Sunday, 13 May 2007

A small test for Deadpoolite, a big yawn for humanity...

I hate those damn self awareness quizzes with a passion. You know some philosopher, writer, whatever, had a major hangover and became too philosophical all of a sudden spouting nonsense questions around him. Then, years later "experts" make gravely serious statements like "The man had a point back then" , "Oh the wisdom, what insight, he was ahead of his time" "The people of his era could not comprehend him". Geez, I am sure every major pioneer in life was acknowledged properly after he died. Regardless, being the big softie that I am (with a twist of insanity to spice things up...) I am answering the questions to this godawful list of existential questions (truth be told I am too lazy to think of an original topic at the moment so I might as well go mainstream for one post,lol). I have to thank fellow blogger Itelli for teasing me to answer this "test" (I am a sucker for challenges regardless of how trivial they may be) .

Ok, then drums rolling.....steady now...aim !

1) What would be the absolute happiness for u?
I dont care about absolute happiness. I mean what is the point if you are happy all the time it kinda of loses its value as a concept. I prefer short bursts of happiness to keep me going and a bit of adversity to fuel my creativity (I didnt really answer the question but I never said I would so no worries,lol)

2) What makes u get up in the morning?
The sun and that godawful alarm clock...

3) Last time u broke out in laughter was...:
My timer was off so I wouldnt know. Stil,l I laugh all the time usually at myself and how brilliant I am (thinking that I am brilliant is pretty hilarious as well!)

4) Your principal characteristic is:
I am ridiculously patient and persistent when it matters. I am also a bit stubborn but it adds to my charm I am sure of it,lol.

5) Your main defect:
Not being insane enough to fit in this uber insane world. Working at it though...

6) Any mistakes u'd be lenient with?
There is no self improvement without making mistakes. Plenty of mistakes but they were all my choices made with the best of intentions and affected only me without ruining other people's lives.

7) Any characters in history with whom u identify?
The biggest comedy writer of them all, Aristophanes of ancient Greece. He swore, he wrote timeless comedy and his satyric insticts were always vivid and to the point. So, I wouldnt say identify rather than inspired by. Truth be told, all the people that stood for their values and saw the bigger picture regardless of their usually tragic ends are people worth identifying with.

8) Your heroes?
A bunch of them actually.
Odysseus (aka Ulysses) is my absolute hero always heading for Ithaka towards his family despite all the adversity and impossible situations.In the words of K. Kavafis -great greek poet-"it is not the destination that counts but the trip you took to reach it", I do love that concept.
Deadpool, for all the wrong reasons I assure you,lol.
All the underdogs in comics with a special soft spot for Spiderman, Donald Duck and Daffy Duck

9) Your favourite trip?
I ' ve made a bunch of enjoyable trips but the best is yet to come I am sure.

10) Your favourite writer?
Arthur Conan Doyle( I love the deductive mind of Sherlock Holmes), Jewles Verne( he "pictured" my dreams as a kid) and myself once I get of my ass and start writing my ever postponed fictional story.

11) The quality you most admire in a man?
Since I am not gay it wouldnt be his ass, so it would have to be trustworthiness and a sense of humility (I hate cocky bastards with a passion!)

12) The quality you most admire in a woman?
Having the insight to give space to a man without the need to be told to do so and the braveness to stand her ground in a conversation without the need to revert to sexistic tactics. Still, if I have to say one thing only it would be this. I like the clearness in a woman's eyes, when those eyes mirror herself and her convictions and dont have "bitch" and fake bravado written all over them (I think I 've just out-prousted , Proust,lol)

13) Your favourite musician/composer?
U2, as a band. Bono's lyrics/voice speak to my heart and Edge's guitar is the soundtrack of my life with the ambience of the two other members making the acoustic experience complete.

14) Your favourite tune while in the shower?
I kinda of mumble incoherent lyrics and tunes of my own creation as they come to mind. They usually make up a pretty cool theme song of total madness that is lost in "unwritten music" oblivion as soon as I am out of the shower.

15) Title of the book that most affected u?
"Don Quixote de la Mancha" BY Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra>

I think the character of Don Quixote saw the world for what it really was (just have a look around you,lol)

16) Title of the movie that most affected u?
Well I have to be honest. Although not the best movie ever (not even close,lol), the first "Spiderman" movie has affected me more that any other movie I 've watched. The reason? I have been reading the Spiderman comic books since I was 6 years old and I always dreamed of a Peter Parker/ Spiderman movie and the way that he would swing with his webs in New York. When I watched my childhood wish coming true on the silver screen it was beautiful, a shiver came down my spine and I was near to tears (words really dont do justice to how I felt...). All of a sudden I was a kid all over again( hey gimme a break I may be a merc with a mouth but at least I am a romantic and sensitive one,lol)

17) Your favourite painter?
My godmother. She is a pro, she draws with cool and vibrant colours and I love her to bits as a person.We do share the same insanity you know...

18) Your favourite colour?
Orange. I am an orange nut. I see orange and I feel all warm and fuzzy inside (minimum calories maximum uplifting , I love it!)

19) What has been your greatest success?
I think the greatest success is yet to come, so far it has been a series of small victories that make me burst with joy (yeah I do that a lot as well as fall in sadness, god I love my mood swings I couldnt live without them!). Having trustworty friends is as close as I have reached so far...

20) Your favourite drink?
Cold water from natural streams from my dad's greek village of origin Klepa, Greece. It always brings back memories of childhood friends lost in time and my long gone grandparents which I adored...

21) Your biggest regrets concern...
...I am too multi-tasking at the moment and not always with important stuff. Whenever, I focused in one thing at a time I was really good at it but with multi-tasking I am OK great rather than REALLY great. Still need to work at it and become as good as I can be... ( I am a sucker for self-improvement I feast on it brutally in fact,lol)

22) What do u hate most?
Mosquitos in summer with the weather all warm and humid that dont let me sleep with their buzzing(call me shallow all you want,lol). I hate them with a passion I can stay up all night just to kill the little bastards (I am nuts like that,lol). In a previous life I was definitely a mosquito serial killer or a superhero called the "mosquito annihilator" (sounds so ridiculously gay it is

23) What do u do when u r not writing something?
Being constantly updated on my science, reading comics and books, watching movies or theatre plays and playing videogames (oh Making out is always good when it is possible and means something rather than just for the sake of it...(nothing wrong with the latter though,lol)

24) Your greatest fear?
I guess when I get older, death(of course Grim Reapper being the unpredictable chap that it is can come at any moment but that is out of my hand so no worries,lol). For now it is more a case of little insecurities rather than fear of some impending doom,lol!

25) When do u lie?
When instict dictates that the person talking to me cant handle the truth and would react badly to the direct approach. I'd like to call it "alternative truth" or "being diplomatic". It helps me sleep at nights as peaceful as a bird....

26) What is your motto?
Every obstacle is for a good reason (essentially this is the greek version of "what doesnt kill you makes you stronger")

27) How would u like to die?
A senile old fool in my sleep with loved ones all around me. I will not know the faces but I will feel the love, that's the way to go!

28) If u were to meet God, what would u like to hear from him?
1)Was it all a big great hangover for you?(regarding world's creation)
2)I wasnt too bad a man but we can always play tavli(something like backgammon) to decide, best out of 5? (regarding my fate)
3)What is the rent up here? The view aint half bad... (regarding, whatelse, living conditions...)

29) Describe ur current mental state.
Unstable as ever, still no danger to humanity...not yet!

Well now that I am done with this I can aim my blogging crosshair to more juicy material (come to think of it I would like to ask god one more thing "How the hell -sorry god- do I come up with all these cheesy blog lines? " I dont have a clue myself,lol.

Talk to ya later!


DaNaH said...

Hey, I enjoyed your answers! I especially liked your comment about "Don Quixote de la Mancha"! So true! :)

itelli said...

U passionately hate cocky bastards or do u hate bastards that are passionately cocky? I'm confused...

Deadpoolite said...

I am soooo against discrimination of individuals so I ll be fair, I hate both types:)