Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Blogging in a zombie state: An exercise in pointless Merc perseverance and a display of extreme stupidity.

I wanted to do this for a long time... try to write something when I am in the creative -albeit subdued- trance between a half asleep moron and an all out citizen of the realm of the undead (that would be a zombie then,lol). Oh why should I waste my superior intellect on such pointless tasks is anyone's guess (as Bruce Campbell once said in a special features clip "some people have way too much free time in their hands..."). I had a couple of attempts at fulfilling my laughable blogging ambition in the past, but I just couldnt maintain conciousness past the point of typing the blog title. Still, I am one persistent trooper so tonight seems to be the night where I finally elevate from a madness novice to a madness god so to speak. I know, I know it doesnt make any sense but what does in life...

Not even my newly acquired zombie state can stop me from blogging, creepy isnt it...

So what does one write when he is constantly hopping between the realm of the awake and the realm of sleep? It is a great question indeed (actually it is plain stupid but that never stopped me before so why bother now, lol). First of all, I thought of typing about how my day has been and all but I am all out of multisyllabic words so that idea soon wore off. Then I thought about chicks and babes and all the things that require more use of the head down under than the head up north (heck I could preserve some invaluable brain power doing that....heh) but nope this would require the posting of explicit pics of babes and all (I am all for juicy women with no self esteem but there is no way I am going to google their b....bs up just to find my pics of choice, too laborious a process in my current state,lol). Videogames are always a good source of inspiration but then again I'd rather play them than write about them so that was a "no way" topic area as well. Taking the piss out of pop culture was the next conceivable notion that passed through my mind but when the lamest celebrity you can think of is SpongeBob Squarepants (hey I am half asleep and totally mad after all...) you know it wont do you any good to proceed with that topic in mind.

I refuse to admit I have writer's block, I refuse to admit I have writer's block.... what was that... anyone mentioned writer's block..... they must be talking about somebody else's blog for sure.... yeah, yeah I live in denial and loving it, lol

So what to write, what to write, I start thinking about the people that read this blog either rarely or often. I think about Shan's eternal questions and her cute sense of humour, I think about Zhu and her immensely enjoyable take on life, I think about TCRA and his constant updating about little things that matter and big things that are cool (maybe it is the other way around, heck I am in a zombie trance....), I think about the Comic Rack guy who mixes comics with humour and transforms a niche topic like comics to something way more enjoyable. One man's travel blog comes to mind with its constant alteration between travelling extravaganzas and serious topics. Mr Decoding is also a good friend, albeit one that is obsessed with constant updating of the ins and outs of the cyber universe. Digital Charm is all about the music within while itelli is in a league of his own really, one time half mad the other half serious. Last but not least is YP who reminds me of an age not that long ago when things were simpler and full of surprises. All good fun reads really... A bunch of people having fun in the bloggosphere, typing merrily to the blogging beat of the music of thoughts in their minds (This was either poetic or poetsh.... you decide, lol).

Me and my readers, a cheerful little lot of nutters blogging our lives away one blog entry at a time... what is not to like, lol!

So, what happens after this blogroll ad is over? Now that my conciousness is fading away and I look like a guy trapped in zombie land armed with his wit and a glass half filled with some zero fat (yeah right...) refreshment. Is this enough... is there really any point to this blog entry? Have I really sank that low that I am all out of inspiration? Is it time to close the curtains and move along? Has the madness faded away? Do words finally fail me? Should I just detonate this goddamn blog space and be done with it?

All valid questions... no easy answers...

Never before has a life shattering dilemma lasted this little time... a whole second, I kid you not... it was a tough decision and I' ll have to live with it for the foreseeable future but you know what they say "you can take DP out of blogging but you cant take blogging out of DP" (what a load of crap... better sleep soon, lol)

For a moment there, the clouds of doubt appeared over my blogging head, however, they vanished shortly after... Let's face it people, I am having too good a time to let it all go away! I am not all out of insanity (maybe in 50 years time when I will be all senile and giggly for no apparent reason, maybe then my insanity deposits will have dried up, heh) and I am not all out of words just yet. This was simply another blog entry, a playground filled with words, nothing too serious, nothing too funny. Just a way to state a presence in the most absurd way possible!

This blog cant get any lower... I am now certain of that... really it is a dream coming true....Oh, wait a moment, what was that? A tear running down my cheek... yep, it is nice when you reach such a longterm goal with such little effort.... damn I am good, lol!

It has been a bit longer than usual since I last blogged about something but it is summer after all. The season where siesta time prevails if you can afford it and overtime dictates if you cant avoid it. I am trespassing somewhere in-between at the moment while coming September I will lean more and more towards the latter. Damn, I love all those little and big life challenges that take my breath away and leave me gazing the future with restrained optimism and enforced realism.

As I look back onto this text, I am thinking "What the f.... am I talking about? I am not even on drugs ( never have been... I mean no reason to go all stoney and manga eyed artificially when I am like that naturally, lol) or drinking like there is no tomorrow... Why on earth would I write nonsense like these in my blog?". The answer comes instictively and hits me like a hammer "I love playing with words... a little wit here, a little insanity there, a little bit of sentiment all around, this is what is it all about...". Human expression in its purest form, blogging in a zombie state when politically correct boundaries do not apply anymore and judgement is clouded by sleepiness.

It is a funny little game and I am up for it, it seems.... the king is dead... long live the king (yep, that is Deadpoolite, ladies and gentlemen).

Ok then, this little experiment is over... I'll stop testing your patience and start testing my matress and pillow (DP bed here I come!!!!)

Till next time, take care all of you!


Zhu said...

To be honest, I feel like a zombie myself now (lack of sleep, heat, summer etc.) so all you said actually made sense. Yep.

Writer's block... don't worry about it ! I'd love you to blog about Greece if that's of any help. I mean, I've been there once but that some time ago. So refresh my memory !

Deadpoolite said...

Zombies of the world unite (under my leadership of course, lol)!!!

As for the writer's block it doesnt refer to finding topics to write about rather than finding the will to type them in when the weather is sunny and the atmosphere all around anything but ideal to seat in front of a pc and write:)

As far as your suggestion is concerned it has already crossed my mind more than once but if I write anything about Greece it wont be in a travel blog kind of way. I like people doing that but I cant see myself doing it and enjoying it.Therefore, I have to find another way to talk about Greece without blasting the reader with tons of cliched pictures of ancient ruins and things like that...(ok, I could use them but not just those, hahaha)

Maybe it would be interesting to show modern Greece for what it is and blow all of those cliched notions and stereotypes about us to hell... hmmm.... now that would be interesting indeed... let me sleep on it a little bit:)

Shan said...

Impressive lol... Buddy you need sleep... you need to blog less and rest more...

You're becoming incoherent... Game, test? Yeaahhh :P

nick said...

If that's writer's block I would hate to see you on a roll. That was most likely the most entertaining post I have read in a while... you sure your not on drugs?

Deadpoolite said...


What do you mean blog less? If I blog any less in July I'll be blogless for good:)

Does that even make sense, unlikely, still it is touching that you care about my well being...:)

Besides, if the blog entries made any sense it wouldn't be my blog:) Hey, I have a nutter's reputation to maintain here...


It is always the best blog in a while with me... till the next one of course:)

As for drugs I am positive I am not taking any... I can't afford them you see, LOL!