Monday, 20 August 2007

The death of a blog that never happened...

Ok, I am back from vacation and all, it was cool and rejuvenating as it should be. I'll probably talk about it in a future post. Thing is before all the lunacy kicks off again in this blog I wanted to get something off my chest. I am in a period in my life with some new beginnings and changes of sorts (hopefully) on the way. This summer has been as much about resting as it has been about planning what comes next. Because of something that happened in February (no earthshattering event I assure you so dont tie your knickers in a knot or anything just yet,lol) my planning for the year went kind of out of the window in a big way. In the months between March and August blogging has been nothing but a terrific diversion from other things. So far so good...

Maybe I should just clone myself and be done with it... who knows:)

Last week as I was thinking about some stuff regarding my future career plans along with some personal stuff, I kinda of started thinking about some habits that may or may not need to change in order to make other more substantial things work. Anyway, some people would call it prioritizing but me being my little silly self would call it "this is what happens when you get too laid back and you start philosophizing for philosophizing's sake" (yep, I am deep like that, scary isnt it... LOL!). Anyway, to cut the long story short, after a couple of sips of my ice cold coffee(the ritual of preparing and drinking what we call "frappe coffee" here in Greece deserves a post of its own, so roll with it for the time being, lol) my ever diminishing brain matter pointed my attention towards blogging. The name of the game being that this particular fun ride takes "too much time" since I am maintaining two blogs, one written in english and one in greek. As it usually happens with these things, a couple of coffee sips later, a domino effect spiralled that made me think if I had to close down one of the two blogs which one would it be and why (I am a sucker for ridiculously stupid dilemmas, it is my nature, lol). What really surprised me is that at a moment's thought I said to myself "the greek blog" which really stroke me as odd to be honest. Heck I am Greek and I like my language very much so why say Greek instead of English. This kinda of unexpected realisation made me get to the juice of this post (at least for me). What does each of the blogs offer me as a blogger, what I like or I dont like about each one of those endeavours. I dont know why I felt the need to share this with you but here are my two cents on the matter:

Let's kickstart with the Greek blog which is more or less "unmarked territory" for you guys (except for itelli who i s Greek as well) because of the language barrier and all.

What I like about the greek blog first...

-Greek language is harder to master(I am focusing on the written aspect of it) and has way more vocabulary than english. I love the "art of using it" way more than the equivalent of english. So expression wise it is more challenging and fulfilling for me at least.
-Greeks hang out in the greek blog, so I am not even partially worried about multicultural differences or offending anyone. That is offending anyone by mistake of course, since I am not much into offending people, unless someone provokes me and persists on it.
-What I like about MY greek blog is that compared to other greek blogs I dont whine about shit all the time. Greeks whine a lot by default, sometimes justly but sometimes because they are afraid to admit they are at fault or afraid to take responsibility for their actions. Thus, they just blame the state for everything like they are not the fools that voted and had it elected, LOL!
-The brand of humour that I use over there is kinda of "diluted" since Greek people are more about laughing with their everyday lives mishaps or some prominent political figure and less about self sarcasm and that little extra black flavour to the humour which I like from time to time. So big challenge there as well, creatively:)
-I like a lot the sense of community in the greek blog among me and my readers as well as among the readers with eachother. Generally greeks are outgoing people compared to other cultures that I have encountered and that reflects in the sense of community among the readers of the greek blog a lot.
-There is more chance of meeting some of them in person because of the distance issue and all. This sort of interaction could breed friendships and relationships which is an intriguing prospect if you think about it.

Now for the ass kicking part, what I DONT LIKE about the Greek blog:

-I dont like the layout THAT much. I mean it is easy going, I like the sunset theme on it and the labels are original but that is about it. It doesnt "rock my world" so to speak from an aesthaetic point of view.
-Greeks in general are not big on pop culture references, comics, movies (unless something becomes a mass phenomenon) or anything of the sort. They consume, digest and spit out but generally speaking they dont "get" the humour of some things that I adore. Thus I prefer not to talk about movies,videogames etc etc. Therefore it sometimes becomes more tiring to write, when you got to come up with original ideas all the time(not that anyone forces me to do it of course ha,ha,ha).
- If I want to ramp up the humour stakes a notch, I cant do it that easily in the greek blog. They either dont "get" the dead pan humour of saying the most ridiculous thing in a serious way -which I love- or they would think that someone that is using such a brand of humour has something wrong with him just because they dont "get the joke" (I dont really give a toss about that by the way, LOL). Truth be told I am pretty happy in that respect with my greek readers, their humour sense is what keeps me going sometimes:)

Now, onwards to "Deadpool's Laughing Den". What I LIKE about it first:

- I love the layout and the appearence of it as a whole. A lot of credit has to go to TCRA for the kickass header he designed for me, I cant thank him enough! But yeah, it just looks way cool in my eyes and I am immensely pleased with it.
- Here I can talk about things more freely, more vividly, more "out there", if you catch my drift. I can use as many pop culture references as I want and statistically speaking, a lot of people will "get" them which just rocks.
- Approaching people from different cultures is something that I always liked and finding the common ground with people of such diverse cultural backgrounds is just something that I really enjoy a lot.
- Since most of you are not familiar with modern Greece talking about it to a pristine audience and finding novel ways of presenting it, is a challenge by itself (more on that in future blog entries).
- The "freeform" nature of the english language and the lightheartidness of approach in this blog makes me write more text in less time which is always cool.
- I just love the wacky sense of humour that permeates this blog. It is just so liberating:)

What I DONT LIKE about "Deadpool's Laughing Den"...

-With some people the cultural barrier and the difference in perspective means that you always need to be a little bit more alert not to insult anyone by going that bit of "extra mile" in the humour stakes or in what they consider politically correct etc.
-Writing in english, regardless how fluent one is, kinda of pisses me off from time to time. Sad but true, LOL! Funny thing is this blog kickstarted as a way for me to keep in touch with the english language above all else before elevating into this behemoth of wackiness that it currently is.

Lastly, although not a dislike thing per se, I am really curious about one thing since I raised the issue. I am really curious how this wacky alter ego I have created for myself, Deadpoolite, is perceived by my readers. I dont know, it never occurred to me before but do people hanging out here identify this "over the top" approach on things as anything more than a way to let some steam off in a funny way ? Who knows... I am having fun so it is all good:) Hmmm... where did that come from I wonder.... I shouldnt have had that last M and M's package last night it seems, LOL!

So there you go, a "blogging weight" off my shoulders, I am home free to spread more lunacy to the masses, a noble goal indeed (yeah right... LOL)!

Take care all of you and dont worry regardless of how rare or often I am blogging, I dont plan to leave the premises for the foreseeable future (I like the damn header and the little poem underneath it too much you see, oh what a sophisticated incentive to keep writing indeed, LOL).

P.S.1: A lot of the views I presented here, especially regarding greek people, do not apply to all people or to my readers in particular (after all since they hang out in my blogs we must have something in common it seems). Just wanted to clarify that since I hate generalizations to be honest with you.

P.S.2: That is one misleading and catchy title I used right there at the top... heh... Oh lady inspiration was kind with me tonight it seems ha,ha,ha (eat your heart out Shakespeare, LOL)

Take care all!

Till next time, DP out!


itelli said...

I can't say I don't agree with u on most points of the differentiation between Greek- and English-speaking audiences. But, re: the relative ease to which u refer with respect to ur English blog, as a "scientist" too, I can't help but turn the statement on its head: is it maybe because u find english-speaking (and not just english) pop culture easier to handle in terms of humour rather than the Greek? I might have got that impression a couple of times, and I don't mean to disrespect u by what I'm sayin, but don't forget that I am also entangled into the same structures of language and meaning/semantics as u r. So, this is more an explanatory question rather than a balanced remark.

I, for example, find it easier to be lyrical and dramatical in Greek, than in English, where I am just (trying to be) funny (and I actually am provocative/eejit).

Also, again a sobering remark -no mood to take this to a full-scale war, I think that the majority of developed languages are hard to master in their writing form. Not only because of vocabulary, but also because of linguistic structures. It might sound like a paradox, but believe me, I noticed in all 5 languages that I speak (i am sorry I have no reliable sources to quote, but u have to take my opinion on this): when u learn a foreign language u learn its official form; the "nice" bits. The rest (colloquialisms, proverbial structures etc) come later, once u've been adapted to that language's mentality. Whereas the process of learning your maternal language is reversed: u start from the colloquial and u move to the more formal, then intellectual and then scientific terminologies.

I think... :)

Zhu said...

Miam, frappe coffee... :$

Oh, welcome back !

On the blog issue... I went through that too. When I first started blogging, I'd write in French and mainly focus on the practical side of immigration. Then I got sick of it and figured I'd had more fun in English with the English market ;)

So I know what you mean about not offending people too much, about writing in English (I guess Greek has a very broad and specific vocabulary... just like French). But I won't give up, cause I have a lot of fun with my blog.

I'd love to read you in Greek but let's not butcher your writing with a google translation tool... :D

Deadpoolite said...

Interesting pair of responses to this post so far. Anyway on with the replies

To be honest with you I never considered the linguistic aspect of blogging and if the structural uniqueness of each language determines the content's flavour and the nature of the humour depicted on each blog. You argue a solid case and since I am no expert on the matter (I am 'no kserolas', you being greek should appreciate that since a lot of our compatriots thrive on the concept, lol). However, as I see it three things determined how I write on each blog :

1)First it has to do with the initial principle upon which each blog was founded. The Greek blog was always a mean to practise my written greek firstly because I hadnt written much in greek (I am talking in a narrative format) for the past couple of years and I was missing it dearly and secondly I have plans to write a book one day and I wanted the practise and playtime with the language . Nothing too fancy, just a story I love dearly, got a basic structure, got some ideas, dont have the time at the moment though since other matters take precedence. The english blog's style ows a lot (as shallow as it may seem) to the source of the inpiration behind it the character Deadpool by Marvel Comics. I always wanted to try my hand on this particular wacky brand of humour that his pop culture creation represents which I like a lot. In the process I infused some of my love for British humour and self sarcasm in there as well.I hope it is working out,lol!

2)I think subconciosuly the target audience plays a lot on how I write. It doesnt dictate what I write but it does have an influence on how I write it. As I said this is more of a subconcious choice and comes naturally after 30+ posts under my belt. From people's comments I can now deduct what is "hit" and what is "miss" in the humour stakes and subconciously adjust my writing so it is more accessible and funny to the readers.

3)I have to say that your quote about being more easy and natural for us "greeks with an english twist" to be dramatic and lyrical in greek and funny in english holds some truth. This is the first time I actually consider this, so thanks for the food for thought! To be honest with you I think 'modern english' was conceived and structured to be more accessible to the average user and is predominantly an oral language for lots of people to communicate with relative ease.I am not saying it's written form is easy of course but it is more "masterable" in less time. Our native language on the other hand, has a bit more story to it(of course english has its significant backstory as well but I see it as a more "deductive" language) since it is one of the founding languages (I am not saying this in a crappy display of macho greekness dont worry, lol) and the evolution of it (especially its written format) ows a lot to ancient greeks who let's face it were ridiculously prolific in writing concerning a lot of various topics (science, theatrical plays, philosophy etc.).
Anyway, maybe I am wrong on this later argument but it kinda of made sense to me so I wanted to share,lol.


Well, I am always writing based more on impulse and especially for the english blog entries I dont spend much time thinking about them. I reckon it is at least evident to the readers of this blog that I am having great fun with it since I am not really filtering much out. One of the aspects of the english language I greatly appreciate is the "economy" of the language. An english word can confine easier multiple meanings compared to greek which is more of a periphrastic language.

Anyway, glad to be back and one reason for it is that I really really like your company (as in Zhu the superheroic french born canadian based blogger, phew, what a mouthful,lol). Yep, you can blush all you want, it is an undeniable fact of life! The issue of ditching a blog was never really much in question since I really ejoy blogging in both languages but the frequency of me writing on both blogs will probably falter in the next couple of months. Then again maybe not:) We'll see depending on how other collateral activities play out:)

Good to be back!

Calista said...

If u want to shut down one blog, I have my own slant there;

Don't u dare to do this to "Laughing Den"!!!!

I'm not just some reader here, okay?!
U won my heart when I read "as long as my ears don't bleed..." in your profile. That was so attractively funny and I couldn't resist.

I'm aware of that u r person with thoughts, feelings and opinions,
and all that give u more credit and more fun!
Somewhere in time I met that vibe of yours and stayed.
It's always personal DP, always.

Henry said...

Hey duder, you got a cool blog here. And thanks for the link. I have reciprocated in kind!

Getty72 said...

Surely there is no such thing as a blogiverse without the "laughing Den". We simply must have our superhero!!! And your wild ramblings keep me entertained for hours... well it takes me that long to read the bloody things...LOL! Your blog is listed in my "Great Blogs to read" list and I am simply refusing to remove it - Greek on no Greek.

Anywayz, I'm off to a Greek Island for my next holiday in three weeks time, and I need some advice on the lingo......... help!!!!!!!

Take care matie.... and welcome back - you have been missed!!!!!!

Muse said...

so down with 'my big fat greek blog' eh? Well you do reach a wider audience with the english blog since in many countries at least english is the 2nd language.

I used to be a movie fanatic (still am) and wanted to be a movie critic when i grew up. I created a website. Later i decided after getting a real job and having limited time to go to the movies i had to dump it. It's sad, the corpse is still there on the net but it's no longer being tended to. It was a big part of me, but you do have to make such decisions. Better things always come along.

like my useless blog?

nick said...

I personally am very glad you did not get rid of this one, I have grown quite attached to this site. You are like that clown that you just can't get enough of at the circus, but you have to watch out because if you turn around he might pull a bazooka out of his magic pouch and blow your head off. Thanks for all the laughs man, and keep up the good work!

Deadpoolite said...


If I am not mistaken this is your first ever comment here so you are officially beyond redemption:)

So, it is official I got an ally in tearing pop culture apart hoorraayyy!!!


Anytime mate! I got my e-mail stashed in the profile page somewhere so feel free to ask me any questions you might have on your upcoming trip!


I have to be honest with you I have recently developed a Xanadu addiction:) I think Getty72 has the same symptoms as well,lol!


It is all a bit of good old harmless fun really:) I love the way this blog looks and a great part of the appeal is due to the header you designed for me so thanks for the gazillionth time!

By the way, I did not close down the greek blog. Both blogs are up and running smoothly. Upcoming months may see ups and downs in frequency of posting but both blogs are here for the duration. I am enjoying this TOO MUCH you see:)

Let's face it guys I am never going to be the guy who writes "I bought two cucumbers today, oh what a glorious uneventful day " ha,ha,ha,ha! I am more of a quality over quantity kind of guy (although that is highly debatable as well judging from my posts in this blog, lol)

Later friends!

joen05 said...

Hey don't take this down! I've been looking forward to when you came back! Honestly you put a lot into your posts and I like that, keep it up man!

Epoch [z] said...

I'd say your english blog is quite... fetching. Blah, now I'm a Brit, whatever will I do? Haha Anyway, I perceive you as being witty with an interesting (but not at all bad) sense of humor. If ever a day goes bad, I can always laugh it up in the 'laughing' den. Did you know that was kind of a joke? It was pretty bad so now it's just a statement type thingy. DON'T STOP BLOGGING!! Whatever will I do then?

I will leave you with a quote. It may or may not have anything to do with nothing :P

Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go.
-Oscar Wilde

~Epoch [z]

Deadpoolite said...


You know I can sense the love in the air by now:)

So Oscar Wilde eh?

Hmmm... let me see if I can walk in the steps of the great man...:

" To read is good, to understand is better, to feel is human and to react a proof you are alive".


Regarding blogging (of course this is utter non-sense but I had to give it a go ha,ha,ha,ha)

Thanks for the comment!

Shan said...

No not at all. I love your alter ego. I just hope it is an alter ego ahahaha

But it's better to keep the English blog since I can't read Greek and it'll be no fun without you DP haha and your eccentric sense of humour :P

But welcome back, shame I didn't get the first post in. The damned server went down when I tried to comment. I was quite pissed and never got a chance until today :)

Hope you enjoyed your break and keep posting!