Saturday, 22 August 2009

Keeping things simple, a personal maddening paradox...

For yours truely keeping things simple was never a character trait... Be it personal relationships, job hunting, hobbies or whatever else you fancy, I was never one to live today like there is no tomorrow. There had to be some plan, or hint of a plan or even an illusion of a plan that would echoe a more longterm approach. In some sense, this is still the case but to be honest it hasn't been the way it used to. My gal would teasingly say that I am a Capricorn, thus I plan for plan's sake but being the imbecilic fool that take pride in admitting to be, I beg to differ with this simplified 'supernatural' version. In other words, why bother with the PG version of things when you can opt for a hefty R or even M rating?

It doesn't get much more M- rated than that... Run Splosion buddy, run:).

So, yeah there is a plan of sorts somewhere around my peanut sized brain but it doesn't define my actions anymore. You see, part of the reason I am glad to have reached my current hyper-looney albeit 'vegetabilic' (die english language, die, I will kill you with my non-existing ridiculous words, LOL!) condition is that I am living my life oblivious to personal restraints of any sort that used to impair my evolution as an individual('personal evolution' eh? Oh that was so futuristic from a linguistic point of view, it almost brough a tear to my eye...almost...). I can "cut" the simplicity of my actions out of thin air, it is practically all around me. It is evident in what I do for living, in the videogames I am playing, in the honesty of my feelings towards my loved ones, it is in fact quite liberating. Now before this post turns into a ridiculous self absorbing blissful mess (oopps too late for that...), let's present an example of simplicity for simplicity's sake. And what better realm to dig to, from the inexplicably complicated world of videogames...

I think I finally 'lost my head' with this post... What on earth am I talking about? LOL!

For most women or non-gaming losers seeing a gamepad up close and personal is a frightening experience... So, many sticks and buttons can cause practically a headache to the uninitiated just by looking at them. Imagine playing one of modern games with the many button combinations and fast reflexes required... Oh the learning curve is steep ladies and gentlemen and the horror permeating your every pore is justified, just thinking about it (or not... LOL!).Have no fear though, because even a gaming veteran such as myself has a soft spot for simplicity in his gaming diet. And the name of the simple stuff is SPLOSION MAN!!! (top marks for the made up word to the developers of the game, I love torturing the english language as well guys).The premise of the game is simple: you are a wacked up experiment escaping from an underground lab and you have to ex(s)plode(actually if I put "s" first the word miraculously becomes "sexplode", hmmm... kinky...) your way out of there taking as many scientists to their biotech maker as you can. Now, I am a bioscientist and I should opt for my cartoonish colleagues but I am also DP and there is no fun in rooting for the biofreaks. So, "off with their heads" I say!!! The gameplay is simple enough using only a couple of buttons and it is really cartoonishly funny (for someone with my sense of humour anyway, other sane people call this "silly" I've heard...). Basically, the main character explodes his way through the levels( I am sure a lot of pissed off workers out there have thought of doing the same around the bosses sometime or another...or maybe that is just me, LOL!!!).

Ah, little flamey looney Splosion man, noone Splodes quite like you (oh that pun was so bad... I LOVE IT!).

As time management in my life becomes more essential with every passing day, I try to keep things simple just to make my life easier.It doesn't always work but when it does I sleep better these days... Ah, let me be carefree now that I can, my invisible minions of readers, and let's see how long it will last.Not long enough, I am sure... (bummer, LOL!).

Till next time, take care!


Sol (Frederick) Badguy said...

Some women get insane with just seeing the "game pad"?

What system does this wacky volcanic looking dude 'splodes people and things in?

Deadpoolite said...


This is an xbox-live arcade title aka as downloadable content for the xbox360. It is wacky and good fun. This dude splodes 3 times in a row to jump and attack and then recharges but the fun part is the momentum of the whole thing. You just run and splode, ah simply brilliant, LOL!

And women 'get insane' as in bored out of their minds, so try not to take your gamepad with you on the first date:). Not unless you want your jaw intact, anyway...:).

Since you had asked in the past Dead Rising is also an XBox360 title(retail).I also own a Wii.

Later dude!

Zhu said...

I go insane when I see video games because I know for a fact how addictive they can be. I already have no life thanks to my blog... I just can't afford a new addiction! :D

Calista*Was*Here said...

Their logo reminds me of swastika!


You know I would ditch it from the start, but I simply enjoy sharing my thoughts i.e. spoiling things for others:)

So I'll start with non-misleading statement:

Of all modern, next to useless inventions, video games are utterly dull and not worthy of any penny invested in them.
There is a 4 year old kid near me; he cannot read nor write, but he plays video games. His parents let him to do so, coz that way he is 'occupied' and does not 'bug' them.
I can't stress enough how wrong it is and I'm afraid it becomes a norm around.

I'd rather play golf.

Golf is the second best on the list 'What women love to hate and their men simply Adore'.
But I definitely would not put it there, coz golf is an outdoor activity, you can count on fresh air and some exercising (at least). And of course, there are some humans to interact with.

Speaking of the list, I have to mention porn as something women love to hate.
Will tell you why; besides guys there are mingers, porn 'moves' are too mechanical and often harsh, so women hardly can imagine themselves doing it, or be treated like that.

There are women (and men) who don't support what is said above, but that's kinda irrelevant for now:)

Who says I have to run my own blog?! I can use yours very well :)


Sol (Frederick) Badguy said...

Yo DP & followers guess what:
From today and forth Deadpool will have the right to sing like the "7 Dwarfs" who befriended Snow-White without being harassed by councilors

Meaning = Disney acquired Marvel comics

CalistaGreatCoverUp, said...

It is just part of DP's conspiracy game, so he could undisturbed continue that silent and profitable biz, nicknamed money laundry, in a beautiful island called Cyprus. (Greek side. Of, course!)


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