Friday, 15 June 2007

Change is a wonderful thing in the eye of the beholder...

Well I had this one coming.... it was inevitable... burning the candle at both ends between this one and my greek blog would take its toll, eventually, on my blogging life. So priorities had to be set. The Greek blog took a bit of a refurbishment shall we say and now it is where I need it to be, but at the other end of the spectrum this blog took a bit of a breather for the past two weeks. However, its time in the spotlight has finally arrived!

Champagne anyone? And before you start having any kinky thoughts (you dirty minds you, heh) this is still a PG friendly blog (barely, lol).

It has been nearly 4 months now that I have started this beautiful verbal adventure in the realm of blogging, dissing wise cracks and pieces of my soul left and right. It has been truely liberating... Still, at some point two weeks ago I thought "Something needs to change even if it is just aesthaetically". At that same moment I looked at some of the posts in both my blogs and tried to figure out what each of the two blogs (greek and english) was representing and how it had evolved with time. I smiled with great content I have to say. So far, I have met some wonderful people around the world and in my country Greece. Distances were annihilated and bridged by written words. Similarly, different life backgrounds and perspectives on life proved to be not a reason for separation but a reason for celebration of uniqueness.

So here we are, June 2007, in the newly updated "The Merc with a mouth is back!" (also known as the "
What the f... is he talking about?" blog in some countries, lol !). The most noticeable change on the site is the header of the blog. A friend of mine offered to make this for me and I happily nodded "yeah, I 'd like that". He didnt have to take the time to make it, he doesnt know me all that well for that matter but nevertheless he proposed to make this for me without anything meaningful in return. He requested that I keep his name under wraps and that is to be respected, however I'd like to take the opportunity to thank him once more for doing this for me. Let me rephrase that, thank him for doing this selflessly for me, for a person that he doesnt know all that well. It is the gesture I appreciate greatly, that is what I want to say really.

Summer 2007, I am in Greece one of the most beautiful places to be at this time of the year with a newly designed blog in front of me. The possibilities are endless now.... time to put my "Merc with a mouth" mask back on.... Deadpoolite is truely "back" as the name of this blog so eloquently states...

Have a wonderful summer all, the best is yet to come !

P.S. Only some fine tuning of this blog remains, someone pass me my wrench...busy, busy, busy... lol!


Shan said...

mmmm, this is sweet man. I love it! The text is bold and the background complements very well. Easy to read!

Mate, if you have MSN, add me, I need your artistic styles to help me with my refurbishment haha!


Deadpoolite said...

I dont come! Do you have cookies? If you have an unlimited supply of cookies I am your man,lol(just ask Zhu, lol).

Thanks for the compliment!

At the moment I am having a prob with the customization of the fonts and the colours. They just dont appear where they should be in the customization screen, in fact they dont appear at all. Creepy....

nick said...

Hey that header looks very spiffy, who made it for you?

Deadpoolite said...

I could tell you of course... but then I would have to off you (you know stuff you with Maltesers or something, lol).

He is called TCRA and he is blogging every midnight when the planets align properly. Some say he is a legend, some say he is a werewolf, some go as far off as to say he is a sworn US democrat (I know you are laughing as you read this,lol).

Thanks for the header Nick!!!
(Oh come on you knew I would spill the beans eventually, lol, I am the Merc with a MOUTH you know!!!, heh)

itelli said...

whoa...!!! That's cool.

Deadpoolite said...

Whoa!!! I

Thanks for the comment man.

Zhu said...

Hey, I love this new template ! Sounds like you !

Easy to read, clear, good layout, personal and original... do I get a cookie for saying that ?? ;)

Just a question, master (I need info, so I'm being humble) : how did you change your comment text ? I've been trying to do that for ages !

Zhu said...

Hey, you know what you need now ? A favicon !

Deadpoolite said...

"Use the Force little one to change your comments" a deep voice sounded from the great beyond....heh

As for modifying the comments, go to the customization menu ---> template ---> page elements ---> press the bottom right hand corner "edit" in the blog spots (main blogging area) ---> (you' ll be now in the "configure blog spots" menu) somewhere in there says 5 "comments" (the word "comments" can be changed into whatever you want to call them) ---> change "comments" into whatever you want them to ---> "save changes" ---> eat a cookie---> feel good about yourself ---> praise DP, lol.

That's it then, glad you liked the new look of this blog, I really dig it a lot myself!

Talk to you soon!

nick said...

Ha I'm a democrat like your DC's Deathstroke

I don't care if you tell any one now, I am really glad you like it, have fun!

Zhu said...

Hey master,

Do you use the new blogger (i.e blogger beta) or the old one ? Can't figur out how to change the comments, my dashboard seems to be quite differente.

Or it's me. I just got up.

Deadpoolite said...

I am using the new blogger both for this and my greek blog. The process in my customization screen is as I described.

No idea how the older version looks like, assuming you are using that one I cant really help.

Do drink an extra mug of coffee though just to be on the safe side, lol.

Talk to you later!

Zhu said...

Okay, I'm very awake right now and I still can't figure out the comment thing. I have the new blogger as well, so we should be the same. I feel extremely stupid right now :P

Could you do a screen shot for me ? I don't think I'll be able to sleep otherwise !

A screen shot of the "change comment" thing, that goes without saying :P

Deadpoolite said...

Ok I got your screenshots of joy prepared! All I need is an e-mail to send them to you. Mine is

Feel free to reply there.