Wednesday, 12 December 2007

The astonishing transformation of a Wii into an Xbox360 (Prelude-Part 1 of 3)

You know a few months back I was as solid as a rock in my views. "Next gen gaming is just a big con you fools" I enthused with pathos. Just check out my relevant post via this link if you dare (actually if you are not totally bored since it is not a particularly "daring" task to be honest... not as daring as me taking a shower anyway...LOL) :

While I believe that the majority of some of my arguments still stands to some extent I do not longer consider the whole affair a total waste of time(
although I dont own an HD TV so I might as well like living in denial over the necessity of an endeavour into next gen gaming...). The point of this "pointless post" is(dont you love these phrasal contradictions that dont make any sense in this blog... I mean as soon as you read one you know it is my blog and there is no escape... brilliant simply brilliant...LOL) that as I was envisioning my gaming future and what would be the console to purchase in upcoming months one name kept resurfacing in my collective subconcious (not a particularly crowded place I assure you...LOL). And the name of the game was "Wii"!!! Ok, ok I know it sounds like I am taking a leak singing merrily to the great beyond (isnt it always a merry experience -i.e. taking a leak- to begin with... up until the prostate crisis kicks in and it becomes an accomplishment of mythical proportions anyway...). Regardless, this "little fun box" called Wii had several things about it that made it more appealing as an immediate purchase:

This is such an over the top ad, so it naturally had a place in this humble blog corner:)

- The Wii approaches gaming in a more interactive way which is fresh. You move the controller and it copies your movement.This opens a lot of interesting possibilies on how people can interact with games so concurrently(blame the terminology on that sick bastar... that was the 'architect' in the Matrix movies...) it rocks (
not as much as me blogging but it isnt a shame to rock merrily in the second place of uber coolness) and opens a world of exciting possibilities for gaming design.

- The novelty of the technology and the fact that 'moving things' is more intuitive than memorizing button combinations makes this the ideal platform for people that, well, just want to have short bursts of fun and are not particularly fond of gaming. Oh, how much I wanted to see my mother try to play bowling on "Wii Sports" that would have been the highlight of 2007 for me (yeah it has been a "good year" like that... nah actually it has, LOL).

-Playing with your Wii (that sounded very perverted for some reason, lol) is just fun! You can play fun games with friends and just laugh out loud at how surreal the whole affair is. Grown up people waving their Wii motes at the TV screen trying not to decapitate anyone in range or avoid breaking that vase that supposedly cost a fortune but in all honesty they can live without.

So, yeah playing with the Wii held so much promise. I was salivating
(not literally but I am still young so give it time...LOL) in the prospect of buying one this December. And then that fateful day came when videogaming dreams went out of the window and the cold harsh reality slapped me on the face... I was going to buy an Xbox360 dear readers, I just didn't know it yet...

(To be continued...)


Zhu said...

Eh, look who's back!

What's with this all guy post? Did my hubby pay you to brainwash me into buying him an Xbox or whatever?

I can see your little game, my dear! :D

siryn said...

Well, I know the story from the inside but...
lol for the writing!
Wellcome back!

Calista*Was*Here said...

Three parts?! Better come up with something, otherwise, all that army of opposite sex admirers would disappear:)

You don't want me to comment that video:)

Watch out!

Deadpoolite said...


Oh you know me too well... guilty as charged:)

Good to be back!


You were there, you know the drill... it wasn't easy and I had to kick some ass for that console but eventually I prevailed:)


I am pretty solid I can make fun out of anything so tolerate me for a bit it is only a 3 parter:)

Epoch [z] said...

Your post still amuse me. Especially the brief little video... the PS3 was soooo jealous. Haha anyway. I can't say I've ever been a Nintendo person (save for the hand held console watchamabober). I played the Wii... it's an interesting application to an otherwise feng shui or relatively monotonous life. I'm still a Playstation advocate till the end though.

XBox 360?! For shame for shame. I'm curious to see what's to come.

~Epoch [z]