Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Music to my ears, causing you all tears?

Last Sunday while I was messing around with my blog, it seemed kind of cool to add some music tune playing when someone is unfortunate enough to enter. I kind of considered it a welcoming sign to the reader I suppose. Since only one tune plays and that can easily be paused by pressing the button on the player I thought that even the people that wouldnt find the tune to their fancy would just pause the damn thing before the evilness of the music makes their pc's explode,lol. Since this is a relatively new blog, I am still experimenting on things and see what works and what doesnt, you see.

However, the reaction to this addition was mixed to say the least with people telling me to either throw the music into "trash bin oblivion" , keep it but change the tune frequently or to change the style of music being played since it is not to their taste. Now I am a simple Deadpoolite trying to make some blogging in the world but it is hard to please everyone. My priority for this blog is the text of course and to make people enjoy the few minutes that they spend here regardless if they are regular readers or people that came here by accident. So being Greek and having democracy running through my veins (one cannot get too cocky about his heritage I assure you,lol) I thought "The hell with it, let's vote".

In that respect I would appreciate your input on the matter by voting on the mini-poll to your right.

p.s. If your opinion coincides with "Kind of. As long as it is not distracting..." you might as well add a little something on the "comments" of this post and propose what type of music would be acceptable for you.

Thanks for the insights!


itelli said...

I'd say do exactly the reverse: leave the tune box but don't have it start automatically. Let ur readers decide whether they wanna press the "Play" button instead of "Pause".


Deadpoolite said...

Ah who am I kidding, I just needed an excuse to try the mini-poll thing on the site. Guilty as charged.

Seriously though good call itelli, who said everything in life has to be complicated,lol.

Next time I ll make a poll about more sophisticated things in life like the Steven Seagal comment in a movie : "What is the essence of life?"

Man that is deep...way deep...coming from Steven Seagal it is as deep as an oil drilling site,lol.