Saturday, 23 January 2010

Switch off your mobiles, movie post in progress damn it!

So, yeah this is pretty much a defunct blog, one that it's owner keeps visiting for some pervasive reason though, LOL! So, I guess it ain't THAT defunct just in a state of " highly selective hibernation", yeah that is more like it... Today's lesson of madness is going to revolve around movies and the movie going experience. This is by no means sparked by a single movie going event but is more of an amalgam of random thoughts about the process of watching the damn things at cinema theatres. Lately, I have watched a couple of these buggers, namely " Avatar" (in 3D after having watched it 2D first simply because there was no initial choice) and "Sherlock Holmes". Both movies were good fun and I hate when people dismiss watching some movies simply because 'they are silly blockbusters', they are 'American toss and C-list fodder' or whatever. Some movies should be given the benefit of the doubt (although Transformers 2 should be given the death penalty instead).

First there was the Megan Fox cleavage... eh Transformers 2 poster I mean, and all was good... Then they went and made a movie out of it and it all went downhill from there:).

I am sure by now most of us are familiar with the movie going experience in multiplex cinemas. A bunch of people storm the blockbuster movie waiting to be shocked and awed (not really) preferrably in a GOOD WAY (you hear that X-Men Origins : Wolverine!!! Oh, Deadpool's treatment in that drivel still hurts to this very day...please movie gods, make it stop!!!). So, among the badly cooked doritos with cheese (still can't shake the 'industrial oil' taste of the cheese last time I tried those), the pop corn mountains and the ringtone competition of horror there is an actual movie to watch.And at the end of the day, in an era where the options of watching a movie are unlimited, it seems that going to the movie theatre still holds some charm especially for the 'big event' movies.

I am going to get the b*rd even if it means, funding my own movie!

Let's take 'Avatar' for example... So, much hype you couldn't really miss it even when taking a damp... I swear, one time, prior of wiping my perfectly shaped behind (or so I say myself, LOL!) I saw a Navi face coming out of the toilet paper roll in glorious full 3D! (For the not 'Avatar enlightened' , "Navi" is the name of the blue people on all the Avatar visual cues you see left and right). Yeah, all that talk about 'the cinema revolution' and 'the next step in the movie viewing experience ' had finally gotten to my head it seems... The 3D movie experience itself was interesting in parts although I wouldn't like it to become the norm (not on my toilet rolls at least). I have to say in the first ten minutes or so, I could feel my head struggling to cope with the new imagery since our bloody vision is already in 3D and so essentially we superimpose more 3D on our already establisthed 3D watching goodness, thus making our brains go temporarily haywire. Still, 3D or no 3D the movie was good in my book, judged by the merits of a Sci- Fi movie extravaganza with a decent message twist and definitely a feast for the senses (and since I am on a diet, I welcome any feast other than an eating one with open arms, sigh...). Closing pervert line alert... I am still not sure how the Navi "do it" (you know 'procreate', 'do the nasty', 'give eachother sugar' THAT do it, geez!) so we will have to wait for the DVD edition to see more 'joined ponytails' mayhem, it seems, LOL!

And then I materialized near DP's ass and I saw it drawing close in glorious 3D, I kid you not! The nightmares, the horrible nightmares...

The Sherlock Holmes movie was a different beast altogether. I have to say, being a fan of the title character did wet my appetite a bit more for watching this. And trust me, it did not disappoint. Robert Downey Jr gave a superb interpretation of the character but I have to say that the one that truely surprised me was Jude Law. He does an amazing job as Dr Watson and has great chemistry with Downey Jr. Simply put, this movie was FUN! Special kudos to the visual way Guy Richie presented Holmes' deductive logic, I loved it! The only bad thing about the movie was the bloody doritos I tried eating while watching it, I swear that smelly 'semi-liquid' cheese accompanying them can melt any solid substance known to man! Oh, well I lived to tell the tale and brag about how hardcore I am surviving devouring part of it, so I guess a stupid story of movie going heroism ain't a bad way to survive the ordeal,LOL!

Elementary my dear readers... Oh, that was so cheesy, I love it!!!

So, yeah, usually the movie going experience's downfalls come more from something like a girl crying in the audience (damn that Dumbledore death in Harry Potter that sent the proverbial girl into tears making me to want to manically laugh at the absurdity of it all, LOL!) rather than the movie itself. Although, the "Gamer "movie almost made me reach for my tissues and the Russian roulette revolver I always carry with me for such occassions. Unfortunately, I missed...

Till next time, take care all!


Zhu said...

I went to see the Book of Eli yesterday night and I was shocked to see a huge line-up for Avatar - over an hour before the show. I mean, the movie came out what... a month ago? Apparently it's still popular!

I liked it, although I can't really see 3D so I'm sure I missed a couple of things.

Sol (Frederick) Badguy said...

"So Much Hype You Can't Miss It"
On that regard you eventually won't believe I did miss it, I saw no more than fraction of one trailer and turned it away in disgust cause Avatr is the work of Nickelodeon, a TV channel which mostly produces SHIT, so I figured this cartoon has to be SHIT too, so I saw no more than what I said

If we meet and decide to go to the movies I'll bring along the "cheesy puffs", several bags are more preferable to no bags since I hate to be stabbed in my leg for eating my last bag of "cheesy puffs" and a certain member in the party think it belongs to him

Anyway; I watch downloaded films, so I don't suppose this will happen anytime soon

Ciao for now

Calista*Was*Here said...

Good movie guide, I should read this before lol .... it was treat anyway:)

Seems I didn't stress enough that crucial thing; what you put in your mouth, affects your mouth:)

Watch what you eat, industrial oil might be good for your car, but maintaining the smoothness of your skin... hmmm ...I can (not that humbly) suggest - DON'T dip yourself in anything that McDonald's use to lure lost hungry souls:)

Loved movie revision...
...stay well, brave and win all battles!

Sol (Frederick) Badguy said...

I was away from the blog for a while, I was away from blogging for a while too, then I remembered the great follower of His Majesty blog I decided to check back on it, too bad there's nothing new

I voted this time on the poll on something else, I guess it's I love blogging and meet fellow bloggers, but the poll results really surprised me, top result means sex is overrated :P

I'm still disappointed there's nothing new (though I shouldn't while I'm lazy), but at least this blog has a long lasting entertainment value.

Well Done

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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