Thursday, 5 July 2007

8 things about the mastermind that is Deadpoolite...

Shan just tagged me (whatever that means, lol) so I now have to either write 8 things about myself or face her wrath (come to think of it I prefer the latter option just for the kick of it but what the heck, it could be fun either way, lol).

So let's see what the lottery of my mind will deem worthwhile to write . Here it goes ...

1) I am a Biochemist/Microbiologist with an MSc in Biotechnology (all acquired in the UK). I am currently planning my next career step (I guess I am not THAT dumb after all, cocky bastard, heh)

2)Apart from blogging, other favourite hobbies include console videogaming, reading comics, watching/ reading about movies, killing dinosaurs (well not really but there is nothing that I can't recreate with a bit of "creative" GM, lol), watching/playing football (that is soccer , duh).

3)I recently lost a lot of weight that had accumulated over the years due to the nature of my job/studies and I feel great about it, plus my stamina has increased significantly. 22 Kgrs off my back and still going strong, not bad...

4)I have a lot of favourite movies from many genres but if one asks me what is the most important for me (not the best movie, just the most important) it would be the first Spiderman movie. I really cant describe how I felt when I saw the hero of my childhood (I've been reading the comics since I was 6!) live on the silver screen. I was a boy all over again and just wanted to cry, especially with the ending sequence of Spidey swinging through the city (only a few seconds long...).

5) I was born on the 1st of January and I am an only child. As a result, I am very close to my cousins and rest of the family and it is a good feeling indeed. When my mom was carrying me in her womb(around 3-4 months old into pregnancy) there was a great earthquake in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece where I was born. I'd like to think it had something to do with my uniqueness as a person (well not really but come to think of it, it would explain a lot of things,lol)

6)I support Panathinaikos FC in Greece. I also like Real Madrid FC in Spain, Liverpool FC in England and AC Milan in Italy.

7) Characteristic advantages of my personality include patience and perseverence to achieve a goal regardless of how pointless/important it may be. At the other end of the spectrum, I am quite cyclothymic as a person with ridiculously frequent mood swings at times. However, I always make amends when I think I am at fault.

8) My best friends are Leonidas( not the THIS IS SPARTA guy, lol), Giannis K, Giannis P, Alan, Georgia. If I forgot anyone I couldn't care less since they wont be reading this blog anyway,lol!

Ok then, that is that! Now I can get back to my wacky business as usual. Just for the fun of it I am tagging CG (Comic Rack), TCRA , Stu and Itelli just to see if they are up for the challenge (I hope they survive the excitement... lol .... I barely did myself hahahahaha!).

Till next time , ta da! (that sounded so lllaaammmeee it is


Deadpoolite said...

I had bit of a problem with my comments page so I had to resubmit both the post and the comments today.

The only comment so far has been that of Sebastian which I submit manually :

"Hi DP!

First of all, thank you very much for your comments on my blog! I am very pleased to meet you.

Congrats on loosing 22kgs! That's simply amazing! I'd love to loose that much weight - what's your secret? I recently went to the doctors in Mexico City before I left and they said I was 97kg...argh...they also said, "too many cafe lattes" lol what's your secret?


DP - I apologize about the inconvenience.

Paper Fan Club said...

I'm a Capricorn too! I hear we're the most genius-like sign of the zodiac. :) Great blog!

Deadpoolite said...


I apologize again for having to re-post your original comment manually but I had a problem with my comments page and you were unlucky enough to be the sole victim of it...

Losing weight is all about perseverence, a bit of circumstantial motivation (e.g. a minor health prob that could escalate to something worse in the future or seeing yourself having less stamina than what you deem acceptable) and a whole lot of insanity (so no prob there I am good, hahaha).

I have a dietician who has helped me out a lot with her easy going attitude and by providing weekly diet schedules that are good enough to make me slim down but not restrictive enough to torture me:) I know she wont be reading this, she is not into the internet thing, but I have to seize the opportunity to thank her for her help:

Dimitra THANK YOU!

The real secret behind losing weight is REALLY wanting it I think. Once you made up your mind, you have won half the battle already. And dont be rushing things, lose little weight every week or so and dont get disappointed if some weeks you gain a little weight or dont lose much it is all part of the game.Dont go for miracle diets to shed lots of Kgrs in few days or weeks and try to have the occassional "caffe latte" as you said to spice up your life. There is no reason why you should restrict yourself from enjoying the simple pleasures in life just be sensible about it. Just remember that dieting is an on-going process not an on/off switch...

You know never in a million years did I think that I would give advice to someone about dieting... it is just nuts that is what it is ,LOL!

@paper fan club

Welcome to the blog! I like your blog too but I have to say I have problems "getting it" when sometimes US celebrities that are not that well known outside your borders appear in its pages. Still, a good fun read so count me in for the duration!

As for the astral sign thing there are 4 undeniable facts in life:

1)Gravity will always pull you down to the ground (bummer...)

2)The sun will always come out in the morning (unless you star in a Tim Barton movie, lol, I love those)

3)I am insane and wacky and loving it

4)Capricorns rock and will take over the world one day, lol. Just wait and see hahahaha... So you are on the winning side paper fun club nothing to worry about, LOL.

I' ll be off my usual blogging base for the next week or so. Therefore, not much blogging going on in the forthcoming week. But then you never

Take care all!

ComicGeek said...

I know exactly how you feel about Spider_man, it was the same for me in 1989 with the Batman movie (pre-Bat-nipples). It was surrealistic to see someone I had only ever read about walking around.a comic book brought to life. It still is in fact, even though there are many more of them now. I got the same feeling this past week with Transformers all over again.

Is 22kg a lot? I don't know the metric system (damn American schools).

Zhu said...

Woo hoo, comments are back ! The comment page was all weird last time I was around, I though the CIA finally found you so I didn't stay too long... hope you understand :D

I would support Panathinaikos too... if I knew how to pronounce that ! :D

Shan said...

1) Most interesting! No wonder, your words displays a certain degree of intellect, impressive Mr. Bio.

2) Nice, rich inner life :)

3) Yes, exercise is a definite good thing. I wish I have the ability to push myself and force myself to continuously achieve that :P

4) I love comics too, good old F4 and Superman :P I prefer war movies though... I swear I was a soldier in my previous life...

5) Indeed! Lucky you :)

6) Soccer's good, too bad FIFA is only once every 4 years lol...

7) Ability to swallow your ego is a trait I respect in people since I can't do it very well :P

8) Haha.

Now I have the dirt on you buddy, you better watch out bwhahahah!

Anonymous said...

DP, you supported LFC and AC at the same time?!

What were you in the Champions League Final? Lol

Zhu said...

Haven't heard of Deadpoolite in a while... are you on a CIA-FBI mission again ???

Deadpoolite said...


Oh no... I am doomed. I cant imagine all the bad things you plan to do to me. Goodbye dear blogosphere...


Let's just say I was one happy supporter either way, lol! Although, usually I am with the one that hasnt won the competition for the most time, so I was leaning towards AC Milan this time while in the last one I was more of a Liverpool nut. It is nuts isnt


July in Greece aint the best of times to blog. Excess heat, bikini dressed (or undressed depends on your perspective lol) girls all around, traditional DP laziness you name it, I got it. But truth be told I have been off my blogging base (place of residence) for around 10 days now and it was a good time to get my mind (whatever is left of it anyway, hahaha) some well earned rest. Forthcoming months from September and so on are going to be extremely demanding so I am kind of conserving energy, heh (that is taking the recent global ecological awareness outburst to a whole new level isnt it, conserving energy and all, lol). Have no fear Zhu, CIA has got nothing on me... They put some profilers on my case years ago and they ended up singing wacky tunes in nutters asylums. I am way beyond their league,lol

Getty72 said...

deadpoolite, way to go Matie!!!! Great response to your tag! Well done on losing 22Kg. So, you are a Capricorn...that's almost as good as being a Gemini (lol!).

So, July in Greece has bikini (un)dressed Girls.... (Graham makes mental note to self "must arrange trip to Greece in July").

And you support Panathinaikos. I shall keep a close eye on that team in the Cup matches. Like Zhu, I will need to practice saying it!

Anywayz, great post...and great blog!!!! ~ Graham

siryn said...

2.You forgot...women!!! me the way
5. That's why you are "shaked". lol
7.Give me some patience NOW!!!
(and let's fight cyclothymia together)
Hugs and kisses