Thursday, 6 September 2007

Not a bad idea, not a bad idea at all...

I am going to share something with you. A secret of sorts... This wasn't really something I came up with but an idea that my mother had. For some uncanny reason she finds this blogging adventure I have embarked in during these past few months quite exciting. She reads some texts in the greek blog and she finds particularly intriguing that her son communicates with people from all around the world while his writing has some luring effect to people from various ethnic backgrounds. Personally, it feels quite natural to have this sort of "interacial neighbourhood" to interact with day in day out because I lived in London for 5 years or so, thus I am used to such a diversity of communication. Still, blogging has made the experience more creative and interesting, plus it seems that most people are more easily "themselves" while blogging, without the hypocrisies and conventional behaviours they employ in their every day lives.Anyway I am getting slightly off-topic now so let me restart...

How can you NOT love this woman! LOL. Helena Paparizou, first place, Eurovision song contest 2005. Just a "greek appetizer" to begin with :) Enjoy!

I noticed that the post about Greece had some really great reception by the readers of this blog. Maybe not in the number of comments it gathered but in the enthusiastic reception of sorts it had. It is a little known fact that in the worldwide scale modern Greece is a bit of an unknown quantity to be honest. Some people don't even know where it is I am sure. From your comments, I realised that what may seem ordinary to me because it is my life and part of my upbringing may seem interesting to other people since it brings them in contact with a culture and mentality they are not well aware of, if at all. Thus, I kinda of thought that now and then I could infuse this blog with a bit more of greek related things in the sense that it will give you a "window" into the psyche of the nation plus it can be "an informative jolt of all things greek" for anyone that is curious to know more. I won't be writing such posts on regular basis just now and then, but they will provide a good insight on how Greeks perceive the world around them, some greek every day habits and favourite past times, some cool places for one to visit etc. Anything greek related goes really :). I have to warn you that I dont consider myself to be 'an average greek person' in the sense that I have lived outside the borders of my country and have broadened my horizons as many other of my compatriots (e.g. for example my friend itelli) have as well. Thus, I may appear to be a bit too forward and kinda of harsh sometimes with my viewpoints. Still, if I wasn't, I wouldt be Deadpoolite but any random Greek "malakas" so to speak, LOL!

In that respect, my mom had a great idea, I think, about a first handful of posts in this topic area. She told me : "Dont you think that it would be interesting to showcase to your readers what Greeks think of the treatment of some of the most priced pieces of their ancient heritage mythology and history by pop culture?". Essentially, this means that I am going to provide some insight on how we perceive this transition of our ancestors creations and achievements or even modern greek life, onto popular media like the silver screen or TV and how "loyal" those transitions are to the original material they derived from. I won't bore you with many meaningless details, besides I don't know all about the origins of all greek myths and historical facts but I am going to give it a shot.

For that purpose I am going to create a new topic area/label under the name of "It's all Greek to me...". Essentially this is going to be more of an informative humour infused topic area about the country compared to the already existing label "Dissecting modern Greece pass me my scalpel please" which is more of a case of "DP taking the piss at his daily life within the madness of modern greek society, pulling no punches in the process, LOL".

Let's slice those misconceptions about Greece in half... Off with the heads of the interlopers and the sycophants I say!!! LOL

Anyway I hope I find the time to do this idea justice sooner rather than later because I realise that for you this concept forms a bit of an uncharted terrirory and that is always exciting. So, then, big hug to my mom for such an original idea (after all she gave birth to me she can't be all that bad and unoriginal right? LOL) and on with the festivities in this blog:)

When you think that Helena Paparizou can't possibly get any hotter... She goes to the 2006 Eurovision song contest to sing during the voting, as the winner of the previous year's contest... By default, all hell breaks loose:)

Take care and talk to ya soon!


Paper Fan Club said...

I LOVE this idea and love the name too... can't wait to read your posts. It should definitely be enlightening to those of us who have been no closer to your culture than eating a Greek salad.

Calista said...

Attempt #1 :)

This idea seems motivating 4u, go ahead, write some more, I'm here to read it!

I like that u like your Greece.

Maybe that sounds strange, I'll explain it.
Since we share our peninsula, I'm sure that u know many things about my (former&torn) country.
Today, I cannot identify myself with my country. Its citizens act like they don't have past, culture, knowledge and common sense.
I live in a dirty and corrupted society ruled by dark ages invention - inquisition (yeah, catholic church).
Additionally, there is so much hate. (This is unbearable!)

I hope u understand my point; u love your Greece and u have many reasons for that, at the same time, I have many reasons to do the opposite considering my country.

Blogosphere is a wonderful place and being among the nations is really great thing 4me.
Many friendly and open minded people are there.

Say "Hello & ThankU" to your mother (and father, OF COURSE!).

And yes, you modern Greeks don't have anything with culture, history, myths...of ancient Greeks.
You just ravage around:)

Oh, don't mind me. I actually like Greece and Greeks and I hope, one day, I'll see my cyber hero in his natural habitat.

Till I finished writing, my attempt became #2 :)

Outwitting DP? Impossible!

itelli said...

There's no way u are not Greek: considering how a few posts ago u were justifying the existence of two different blogs for different purposes, it is with awe (but no shock) that I see u trying to infuse one with the attributes of the other :)

Zhu said...

I hope you thank you mum for the idea, young man !

Funny eh, my mum has the same kind of fascination with my blog : "oh, people read", "oh people reply" - even though she doesn't really understand what I write in English.

Always listen to mothers...

Back in the kitchen I go ! :$

Deadpoolite said...

@paper fan club

I am full of ideas and zero stamina to make them reality ha,ha,ha,ha.

Yep, I am an energetic guy like that full of life :)

Seriously though, I think it is an interesting concept so I'll play around with it from time to time:)

Hopefully, there will still be some greek tourism left when I am done with it ha,ha,ha,ha:)

Glad you like the idea.


Well I love Greece but I dont like the mentality of a lot of Greeks. Still, there is no doubt this is a cool and beautiful country I come from and blogging about several aspects of it is an exciting prospect indeed.

Hey, at least I am honest and dont use tacky motos like "Live your myth in Greece..." LOL

You cannot outwit me? Says who? I think I am ideal for some outwitting target practise if you get to know me LOL (oh my self sarcasm knows no boundaries ha,ha,ha).

I have to be I am intrigued by what you said about your country. I think it would be cool to write a post about it in more detail over at your blogspace. I know I would read it with great interest myself.

Bye for now.


It takes one to know one if you catch my drift:)

At the end of the day I am just having fun heh.

As for the similarities you talked about, both blogs are written by the same guy which granted is a bit of a split personality wannabe but not that far gone just yet:)

Later friend.Hope the house hunt is going OK.


I am sculpturing a statue depicting her awesomeness as we speak ha,ha,ha,ha. Is that good enough:)

I think both of our moms did good work on us when they had to. Regardless of ethnic background and other differences in our upbringing I can see some similarities on some basic principles. Come to think of it , it could partially explain why I 'clicked' with you as a friend:)

So, yeah, moms rule it is a little fact of life!

Back to the kitchen now Zhu, let's not forget what is a prioriry here. Cookies:)

DP out!

Calista said...

DP, your suggestion is great but, no way!
I try to escape of domestic politics, limitations and primitive nationalism. No one is happy here.
I have suffered much.
So, I exercise my own advices; changing attitude and maintaining healthy life.
And I really, REALLY hope,
I'll find way out.

MandyPoo said...

This sounds like a great idea! If I were to try to explain Americans or American could get messy. I think I'll stay away from that. :o)

joen05 said...

I agree with everyone else, this sounds like a great idea. It may also help me to better understand my sister's greek boyfriend. Sometimes when she reminds me of that I think of your blog. lol

Shan said...

You know, I'd really want to get to know you a bit better! Greece is good but who is this person writing so much about Greece?

Let us know more about you!!

Besides, we all know what what Greece stands for from the movie 300 right? hahaha!

Deadpoolite said...


Ok , you know better.


Welcome to the site! You are now an official member of the Known Blogging Accomplices so there is no turning back for you I am afraid:) These are my links by the way, LOL.

Let's see what I can cook up about those pesky Greeks, LOL!


I guess you ruled out the autopsy option then? Yeah, you are right.. too messy:)

Stick with my blog, maybe it will give you some useful insight on greek mentality(one can only hope, LOL)


I'll tell you all about him when I see him next time:)

All in good time friend!