Friday, 25 May 2007

Resisting the lust for a videogame walkthrough....barely...and proud of it!

The source of last night's frustration
that goddamn
"God of War 2" game

I am an avid videogamer and I am currently delivering punishment left and right in God of War 2 for the PS2. I am also ridiculously patient as a person.As far as videogames are concerned when I am stuck, I become stubborn as a mule. I just have to go past this one last level before I drop the game. I will never admit defeat. It is all a bit pointless really but I can persist in the most absurd of situations even if the game is utter crap or it requires some ridiculous solution that the game designers conceived after a major hangover.In those kind of situations my most hated enemy, the Van Helsing to my Dracula, the Green Goblin to my Spiderman, the Jerry to my Tom is using the damn walkthrough. This is essentially a written guide that tells a hapless gamer how to pass a certain tough spot in the game. Usually, it is good to use one before you get totally frustrated with a game and start questioning your sanity and what death would suit you better to end the gameplay torture...

The forbidden fruit for gamers.
The goddamn walkthrough...

Yesterday night was a restless one, so I decided the hell with it I'll just kick some ass in God of War 2 and let some steam out. So there I was, starting up the PS2, loading the game at my last save point. Problem was, I was royally stuck... it was a bloody room I needed to cross
and there were a couple of switches I needed to press simultaneously. I started observing the room carefully to see what could help me in my silly quest but the room was pretty plain in design. After an hour of frustration where I had scanned every pixel on the screen (hell I had observed every fucking corner of my living room by then as well,lol) the crave started to take over. The crave to use a walkthrough and be done with it...I subdued the urge for that instantly
...I would not surrender...I would know no defeat...this aint the fucking Kubric cube it is God of War 2 damn it, it is not suppose to tire your brain cells but numb them.

Another half an hour passed, I had tried every conceivable and inconceivable approach multiple times (apart from the correct one obviously ,lol). The damn gate wasnt opening, it just stood there mocking my incompetence and my stupidity, wasting my time like a fool.... Then the urge came back, "I ve had enough with this shit,I 'll use a walkthrough" . However, the gamer nut inside me prevailed "no fucking way" I thought "I am going to open the gate TONIGHT and that is that"!

Ok, enough is enough just let
me go past the gate...

Another half an hour passed and the hallucinations started , I was visualising my game character walking past the gate laughing manically however it wasnt really happening. "For fuck's sake I am God of War in this game I can beat up cyclops,minotaurs and other monsters with my little pinky finger and I cant open a lousy gate! How lame is that...". Frustration kicked in, I was either going to use a walkthrough to go past the damn gate or throw the gamepad to the TV screen and break it. Maybe that would open the damn gate as well and that is all that mattered (yep I was that far gone folks,lol).

Maybe it is the TV's fault, maybe just maybe
all hope isnt lost yet

As I was pleading for mercy from the gaming gods (ok this is officially one of the dumbest things I've written but the hell with it, it fits the mold,lol), one of my half dormant brain cells sprung to life and gave me the solution to this problem. I opened the damn gate swearing at it silently (people were sleeping in the house doing what was normal not cursing at virtual gates in the middle of the night,lol). I swore in my mother language Greek, I swore in English, hell I probably swore in alien languages and Chinese as well (the only phrase I know in chinese is how to ask "where is the toilet?" and mind you I say it in perfect chinese accent,lol). All the rage of those lost hours of my life while I was meaninglesly trying to go past that damn gate just got loose(I am just glad I didnt wake anyone up because there is no greater rage than that of a person that loses his/her sleep over nothing and that is a fact of life,lol).

I saved my progress and went to sleep feeling a deep feeling of satisfaction ( I know, I know it is just a silly videogame but the hell with it I like my small victories now and then regardless of the field, I am a sucker for a good celebration what can I say...).

Today, I resumed playing of God of War 2 and I am royally kicking asses nothing can stop me so far. Not a scratch, not a worry in the world I am invincible I am telling you (yeah right..). I think it has to do with what happened last night when my own personal dormant God of War was unleashed on that virtual gate....

p.s.1 The reason I wanted to browse the game fast is because it is a bloody rental and I will have to return it soon. (The daily pressure of losing cash to a third party, you cant beat that for strong motivation for sure,lol)

p.s. 2 Time to play again....Someone is going to!

I am past the gate and kicking asses left and right again
Hooray for Deadpoolite!

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