me Deadpool has always been the inspiration for this blog, as far as his sense of humour and manic/wacky behaviour is concerned. He was more of an undercurrent presence in this blog so to speak , defining the tone and nature of the posts I have written but not limiting the scope of the content. This has  never been a fan site per se, but don't be fooled, he is still one of my two favourite comic book characters along with , coincidentially, Spiderman. When , I saw this picture of actor Ryan Reynolds and a prop mask of the character he is going to portray I just felt happy. It is just so great to see such a beloved , to me, character being realized in film format by people that are passionate about the project and have persisted on pursueing it , even though the odds seemed unfavourable. Here we are then today,the Deadpool movie has entered pre-production with the right people at the right positions. Who am I to lose all the fun then, eh?

I just can't leave this place alone and I will be writing my funnily silly insights on whatever I please, whenever I choose. Regardless if my readership is mostly in my head, how Deadpoolish of me after all:). Sometimes, these thoughts just have to come out and our more playful nature surfaces once more as a way to escape every day life's challenges and stresses. So, yeah then, I am back on the DP themed wagon and let's see where my train of thought is going to lead this permanently derailed blogging endeavour...

P.S.1: I will try to make things a bit simpler and lighter on the overall design of this blog too. All in due time...:). 

P.S.2: Keep in mind that I am a Greek blogger and DP afficionado, so I am not bound by any US styled fanboy antics. Nah... mine are more feta cheese flavoured and bathed in olive oil to boot :P.