Sunday, 5 August 2007

Let the music do the talking... see you in a couple of weeks!

I wanted to put something in this very spot as a temporary "farewell" to my readers. In all honesty, I will be returning home in a couple of weeks but I dont really know when will be the next time I blog.Returning from my vacation will signal a transition period of sorts for me, so no guarantees for anything really.

Regardless, instead of lengthy text and snappy wisecracks I opted to royally shut my pup for once and let the music do the talking for me. This song I post here was written/performed by Neil Young and I first listened to it when watching the movie "Deadman" by Jim Jarmusch. This is one of my all time favourite movies and one of my all time favourite tunes. I dont know how deep Neil Young dag to write this tune but to me it sounds like his soul is playing the guitar and not his fingers. In periods of self discovery or when I needed to think things over this song always spoke to my soul and helped to cleanse my view on things and dilemmas. Essentially, I am sharing a piece of my soul here, albeit an itchy bitsy tiny one:)

Of course since this being "Deadpool's Laughing Den" and all, I cant leave you on a low so listen to the following song as well for a more uplifting fix:)

Yep, I am one frequently moodswinging Merc but boy am I loving it (this doesnt make sense by the way but I am sure after 30+ posts of "pure uninhibited wackiness" you are used to it by now, LOL!)

Take care all of you and better be here when I get back to full blogging gear in a couple of weeks or whenever really!

C u in the funny pages:)


Calista said...

May God bless you wherever you go and come back soon.


Zhu said...

I shall be back in 10 days. Don't just leave us like in some kind of epic Greek book ! :D

Deadpoolite said...


I am afraid I am beyond redemption:) (that was a joke,heh)

Thanks for the wishes girl, talk to ya soon!


Oh, you know us greeks, we are suckers for good food, belly laughs, women and the occassional ancient opus of sorts:)

Besides I'll still be writing a couple of things, just not posting for the next 15 days or so.

Humanity can have a much needed break from my insane ways for that time:)

Take care and talk to ya soon girl!

Anonymous said...

I will always welcome you back. Although I did not comment much in your blog (always due to many issues to speak up because of your posts), I do read each and every post of yours.

Enjoy your off-blogging period! :)

Calista said...

Hey, you are around!
I thought u wouldn't be here at all.
Anyway I'm glad that u stop by, miss your spirit.
Regroup your forces and stay cool!

Shan said...

Ah noooo, who is going to provide me with all those insightful comments?

Come back quick, I'll miss you! haha not... :P


Muse said...

who gave you permission to leave?

Paper Fan Club said...

Hey Deadpool... have a great vacation and a rejuvenating mental break. Maybe you'll be surprised that getting away from the computer actually inspires a ton of blog ideas. Hope so.

Epoch [z] said...

We'll all be waiting here for you most 'interesting' posts. Of course... you HAVE to come back, what would we do without your odd view of things? ;)

~Epoch [z]

someGirl said...

How long is a "couple of weeks" in DP's world, exactly??!!

Deadpoolite said...

Well, I am back. Nuff said:)

Dont worry dear readers, blog entries onslaught coming your way starting tomorrow:)

I only have to write the damn things after all,lol!

C u soon in the funny pages!

Calista said...


Mekelle said...

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