Monday, 21 May 2007

Diet is like the Incredible Hulk, you transform into someone else...

Over the years I've accumulated some excess weight. Blame it on studying and every day stress or to the love that was never meant to be, it doesnt really matter. You may call it overweight (heck some people say that 1 Kgr over your normal weight is overweight, go or just plain fat depending on perspective(well I am not into photo shopping myself like so many people do on the web, I am all natural, lol). Still the time came where part by circumstance, part by choice I said to myself "enough is enough". So here I am, going strong, week after week shedding the Kgrs and becoming the adonis that I was always meant to be (if you are looking for a modest guy you are in the wrong blog, lol). The funny thing though is not the transformation itself, which is a cool thing and a blessing for your health (doesnt hurt your shagging potential either, lol).

"It is all muscle... I swear!!!"

What I find the most fun about the whole affair is trying out old or relatively old clothes and see that they fit. It sounds quite trivial and it probably is but still it comes as a shock when you start wearing clothes that hadnt see human ass or human chest for 2-3 years. Let me elaborate, since I've begun "mini-sizing" myself ("diet" is too boring a term, lol) my old clothes (old as in 3 months old, lol) became too bulky for my body. The choice was simple, either go around dressed as a washed up Eminem wannabe or buy some new clothes. I was opting for the latter option but call it luck, call it destiny, call it malarkey I chose to have a look at a little storage space I had for relics of my past (a bunch of stuff really) looking for a particular T-shirt I was fond of. What I found in there was beyond belief, trousers, t-shirts, shirts a lot of them totally unworn or slightly used. Some of those things were bought by me, others given to me as gifts in various occassions. It was really cool trying all this stuff on for size and finding out that this Deadpoolite could fit comfortably into pretty much anything. Being the comics fan that I am I couldnt do anything else but smile in the thought, "The Incredible Hulk changing into his human self Bruce Banner". Now I know how that feels...

"Feel like tap dancing!"


itelli said...

Clothes, is what made me get rid of 20 kgs over two summers. That and the my fat's perpetual motion (like Hommer's), whenever i looked at myself in the mirror. But there's no better motivation than fitting in ur old clothes...

Does my bum look big in this?

Deadpoolite said...

"Does my bum look big in this?"

Funny you mentioned that one line at the end. I was going to use it exactly like that with a Deadpool picture I saw somewhere on the web. Too bad I couldnt trace it again.

This slimming down thing has boosted my life in more ways than one, so basically now I've got the incentive and the medical justification to be twice as wacky(you know with all the additional energy pouring out of me,lol). Hooray!

nick said...

Hey, way to go! I am also trying to mini-size myself, I went as far as to get myself a personal trainer... who just happens to be a friend of mine so it's free. Keep up the good work!

Deadpoolite said...

You just had to use the forbidden word didnt it hurts so bad...stop...just thinking about it hurts,lol). I am getting there I am sure, but not just yet :)

Hey one step at a time, at the moment the only training I can endure is playing the occassional basketball/soccer game with friends or walking. The "now and then" occassional if you catch my drift :). Let's just say I wont be bench pressing with the "steroid hip" version of Stallone any time soon.

Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

Dude, thanks for commenting on my blog.

I too feel that I am a little bit overweight, or maybe not a little. Lol

Can share some secrets here on how you cut down those extra pounds, especially during exams?

Deadpoolite said...

Well I can but then I will have to shoot you! (I think I am getting too caught up in this merc with a mouth nonsense...give me a moment to re-wire my brain....ok done,lol).

Seriously though I am not a big believer in random made diets for all people. I mean we all know basic principles of mini-sizing (hey it is my copyrighted word so go figure,lol) like drink lots of fluids, eat fruits and vegetables, do some form of exercise and do not eat much between the 3 set meals of the day. However, I think every person is his/her own beast and we dont all have the same willpower to go for it. Timing is essential...(as with disarming a bomb, but that is a different story for a different

I think exams is a lousy time for a diet to be honest. I had plenty of those and you have enough strain as it is. Just now and then get up from your "studying/blogging butt" have a little walk (or do the chicken dance if such a thing exists,heh) and try to be concious about not eating dozens of ridiculously fatty snacks while studying (I know I did,lol.)

Ok dude, I can officially declare that the world has gone totally bonkers, I mean ME giving DIET tips to others. LLOOOOLLLLL, we have entered the world of supernatural now :)

Thanks for joining in the fun, I ll be following your blog as time permits!