Friday, 14 September 2007

The fun side of national elections in Greece...

Ok, ok, enough of the gloominess. I am fricking Deadpoolite damn it! "Wackiness is my name and making you laugh is my game" (Where do I find those cheesy one liners... someone has seriously put an "all out cheese" spell on me...I cant explain it otherwise...Could be anyone of you my "laugh brigade" lot...). So, it is that time again in little glorious Greece. National elections time! Oh, goody- goody, time to have a good laugh during the pre-elections period and vote with grave seriousness on the day of the elections (Yeah, I know I am emphatically "torn" like that you see... LOL).

You know if every female voter was as cute as her , I would like to vote every weekend yessir:) Oh, come on you male rascals out there, you know I got a point:)

So let me expand on how national elections in Greece feel like (
dont faint just yet, I am sure I can top the above scary comment with an all out horrific one... have faith...LOL). So, in Greece we got two main political parties (names are not important since they are cheesy as hell so I will just go with colours for a more light effect...oh I am such a good host, lol) that rule the country. The Blues and the Greens. The Blues are the equivalent of Republicans in the US and the Greens the equivalent of Democrats. Scary isnt it? All countries of the world seem to have the same two parties ruling them.... creepy... There is also a Red party which is as evolving in its viewpoints as stagnant water. There is an Orange party that is lately trying to be the "cool one" to lure the young voters and then there is the "Living on past laurels party" with the name of it being pretty much selfexplanatory, LOL. Oh, yeah lately there is also a party that is led by a dwarf (well he is not really a dwarf but I wish he was, because maybe those couple of less inches of height could have given him a better perspective on things, instead of the BS he is saying now, LOL).

Out of the 6 political parties I have mentioned the first 4 parties were represented in the previous parliament while the other two will try to "squeeze their way in" with limited chances of succeeding. Of course since this Greece and I am one of the most sane/insane citizens of it(it is a matter of individual perspective,lol) I could be wrong, LOL. The big parties are really good fun these days, moving around their "ideologies" like rearranging furniture. The Greens started as a party in the centre/left wing section but currently have moved towards the centre right wing. The Blues were the original right wing/centre party but have moved more towards the centre. The Reds are supposedly left wing but sometimes they have really ecstatic right wing tendencies and modes of operation. It is truely surreal. Everyone seems to have an identity crisis that makes my own look like child's play:)

The Blues... The initials stand for "New Democracy" , cant quite figure out what was wrong with the old one though:)

So how about the people of Greece then? What are their criteria for voting something, you might ask puzzled or bemused (these two concepts are not mutually exclusive by the way, lol). This is where the good stuff begins. There was a time when things were clear you know, a time when ideologies counted for something. A time when the Greens operated with their core value being "the fellow man" and when Blues were all about financial evolution even if it was at the expense of man as a unit. So people depending on what camp they were on, they were voting based on the above principles. In Greece, family tradition played a crucial role in what future generations voted(
still does to some extent). You see, politicians and voters have a 'personal' relationship of sorts in Greece. Politicians promise certain jobs in the public sector to voters and voters vote like sheeps to the slaughter.This 'trusting' relationship between politicians and people is called in broad terms a "rousfeti". A "rousfeti" is an informal agreement of sorts that stands for "If I get elected, I wont forget who voted for me you will get a job my dear voter...or whatever else you please". Yep, those are the rules of engagement in greek politics not per se but still to some extent. Oh, our long gone ancestors, the founders of democracy, would be so proud of us I am sure.... The thought alone brings a tear of joy to my eyes:). Their democracy wasnt perfect either I have to say, since in Athens(where it all started you democracy lovers around the world) non-Athenians were slaves or non-voting citizens and women did not vote either (Bummer!). But it was a start you know,in an era of Kings and Queens and tyranic oppressors of sorts, so eat your hearts out you other nations, it all started here in Greece during the 5th Century B.C. and there is nothing you can do about it, muhahahaha (Oh, dont cry now, I was only joking... see I'll make a funny face now...oh come on smile... LOL).

The Greens... the initials stand for : "Panhellenic ('hellenic' means 'greek') Socialistic Movement". Phew! What a mouthful! I am tired:)

Nowadays, younger people (
I am 28 heading irreversibly to 29, lol. Oh glorious 29 I am coming for you , you sucker, lol)) have total disregard for elections. They dont give a toss who is elected, what he does, if he does anything, it is all about mobile phones, game consoles, sex infused dreams/practices and I-Poding their existence into every day. However, all is not lost. For one, I am Greek which is a credit to my country of course, since I am probably its best export at the moment after olive oil and feta cheese (dont fuck with feta cheese, it is awesome, lol). So, yeah while DP is alive and kicking Greece has a chance of either being blown to smitherins or reaching great heights of magnificence. We both know the former is a more realistic option with me :)

The Reds, the initials stand for "Communistic Party of Greece".Yep, as you can see the 'USSR dress sense' hasnt evaded some people or their logos:)

Let's finish this on a high note. Regardless of my excess mumbling so far down the post which as always is exaggerated to death (yep, I love being over the top, it is what I do best, just check the dynamite on my header top left, LOL), national elections is an important thing here in Greece. You see regardless if some people are misled or put personal gain up front (who doesnt to some extent...) they do respect the process. I see UK for example where around 50% of the voters vote. I mean this is ridiculous! What kind of government is that , that is elected by half the nation's voters! I think that is a serious weakness in any modern democracy. In Greece people vote because it is something embedded in their core, it comes as natural as taking a leak or eating your favourite snack. It is part of our collective DNA. Maybe we are flawed in our motivation and questionable on our choices but noone can blame us for not wholeheartidly and massively supporting what is essentially the core of the democratic ideal, voting.People were tortured, killed and fought , not so long ago, for us to have this right and privilege and it would be like digging out their graves if we didnt participate in the process to honour their sacrifice and hardships.

These people used to be Orange but now they went apparently multi-coloured:) The initials stand for "Coalition of Radical Left Wing" (I have to admit that the english translation makes it sound way cooler than the greek version, lol)

The initials stand for "Laic Orthodox Alert" (yes "alert" as in "a fire alert" I kid you not, who comes up with these names anyway, geez...). This word 'ΛΑΟΣ' means "people" in the collective "citizens of a nation" sense. Just a little extra info for you:)

Ok, ok I dont have a clue what the logo of this party looks like. The party is called "Democratic Renaissance (I kid you not, LOL) of Citizens". Since its leader is "almost" a dwarf height wise, I chose a killer dwarf as its logo (I am sure it looks way cooler than whatever pesky logo they are using, LOL)

You know, maybe I should give a shot at getting elected. Maybe I should create my own political party named "Insanity Infused Salvation". Then maybe not... the nation is not ready for me just yet, poor suckers they can't handle me( I am so full of BS, it is unbelievable,lol).So I would like to grasp this opportunity to quit from my political career. Oh, yeah, now I remember, I never had one, bummer:)

And then there could have been....

The "Insanity Infused Salvation" party created by Deadpoolite. Heads off... ahem... I meant heads up my wannabe voters, our time will come eventually one wacky joke at a time:) Patience...

P.S. I had tremendous fun writing this post and I hope you enjoyed it as well:)

Take care!


itelli said...

It's true this is the most politicised nation in Europe. Maybe one day we will get to copy the Western nations' habit of 30% electoral participation (UK in the last national elections). I hope not, but from the moment u start hoping, it means u don't believe in something.

As for the political front, I came back for a few weeks to see family and attend a friend's wedding. I flew easyjet, which meant having to spent the night in Deutschland, and I am sick and tired of everyone asking me which party paid for my tickets... Not only that, but they all look at u like u r an idiot when u tell them, "I paid for the tickets myself thank you very much".

I've been here for a day and a half, and my nerves can't stand it any more. I 've heard many idiots voicing their "concerns" about anything. I've been complaining about the idiocy of the Brits, but today I realised that, in the UK, 30 out of 100 are eejits. Over here though, that goes to about 98 people.

I have a friend who, for the last 2 years, has been living and working in Athens, after living and studying in Stockholm for equally as many years. Now, he's one of the most political minds u will encounter. Not partisan, but political. For the last few months he's been repeating the "i don't give a shit about this "farm" or the animals that live in it". Today, after a day and a half back home, I can understand him more than ever. I wanna run AWAY!!!!!!

Paper Fan Club said...

I think it's a great idea to differentiate all the parties by colour. In North America, it is getting far too difficult to tell them apart. Black and white is now blended to a dull grey in many cases.

Muse said...

was that pic of an actual greek girl voting? If so it was an obvious tactic to get young men to line up at the

Deadpoolite said...


You know friend, sometimes in our country words fail me, honestly...

"We are the country that idolizes common sense". I think that explains a lot about the state of things...

@paper fan club

Well it was more a distinction on my behalf but come to think of it , I am sure there is some heavy marketing involved in there


Sometimes a "too obvious" tactic is all the tactic you need:)

At the end of the day it is as good an incentive as any to go and vote :)

Calista said...

You kid me not??!!

But where are then joined forces of 2 parties; "Free of Turkish" & "Turkey Will Never Be Part of EU while We are There"??!!

Also, you don't say a word about

"Live Your Myth in Macedonia" party!!
I'm sure, that one would win hearts of many...

DP, u must obtain followers before u turn thirty, otherwise, u r toasted!


joen05 said...

Elections are coming up in the US as well, are there parties out there that dominate as much as the two major ones in the US do? I do like that a lot of people vote, it makes it seem like votes matter a lot more than they do in my state. My state will always vote the same way (majority anyway), so my vote, while important, is inconsequential. :-\

-=StreetJesus=- said...

You are right. It's creepy the way 2 parties always seem to monopolize politics. Here in the US people are exhausted from the constant dribble the 2 dominant parties. Kinda makes ya not even want to vote. LOL.

Zhu said...

OKay, first of all let me apologize for not coming earlier. I did read your two posts on my feed but I was busy baking in the kitchen.

Unfortunately, I burn the last 28 batch of cookies so I'm afraid you'll starve. Sorry.

On the bright side, vote for me and you'll get cookies everyday !

Okay, stop joking. NOW. Must be the café.

relections sounds like a lot of fun ! I love the red party logo - so communist China like ! Actually, any logo in Greek looks cool to me. Greek rules !

European always have fun with their elections. It's so boring here in North America... oh yeah, in Canada we have a pot party. That's about the only fun thing.

I have to admit the main reason I was away for was I was building my blog on a new domain.

You can (you should, you MUST !) check it out :

Correr Es Mi Destino

I'm sure there're a few bugs left but I'm working on them...;)

I'll be back, I think the cookies are burning again !

Shan said...


Mate, your writing style seems to have changed with this post have you noticed that?

It's damned hilarious!

I love that last party's what was it, the viking logo?


Yeah, I had much fun reading your detailed analysis of Greek election process and it's parties, your twist of humour made it just that haha

Deadpoolite said...


Contrary to what the rest of the balkans think, we dont operate like that for the past, 2 decades or so:)

They are the ones that need to catch up:)Greece is the most important financial pole in the area so give us some credit ,ok? LOL

Besides, we get enough grief from the EU now and then to notice anything else around us, LOL!

When my brainwashing machine will be ready, you'll see who is going to rule the world... till then let the leaders of the world play with their toys, LOL. Now where is my screwdriver...:)


I know it is annoying, Personally, I am disappointed at the voting criteria of a great portion of my compatriots but I'll always support and participate in the voting process. Without it, democracy would be an empty word...

Yeah, I went all "Yoda" wise on your a... , LOL


I second what you said wholeheartidly:) Welcome to my blog by the way !
(check that your sanity insurance hasnt expired before you read any more posts of mine, LOL)


Elections are not what they used to be fun wise anymore. Ideologies are dead so the passion about them has gone missing with them:)

Zhu, even if you wrote your blog entries on toilet paper rolls I would still read them and enjoy them (hopefully I wouldnt need the toilet soon after since they would serve another purpose as well,eeewwww).

I like you THAT much you see, I cant help it!

Take care and my links have been updated with your new Wordpress blog corner:) Cookies or no cookies there is no escape from me girl, LOL!

Take care!


I have a writing style? Wow, hold it right there, you cant just march into my blog and insult me like that. I am the wacky one in here dammit!

The style is the same more or less. Sometimes I am funny, sometimes I am "serious"(it takes a lot of willpower and self control I assure you, LOL).

It really comes down to what I fancy writing about each time, if anyone enjoys the ride, it is always a plus.

Take care all and thanks for input!

whatagem said...

Politics simply confuse my feeble mind--much less foreign politics. I stick to my old stand-by:

Vote for the lesser evil.

Really doesn't get any simpler than that!

Jay Cam said...

shes not THAT hot...
and if thats you then scratch that!
now if the elections were like mardi gras..wooo! i would be voting all day!

vote for pedro!