Saturday, 14 August 2010

An optimistic post about Greece, I kid you not:)

For the ones among you that are still alive since my last post and, for some perverted reason, keep visiting this blog space now and then I have to say : " You are da bombs!" whatever this massacrism of the english language truely means. When I kickstarted this blogdiocy of sorts back in the day of blo(r)gasm all around the internet, I intended for only one thing: "World Peace!". Well, not really but it seems that every leader around the globe has that somewhere in their agenda right before "free ice cream for the general public" and "taxes for taxes sake". Yeah, that sounds right about right in my book more or less.

Now, I am no leader since my number of minions is currently in the zeros and truth be told my only true future follower is currently incubating in the sexy womb of my other half (but more on that on a future post, let's not lose our focus here people!). The point of this post is that Greece isn't dead for the obvious reason that I am Greek and I am writing this excruciatingly painful for readers blog post, about my country. Contrary to what global media may have made you believe, Greeks are not tearing eachother apart for a loaf of bread (give us time we will meet your shitastic "expectations" in an alternative universe someday global bullshiters out there). Now this may come as a shock to you out there but we still proudly eat our tzatziki and consume gyros and greek salad, albeit in lesser quantities than before. So, yeah a lot of unemployment around this part of the world to which I have fallen a "proud" victim of, since a few months back. Oh well, more time for blogging till the next job I suppose:).

So yeah, we learned as a country that money do not materialize out of thin air and can suddenly become invisible from one day to the next, bummer! Oh well, nobody is perfect:).

Now in these "dark times" where every youtube video has some mentioning of the "greek tragedy" in progress, it really matters how one views the proverbial glass, half full or half empty. It does make a difference and I am not necessarily a representative greek specimen (since I obviously lack any common sense which is always a plus). The way I see it, all this crisis can really do to greeks, is force them to revaluate some things they took for granted and return to what truely matters in life: "sex and feta cheese!". Hmmm..., nah, scrub that example off the black board, it sucks and I won't have any of it.

The basic organisation of the greek state has always been "selectively objective" towards people with the right connections. Still, despite not all people having the right connections, there was never any serious "life threatening" problem of cash flowing in greek households (don't ask me where it all came from they just appeared out of thin air I tell you, LOL).Truth be told, most of greek families are not wealthy and are just getting by but there was always "an illusion of grandeur" in the citizens of this country for no apparent reason. Greeks are driven by some uncanny 'bon viveur" twist that makes them celebrate and destroy (at the same time because we are the gods of multitasking) the blessed by nature beautiful place they live on. You see Greece is one of the most beautiful places on earth with great diversity of landscape and the only ones that take it for granted and do not appreciate it enough are the Greeks, ironic eh?

This is Fyra : Santorini, beautiful place eh? And the damn country is full of such places, I love it!

But this is not a post about how Greeks do not appreciate Greece enough, since no blogspace in the world could cover this issue. This is a post about opportunity on the face of adversity. At the moment Greece is under renovation but with things being bought from places like IKEA, not using 'the other expensive stuff" that we can't afford. The country is being torn apart and is being reconstructed from the ground up, something that was long overdue and under ideal conditions would have been done progressively. Time is a luxury we don't have as a nation I am afraid, since some massive "bill shaped gilotines" are hanging over our heads threatening to cut our precious mousaka portions in half (dear god, not mousaka, anything but mousaka, you foreign gits out there, LOOOLL!!!).

Contrary to popular belief Greeks are adapting to this shity situation admirably.They don't like it, they have been falsely brought up with a golden spoon that doesn't belong to them but they are adapting. You see, greeks prevail under pressure (it took us 6 months to renovate the Olympic Stadium of Athens while it took the Brits 10 years to make the new Wembley I kid you not, lol).Maybe it is genetic, maybe we are just stupid asses that leave things till the last moment and then by using some sort of miraculous superpower we produce good results a minute before the deadline, I really don't know:).

The poster reads: "Attack of the giant moussaka". What? Shaking in your boots chickenshits? Didn't you think that we had a defensive plan B eh? LOL!!!

As with 90% of my posts I haven't thought of a single word prior to writing but I don't have to, I am Greek. In the moment of crisis my inherent superpower of "last moment triumph" kicks in so no worries there, heh. I am making this up as I type and loving every moment of it! Behind the freightened faces of greek people about 'what happens tomorrow', hides the determination of a nation that prevails under adverse conditions. If being in recession for several years means that a brighter future is being built for future generations, so be it. I am not one to shy away from a challenge and nor is the majority of the greek population. Heck, we may shed a few needed kilograms in the process which can only be a good thing:). Now back to that slice of glorious greek mousaka that I left untouched during lunch, mmm yammy!!! Come and have a taste you are going to love it!

If greek society manages to see what is happening as a challenge and a way to improve things then we will manage beautifully in good time. If not, then we will still manage but a lot of people are going to fall in the process and no opus is going to be written about their tragic tales...

Damn that was so poetic and serious I can't believe it was typed by my fingers (I never said I was modest folks, just sugar coated nutty!). If I smoked, this would be a good time to have a smoke and admire my blogging masterpiece.Then again, I can't afford smoking, so it is a good thing I don't, LOL!!!

Till next time, take care and laugh your heart out when the opportunity presents itself:)


Zhu said...

So many news here! First, I learn I'm da bomb since I'm still around. And then, I learn you made a mini-me, currently incubating in mrs. womb? Wow. This world has changed, I'm telling ya.

Calista*Was*Here said...

Oh yes, since Greece is so close, news flow easily and ordinary ppl usually talk like you; yes there is sort of crisis, but hey we have to enjoy our mousaka :)
War, fires, fights, floods and all other catastrophes never look good on TV, but they certainly make great impact on a viewer, so pardon us, we just worry for our friend there :)

I concur that Greece is beautiful country and it has much to offer, but somehow tourism is not the way to go... if you can't live of it, who can then?!

Good you are optimistic especially when DP junior is about to breathe fresh Greek air :)

Enjoy your idle days, there will be time to work and work and work :)

Stay well ... blessings!

Deadpoolite said...

@ Zhu

Hey, you've been 'da bomb' since day one. It is kinda of amazing to think that you have been following this blog for so long when so many people have come and gone eh:). So, yeah you are definitely "da best bomb" ever by a long shot!

Yeah,DP Princess(?) - we will know for sure on Friday - is on the way so there is some hope for the world yet. The legacy of my lunacy will be in safe - albein tiny - hands, LOL!

Take care Zhu!


As far as Greece is concerned, we haven't yet reached the bottom of the well(since we have long gone through the barrel you see) but we are getting there, so once we hit it we'll bounce back(what a thought!, LOL!).

On a personal level, DP princess (?) is on the way and she will be the toughest audience yet, as far as my trademark wisecracking manners are concerned. Who knows, maybe I will be finally outwitted by someone ( I am so full of it, aren't I, LOL!).

I am not famous for my extreme "mobility" so being idle has its perks, albeit shortlived:).

Take care Cal!

Anonymous said...

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sangeeta neni said...

greece is a beautiful country but ppl. are still illiterate. They don't know how to stride with the rest of the World. They have bad policies which are killing it. If want to be better they have to use their brain which they don't have...only a handful of success ppl. cannot change everything in that country. The biggest example is bankrupt....ppl. fail the exam if they don't study or don't prepare for that. this is what exactly happned in Greece, they have short term planning but not long term planning....KMB.

Anonymous said...

You guys are screwed up...Greeks don't knwo how to stride with rest of the word...they think that Greece is the whole