Thursday, 10 May 2007

When action meets soap opera with cataclysmic results...

You know I really wanted to go serious on you if only for one post, if only temporarily. It is called personal credibility I am told. You know be really deep, express your inner emotions, write about your frustrations and exorcise the evil within (god, I need to lay down on the Evil Dead trilogy viewings, lol). I was determined but unfortunately the blogoverse had different plans for me. Let me elaborate. After the evening meal, I switched on the "little funny box" called TV just to zap past channels with meaningless programs. A moment before I switch off the tv, I tuned on a channel that was showing probably "Bold and the beautiful" (that is a US soap opera for the ones fortunate enough not to litter their brain cells with such useless knowledge,oopps too late now, lol). As I was ready to log off and go on with my life, I saw an actor on-screen which, let's just say, I didnt expect to see on a soap opera. Lorenzo fricking Lamas!

"Lorenzo Lamas in his action glory days
kicking asses left and right"

"Lorenzo Lamas, the puppy eyed version,
going all soap opera versatile on our asses"

What next...?
"Shakespeare? Have mercy..."

You may wonder who the fuck is Lorenzo Lamas. This guy is one of those unsung all american action heroes. You know the type, semi or all muscular dealing justice to the crooked on TV or DVD. Him on a soap opera! The TV-verse works in mysterious ways, I am telling you.

It was like epiphany, my seriously damaged brain was suddenly filled with images of greatness from such action b-movie legends like Chuck "the ultimate roundhouse kick" Norris, Steven "the pony tail of doom" Seagal, Jean Claude "the belgian oak" Van damme and Dolph "I got my ass kicked in Rocky 4" Ludgren. These are the true american heroes not like the overrated stallones and swartzenegers (I am bound to spell his name wrong it is inevitable,lol) of this world. These people keep making movies despite having zero acting talent so it makes you re-evaluate if the US was indeed the land of opportunity once upon a time. You know what a real fan boy's dream would be , just to pit all those suckers in the same movie kicking eachothers asses. That would be a sight to behold and the ultimate collector's DVD. Just dont put too many lines on the script and you are looking at a masterpiece. If only those hollywood big shot producers took their heads out of their asses and took notice.

"What is the essence of life? Getting shot by me!"

"I want to flex my acting muscles
like my real ones. Get me a soap
opera role, please..."

"You know movies like this made
me think getting my ass kicked in
Rocky 4 was a blessing..."

Blame the madness I unleashed in this blog entry on a single viewing of Lorenzo Lamas being all emotional and romantic in a soap opera. Let me tell you, I half expected him to start sending punches right and left just for old times sake you know, but he was a gentleman and didnt fakely punch anyone. Maybe in the next episode...

P.s. 1 : Useless info coming up! Lorenzo Lamas played in ALL the episodes of Falcon Crest another soap opera back in the days of the dinosaurs...

P.s.2 : Never have I mentioned the world "ass" so many times without referring to women once!
That is me Deadpoolite "the ultimate version" then, a bonafide gentleman,lol!

P.s.3: Ok, I'll try to get serious on my next post. Seriously...oh come on now dont laugh...not too hard anyway, lol!

Catch you later!

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