Wednesday, 19 September 2007

When Deadpoolite started kicking his LINKS butt...

Ok guys, I have to be honest with you I've been seriously multi-tasking these past couple of weeks so I cant really write or visit blogs as often as I would like. Plus there is always the greek blog I maintain which has become a "monstrosity" of sorts lately, LOL. Still, I am having too much fun here at Deadpool's Laughing Den so regardless of frequence of blog entries, I am always around the corner (creepy.... hahahaha).

Regardless, this entry is not about what is and what will come in the future, but more about DP kicking butt and you, as my 'known blogging accomplices' (links), being at the receiving end of it. Something has being troubling me about my links. The thing is, most people just put them there and forget about them and they become a part of blogging past consensus that noone really cares about. Still, to me my links are important. I want to have links of people's blogs that make me feel, laugh, think, wet my appetite to crack a joke or be the receiver of one. I want links that make me
REACT to them and dont make me browse them in apathy. Most people would be, "Why so much fuss?" "Why dont you let all of them be?" " Why do you care?"...

I like the interaction with my readers/links, some heated arguments, some fun jokes, some chunks of blogging heaven, never a dull moment!

I like the sense of community that blogging creates. I dont fancy having gazillion links that I dont give a toss about just so that the other person links me as well at their site. Personally, I think it is pointless...although there was a time when I started up this blog that having a lot of links did cross my mind but it is not who I am. I like human relations even if it is in the form of blogging contacts not to be mechanical and typical but have that extra little human touch that makes them worthwhile.

So, yeah, I have deleted some of my links not because of bitterness or indifference but because I want to maintain this sort of an interacting community that I am maintaining over here at Deadpool's Laughing Den with a human heart at its core. Maybe I am a hopeless romantic (apart from totally wacky and borderline psychotic of course, LOL) but what can you do:)

People that I regularly visit their blogs should not "worry", they've gained their place in this Merc's little blogging corner by being their formidable and unique selves.

I thank you for being YOU!

The erased links' owners were furiously retalliating to my decision, but I was ready for them :)

For the owners of the erased blogs I only have to say that my decision is not based on whether their blogs are fancy looking or interesting. It is based on pure human emotional growth and that is something worth savouring. Feel free to delete my link from your blogs and glad to have made your acquaintance, albeit shortly.

Yep, a weird decision(nothing new there) this may be but an essential one if I want to get mass enjoyment out of the blogging universe experience.Sometimes you got to go with your gut feeling with decision making and screw the politically correct option:). I hope this doesnt alienate some people but bottom line is, you cant please them all...

Later folks.


Wayne Liew said...

I am so proud to be in the list! Muackss! Lolz...

Anyway, it's not good to have a huge list in terms of search engine friendliness.

How will you retaliate with those coming against you? Please don't kill them... lol.

Calista*Was*Here said...

I always wonder how come that u are so inspirational 4me, and at the same time, I'm out of your interest, totally?! :)))

joen05 said...

I'm glad I'm still on the list! It's tough trying to keep up with everyone, I know, and even tougher when there is no try on their side to visit yours. You just gotta keep on trucking though!

whatagem said...

I was laughing out loud at the comment you left me. Thanks, I needed that today! When I saw your screen name or whatever, I thought, "AH HA! A fellow comic book nerd!!!" Unfortunately, mortgage comes first for me these days, though I still like to live in the past when I spent my lunch money on comics.

I too am bound to too much work and not enough time in the day--least till husband gets better. Miss my blog friends; miss reading their neat stories....

When I get more time, I would love to check out more of your blog and add it too my own link list.


whatagem said...

PS--Thanks for putting me on your link list. Usually, I'm on *another type* of list HA HA!

Calista*Was*Here said...

I'm in a process of doing exactly the same thing (deleting some links)!
I evolve as a blogger and change perspective.
When involved in swapping links, I expect that person CARES and communicate with me!

That doesn't go for u because we didn't swap links. I "granted" u special place in my blog because u (un)intentionally did something great 4me.
So, I'll be here, care u or not:)
But u do, right?! You cannot fool me, u just play cold:))))

Zhu said...

I understand totally ! Besides, I'm on the list (soon to be deleted if I don't deliver the "gâteaux", or cookies as you call them but hey, anyway :D ).

It's not about "your blog sucks and you don't deserve to be here", as you say blogging is being part of a community. I hate people who manage to put their link everywhere and don't give a damn about the owner's blog.

I deleted a few people myself who turned their blog into empty money-making machines. I'm not gonna read a thousand PPP, period.

What's the link of your Greek blog ? I'm gonna have a look as soon as I get a Greek on wheel, sorry, I mean a translator over there :D

Shan said...

Indeed. That's one of the reasons I havn't been increasing my blogroll.

I don't wanna read a whole bunch of blogs that doesn't have that ounce of human interaction.

It's more fun to read personal blogs that you can see and hear the human side of it :)

Keep up the hard work!!

Oh yeah, I met a girl from Greek at training this week. She showed me the pics and guess what? Her house was right next to the ocean and I mean right next to it as in on the beach.

I was like, is that stable? She's like, yeah!

I gotta visit Greek sometimes...

nick said...

I totally agree with what you are doing. I used to have about 25 links now I narrowed it down to 10. I read a lot of blogs but I only have the ones that I communicate with on a regular basis up.

Getty72 said...

I'm overcome with emotion.... perhaps it was my high heeled shoes, fishnet stockings and pink bikini that made you decide to keep me on your list.... anywayz, I feel honoured :)

Oh and thanks for recommending Angelocastro to me.... we laughed all the way there as we made our way around the stunning footpaths (oops, I mean roads - crikey, they were a bit tight in places)... and even though the BLOODY place was CLOSED (just like you said it might be), we climbed the steps to see the wonderful views, then had a break at the restaraunt at the food of the castle.... which has to be one of the most amazingly situated refreshment places in the world. Thanks mate.... I owe you a big one for that recommendation!!!!

Getty72 said...

ps. make sure you save me a slice of Zhu's "gateaux"!!!!

MandyPoo said...

Wow - you are my hero! I never can figure out how to politely clean out my links list...the only solution I came up with was to have two sections: 1-My Daily Reads and 2-Other Links of Interest. The 2nd is a drop down menu so it doesn't take much room.

But I'm glad to see that I am (so far) still on your!

Deadpoolite said...

Oh such a heartwarming reception and and such minimal verbal abuse. If I wasnt nuts I would actually be moved by this excess display of unity displayed by my readers.

Such good people my readers, their taste in blogging sites is highly debatable (after all they do read this blog,lol) but good people nonetheless.

Off to visit your blogs now it has been way too long for my insanely frequent blogging standards:)

Later people, busy, busy, busy... spreading the word of the wacky lord(that would be me then, lol) to the masses:)

Calista*Was*Here said...

Oh my DP, my sweet CyberHero!
Since I ditched my blog that doesn't mean I wouldn't be HERE! Maybe I'll reduce my visits...Let's say, 46 a day instead of 98, is that ok?! :)))

Muse said...

>>>It is based on pure human emotional growth and that is something worth savouring<<<

LOL - the only growth going on at xanadu might be another mole....

And, we are a tad too busy to tend to our blog now are we? tsk tsk

i'd love to visit your greek blog but given i don't speak's all greek to me ;-)

someGirl said...

You love me, you REALLY LOVE ME!! Seriously, I cannot believe I made your list, considering I'm relatively new to your world...I'm flattered. I am. I want to say thanks for sticking around my little blog during my's been a little hectic lately and it means a lot that you checked in :)

Calista*Was*Here said...

BACK OFF, girls!!!
Unless you want some mud wrestling…

I'm sure DP would enjoy it :))))

Deadpoolite said...


Since the greek blog is all about my sexual perversions it is ok that you cant read it,LOL!

Yeah, I am kidding but for a moment there I got you thinking there didnt I? LOL

So predictable... but nonetheless so cute as well:)


I think it is rare for a blog to have so much of someone's heart in it like it happens with your blog. Yep, I really like you, you seem such a wonderful person there wasnt a chance in hell to off your link.

Hope it is gradually all working out for you, I really do! Dont go all puppy eyed and melt on me now ok? heh

Take care.


You have by far the best idea in here! 'The Girls Mud Wrestling DP tournament'... hmmm... doesnt sound half bad actually, LOL! That would be quite a competition I am sure (hey a guy can dream right? LOL)

Take care and start prepping the mud pits:)

someGirl said...

How you flatter me so *stirring mud pit*

Jay Cam said...

your blog has a human heart at its core?! mine is powered by the internet....

linked u back btw