Thursday, 1 November 2007

The 50 posts landmark... a taste of things to come...

Wow! Is this for real? Have I actually reached 50 posts in this blog and nothing of worldwide importance has detonated? Have I made the world a better place one laugh at a time? Did I leave the oven on when I left home this morning? Are orange M and Ms better than yellow ones? Will I genetically test my future offspring to see if they carry the 'wacky gene factor' that defines my futile blogging existence? So many questions, so many answers to type in... so why bother, LOL!

Let's throw a "killer" party and celebrate the 50 posts of his majesty Deadpoolite on this blog, shall we?

As I have noticed during my occassional semi-sane speels, people usually brag about their 100 posts (I have a bit more than that between both blogs greek and english) or 1 year in blogging and set that as a milestone that has been surpassed. HA! What do they know? For me 50 is a nice round number and a good time to take a breather and see what this blogging adventure of sorts has offered me. Besides it is a little known fact in the blogosphere that 50 DP posts count as thousands more in normal posting numbers (Does this sentence even make sense? No? Good... I still got it! LOL). So blogging eh? It is a funny old game with invaluable side effects I am told... is it any good... well...:

- It is great practise for my written english and a great opportunity to unleash all those dormant americanisms I am so fond of (damn you Marvel Comics and American movies.... damn you to hell... NOT! LOL) upon an unsuspecting audience such as you my glorious, heroic, albeit a bit mazochistic readers.

-I can torture people all I want with my long 'semi-sane mumblings' of extreme awesomeness that make readers despair, become sceptical if life is worth living, consider writing their will just to make sure and generally be 'optimistic' about life :)

Who said I don't have any role models in life:) Hail to the King baby!!! LOL.

-I like making people laugh or crack a smile. It just makes me feel good if I write something that I consider funny or amusing and people seem to 'get the joke'. If nothing else this blog has a unique sense of humour in synch with the Deadpool comics' character that it was inspired from, both context wise and aesthetically. It really makes me feel good that I might have brightened someone's day up either by making him/her smile at my jokes or at the realization of the fact that there are worse things out there in life than their current predicaments... namely sir DP and his pitifully peculiar existence:)

-I have met some really interesting and unique people all over the world. For some reason it feels so natutal that I have actually started caring about some of them and want them to be in good health and do well (the rest of them can burn in hell... well actually no... not unless they got the whole thing recorded on DVDR so I can sell it to the highest bidder, lol). I never stop being awestruck by the force that this mean of internet interaction called blogging possesses if used in a constructive manner (as in not in the manner DP abuses it then , LOL). There are some people out there that I am never going to meet up close and personal (lucky them,LOL) and still I have progressively reached a level (my videogaming sensibilities got the best of me, guilty as charged, 'reach a level' I say...sigh...LOL) where I really want to know that they are doing ok with their lives. If anything else, they will never forget Greece because of me(you listen to that Ministry of Tourism, now forward my cheque to the usual address or face my wrath!!! LOL).

-Big and fast changes are happening in my life as we speak so maybe I am not putting as much time in blogging, mainly as in 'writing' posts, as I used to. This is probably because the way I write takes a bit of time so I prefer to write 6 posts 'my way' than 30 posts comprised of 10 lines of text each. It is just the way I am ,LOL!

Anyone knows the way forward for this blog? No ideas then... I don't have a clue either , maybe I should just shut it down... Then again... where is the fun in that? It is the journey that matters after all:) Ok,ok, after zero public demand and heavy pressure from my non- existing fans I will continue blogging relentlessly:)

I want to thank you all for embarking on this fun blogging trip with me, providing me with great company and a huge availability of targets for verbal shooting practise (yeah, I am a sucker for creating ridiculous terminology, such is the life of a humble servant of the wackiness gods, full of ridiculous self imposed goals, lol)

So let's raise our proverbial glasses, drink to -at least- another 50 posts and be done with it.

Places to go, people to see, posts to write...

Saving the world one laugh at a time has never been more fun!

I can just feel the 'love' in the air... run DP, run!!! Those readers of yours are one aggressively persistent lot:)

Be seeing ya!


joen05 said...

Congratulations DP! Your blog is definitely quality over quantity, and I always crack a smile over here. I may be guilty of the quantity over quality sometimes, but that's mainly for the paid posts I think... anyway, congratulations again!

Zhu said...

50 posts, already? Wow !

I don't even know how many posts I have... You, scientists, count everything!

You always make me smile. Always. And if I don't smile, I don't cook well, you know that. I might burn my cookies, things like that. So keep on making me smile!:D

Shan said...

Hahaha, congrats you mutant freak!!

So this is what you've been up to since I disappeared, harassing the world wide individuals with your 50 posts posts :P

Nonetheless, congrats, 50 insightful and most interestingly worded posts!!

I look forward to more!!

nick said...

HA Evil Dead!!! Love it. Congrats on the 50 man. And here's to 50 more. Ok maybe more than 50 more, I hope you are doing this for a long time to come.

MandyPoo said...

Today I raised my proverbial glass in celebration of your 50 posts - in another month, I'm going have a real drink to celebrate. (9 months is a LONG time to go without being able to celebrate, you know).

Jay Cam said...

"Will I genetically test my future offspring..."
thats a little creepy!...

lol u have a lot of strange enemies all right!

Deadpoolite said...


DP blushing...oh you are too good... are you sure you are reading the right blog by the way:)


50 posts and still no cookies...:). The hell with it I will settle for a smile of yours after a tiring day anytime.


"Mutant freak" you say eh? Flattery will get you nowhere with me, you know that don't ya? LOL


I have to say I am particularly proud about the header banner I designed at the top of the blog... Wait a just dawned upon me, YOU DESIGNED IT!!! Bummer...:)


Are you going to get proverbially drunk as well or this is just a phase? LOL

@jay cam

Not as creepy as my next post but still...LOL

Yeah, regarding my enemies... spandex was on sale that day at half price... and oh well... the rest is fashion victims' history really:)

Thank you all for supporting what is essentially a madman's blogging ground. Oh, I will shed a tear for your lost sanity sometime today (mine is long gone so no worries there, LOL)

Take care!

someGirl said...

Yes, your verbal awesomeness is unprecedented, my friend. Congrats on the 50!

**raising glass, clearing throat**

"I'd like to make this toast in honor of DP. May his wit remain sharp, his humor unwavering, and his life as long as his posts!"

PS: So sorry you had to stop by on a day I'm feeling so low :( But on the bright side, you made me laugh while I was here!!

Calista*Was*Here said...

World is better place since you are there.

I secretly admire your English.

Have found no one who would take your place.

Thank you for your 50!