Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Keeping the eye on the long term goal...

Did you ever have a long term goal? An idea of where you want to be in 5-8 years time with your career and life? For me it has been anything but a smooth ride so far. I made decisions sometimes with the wrong criteria which felt right at the time... Sometimes, logic did not prevail or circumstance forced me to take a detour. I doubted about my commitment to the long term goal, several times... I doubted I am willing of reaching it anymore (because I know I am capable to do so, it is a matter of persistence and exploiting existing skills to the fullest).These past few days the time finally came to make an important decision about my life. Am I still rooting for the long term goal or I will be satisfied with "the next best thing"?

The weight of expectation and occassional self doubt can get unbearable sometimes, even for good old DP:)

This decision really has torn me apart I have to say. You see there is something I have to do here in Greece that is not dictated by need or desire but it is a necessity enforced by stupid legislation. It is going to slow me down but I need to get it off my back(more on that in a future post). I tried to fool myself that the long term goal was not important anymore that I could go around things, so that things would get better before they get worse. But then I realised that I don't HAVE a long term goal... I AM the long term goal! I just won't be able to face myself in the mirror if I dont give it my best shot, even if that means that 2008 will be pretty much a "dead year" for me. What scared me even more is that, eventually, if I don't pursue the long term goal with all my strength then there will come a time where any unfortunate soulmate by my side will face the repercussions of my decision. Transferring the blame to someone else is always the easy way out but I am not that kind of man and I dont want to ever be that kind of man! Thus, I am relieved by one thing and one thing only: I am still hungry to reach the longterm goal and still crave to do so with all my power. I had second thoughts about it in recent years and certain unexpected adversities made me lose sight of it for a while. But now I realise it has always been at the back of my mind. Finally, I can look myself in the mirror again and KNOW that I made my decision with the right criteria. For an intelligent fellow, like I consider myself to be, it took me too long to realise. You see, my decisions in the recent couple of years were clouded by sentiment a lot of the time which is not a realistic take on life. A noble more intimate approach maybe but not a realistic one...

I know I am not being specific about this but I will probably be, if I wish to do so at all , in future posts. Just wanted to share this with you and get it off my chest.

Thanks for reading friends!

P.S. : Man, I can be so deep sometimes I scare myself LOL!

Yep, a smile of content just lit my face:).
It has been a while since I had one of those...


Calista said...

Whatever your long term goal is, always ask God for guidance. Tonight is special night.
It could be significant for you, too.
It involves God, but it's beyond religion, okay?

Rosh HaShana, "The New Year" in Hebrew, is a deeply spiritual holiday. The New Year commemorates the creation of the world (Adam and Eve were created on Rosh HaShana) and each year the world's existence is extended for another year, created anew, as it were. Mankind is also included in this new creation every year.

So, what can you do?
To mark new cycle of life, clear your mind and write on the paper what you want for yourself.
Say a prayer.
Then, dip slice of apple into honey, to make "New Year" good and sweet!
God bless!

Deadpool said...


Calista said...

All my effort...:)

Wayne Liew said...

After I have my goal, I will try to apply the Law Of Attraction. This helps me in two ways.

One, I will not get myself off-course to get what I want.

Secondly, I can visualise them every moment in my life so that they come to me! Yippee!

Writing down your goals and make a review of all the goals inside once every month works for me.

Deadpoolite said...


In Greece we have a saying :

"Except from the help of Athena(the godess of wisdom) move your own hands to make something happen"

This a rough translation of course and essentially means "get your lazy ass up and start creating/working.Divine intervention will only get you this far".
I think I am out of "divine intervention" favours, I just want to be healthy and the rest is up to me.

Happy New Year (in Hebrew) to you Calista



Amazing!We must be separated at birth or something:)



I hear ya girl:)

@Wayne Liew

The life of a guy nearing 30 is much more complicated than the life of a guy nearing 20, trust me on this.
Still you got a great strategy going on, so I sincerely hope you keep it up and evolve it to make it work even better for you in the future. Oh I am such an insanely fatherly figure today:)

Adios for now people!

Calista said...
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Calista said...

I thought that "deadpool" was you, DP! (LoL)

Deadpool Four Dots is another blogger, I can see that now.

So, I'm talking to u, ruler of Laughing Den aka CyberHero;
u r NOT out of "divine intervention", nobody is.
I can only understand that u don't need my help.

To Deadpool Four Dots, sorry pal!
I was misled.

itelli said...

Holy Jeebus and the Virgin Matthew!!! How many of u r there????

Ok, here's my (tired but still somewhat valid) thought - in order of preference:

Go. It's something u will have to go through anyhow. And knowing u (hmm.. yeah, ok, that'll do) I know u will be able to see the "fun" side of the whole thingy.

On the other hand, look after urself. U still have a few years (if I'm right) until u're 35, go for a month, and then pay ur way out. Not my cup of tea, primarily because I know I won't be loaded by then. I too have a few years till then.

Finally, I don't know much about ur academic life, but u can always try to become a distinguished academic, and skip it gracefully and faultlessly.

Sorry if this didn't help much...

Deadpoolite said...


For the first and last time I am going to write something in Greek in this blog:

Κάποια στιγμή να είμαστε καλά ελπίζω να τα πούμε από κοντά. Νομίζω 'καταλαβαινόμαστε' σε πολλά κι ας μην έχουμε συναντηθεί ποτέ από κοντά.

Όσο για αυτά που λες, πιθανώς κάποια μέρα να σου πω λεπτομέρειες, πιθανώς όχι. Το μόνο σίγουρο είναι ότι η ζωή μου έκανε ένα κύκλο αυτά τα 2-3 τελευταία χρόνια μέσα στον οποίο αμφισβήτησα πράγματα τα οποία είχα ως τότε δεδομένα , συμπεριλαμβανομένης και της καριέρας μου. Έτσι τα φερε ο διάολος, οι συνθήκες και το κούφιο μου το κεφάλι:)

To φανταρικό δεν είναι τίποτα, απλά με καθυστερεί... Δε βαριέσαι:)

Να σαι καλά φίλε και να μαστε καλά να τα λέμε!

Calista said...

Bad chest hair day, huh?

Shan said...

Of course, my long term goal is to have my own business that I enjoy and which I can earn money from...

But compared to your current thoughts, it's nowhere advanced and complex, mine's just a dream for now.

I need money and contacts before things like that can happen.

I don't try too hard though, I just enjoy life now because one day, I will have to work harder. Then again, it's just me, I am only 19, I have time...

However, reality is important, perhaps the important thing in many situations.

A friend once said that ordinary man follow history while extraordinary man change history.

Perhaps that's true to an extent but sometimes, you can't unless you are there at the right time with the right tools...

Do what you feel is right and do it well for you will have no regrets.