Tuesday, 16 October 2007

DP's Laughing Den is officially a dangerously wacky place to hang out at...


I did not intend to write anything this week since I am busy in Athens and I need some time off blogging anyway. Still, there is no escape from the monster that is 'commenting' on affiliated blogs. In that vein, I visited the blogging uber awesomeness that is Mrs Mandypoo's blog and I saw this link that provides supposed blog ratings based on 'appropriate' or 'inappropriate' key words scattered inside someone's blog entries (how exciting... yawn...lol). If memory serves I had used something similar before several months ago and I was deemed to be a mere NC-17 blog whatever the f...k that means:) Still, I gave it another go and I got the crown jewel of all ratings the R-rating. When I saw the rating verdict flash on my PC screen (actually my cousins' PC screen but who cares...) I laughed like a madman on crack I have to say. I mean ok this blog oozes from a wacky sense of humour but "Come on... an R-rating" , I am not molesting anything I am not supposed to here in this blog corner, at least I am only doing it verbally unlike some other people, LOL.

So then I had a good look at the layout and overall appearence of the blog to see if it gives away the 'wrong' message so to speak. Actually I didn't because severe constipation kinda of blurred my vision but the intention was there, LOL. So let's kickoff this pointless post of shameless blog promotion on the right foot and have a look at my header.

Ah the glorious Deadpoolite inspired and TCRA designed and refined header. What is not to like in this politically incorrect and provoking artistic masterpiece(I am so full of it...lol). The little DP cheekily peeking behind the folding header, the dynamite ready to explode, the little welcoming poem underneath or the killer moto next to the dynamite. And don't get me started on "the Merc with a mouth!" (also known as "if I ever read an R-rated phrase in my life this is it" type of header title, LOL) madness... I mean this header is so provocative on so many levels I can't believe they haven't re-written the blog rating scales just because of it (ok, I am genuinely laughing now ladies and gentlement, ah, the absurdity of it all, the madness, sweet madness, hmmm... a tad sour at the very end... but genuinely sweet nonetheless, lol).

"Does my butt look fat in this?"... Dammit... that was another improper remark on my behalf... This remark was so "R-rated" that it makes my previous "R-rated" comments blush, ha,ha,ha,ha,ha!!!

Then we move on lower ( no this isnt a description of a porn vid, this is essentially some intentional blog stripping...) ... My eyes fall on the sidebar... it is so "R-rated" it defies belief... I mean "oh my gosh!" what do we have here in random order of no consequence whatsoever:

1) a profile with a cheeky intro text and a butchering avatar,
2) a set of archives that have the same effect on people like the VHS tapes on "The Ring" movies,
3)a pointless picture of a trenchcoat wearing DP just blogging through,
4)a known blogging accomplices list as dangerous(not to mention booby trapped) as the man himself,
5)an aquatic blue chatbox with subliminal messages like "eat M and M's till you burst" hiding behind the seemingly innocuous exterior design
6)a counter of reading souls that have been forever trapped in this neverending loop of blogging madness that is "Deadpool's Laughing Den",
7)a list of blog entries labels with names so insane... only an "R-rated" wacky fool like DP could have ever come up with

Dammit, this place is truely evil! I have to split, I have to make a run for it, I have to survive... from laughter... till the next blog entry, LOL!

Essentially, I made this post because it seems ridiculous that a blog like mine that has most curse words mostly implied and cut (simply because I don't want them to be the main source of humour in this blog and not because I have some mislead false sense of political and verbal correctness, lol) is R-rated. Unless "R" stands for "Rioting humouristic lunatic on premises" in which case I am more than happy to oblige. Yep, I am R-rated to the bone ladies and gentlemen, so I expect you to be reading this blog in the presence of your parents or by e-mailing me some sort of note from your legal guardians saying that you are allowed to read even if it means that your mental health as you know it is over, LOL!

Take care and come next weekend I will be finishing "the escalator thing".

Till next time then...


Calista*Was*Here said...

I'm surprised!

Your avatar is actually cute.
At first I thought there was a banner not a butcher's tool, LoL!

R-rated?! I don't know is that a joke, but I'm kinda sorry.

Zhu said...

FUCK !!! (what ? I mean, you're almost X-rated anyway !)

I'm... I'm...

I'm a bloody PG !

All these effort to be witty, controversial and sexy don't pay off. I shall resign, shame-faced.

Fuck again !

MandyPoo said...

lol - well, at least you aren't NC-17 anymore...? But seriously, your blog is just so dirty. I'm not sure if I'll be able to return...

Well, maybe I can. ;o)

Professor Xavier said...

Deadpool is as Deadpool does.

itelli said...

How does "a madman on crack" laugh, exactly?? No, really....

Btw, I'm PG... Can u believe?? PG!! ME!!!


moooooog35 said...

I envy you.

My site comes up in the top ranks for the following searches:

1) Cameltoe Fawcett
2) Apocalypse Poo
3) Shaved pubes

I have no idea what it could possibly be rated...other than the fact that my Adsense is continually populated with PSA's.

Those cameltoe, pooing, shaved pube'd fuckers.


I'm siccing Farrah Fawcett on their ass.

Jay Cam said...

haha lol urs is rated r!!

i guess im just a poser because mine is rated "pg"...


its because i said
pain (2x) dead (1x)

whatagem said...

I haven't been reading long here, but I certainly wouldn't have expected an R rating!

Deadpoolite said...

Instead of answering to each one of you separately I will cite the words of a great poet of blogging:

"I am not as nuts as I may sound just a little bit more. After all, what is a little insanity among friends..." - DP

Yep, I am sooooo "R- rated" if I was any more "R-rated" an imminent and irreversible apocalypse of sorts would have been upon us:)Consider yourselves lucky then to have survived my R-rateness for so long...LOL!

Take care all!

Shan said...

Lol, you must feel special huh :P

Well, you should, I mean you're a R and my blog has no swear words in it at all.

It's like a Minus G... :D

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