Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Stay away from the light...!!!

My trusty readers, my adoring fans, my wannabe groupies stay with me....stay away from the light of .... the exit door from this blog. I have been recently occupied with other matters of personal nature and a little pet project over at my native language blog (typing on the run). It took me more time than I thought but now it is where it should be. Great days are coming for this blog both design wise and content wise. I am not putting any fancy widgets and stuff like that in(let's face it I am too lazy for that,lol) ... but this little makeover has just sparked my interest for more insane blogging.

So heads up! I might even buy you a pizza next time you come around (DP looking at his empty pockets thinking "yeah right...")

Take care all, I am assuming by the beginning of the week starting on the 18th of June (or around there more or less) the world will be a funnier place(or so I say myself, lol)!

Take care all!


dunno said...

το ελληνικο blog δεν ανηκει στο blogger? ή απλα το εχεις κλειστο σε φιλους?

dunno said...

never mind το βρηκα.πολυ καλο!

Deadpoolite said...

I'd like you to leave a comment there(in the greek blog) once in a while if you like something you read(I just like to know if people enjoy what they read that is all). I am adding you to my favourites there as we speak since I do like your blog as well, it is something "different" and I like that.

Hope to talk to you soon again!

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Dude, always enjoy reading your blog since you visited mine.

I can see someone is blogging more now. Maybe I won't able to understand your native language but it's still a good thing for the blogosphere.

ComicGeek said...

Can't wait to see the new look. Got a link for your greek blog? I can't read it, but it would be cool to see anyhow.

Also thanks for all the comments on The Comic Rack, it is nice to know people are paying attention and that you arent wasting your time.

Deadpoolite said...

It is all good guys thanks! (I guess the pizza offering did raise some interest on this blog,lol).

The link to the greek site is the last one on the "CHECK THESE OUT" links listed on my sidebar it is the one called "TYPING ON THE RUN (GREEK).

@comic geek

I am Juggernaut biitttcch!!!!! (hahahah loved the vid man, it was funny that the people making it were laughing at the absurdity of it all at the same time,lol)

As for your blog I like it that is why I hang out there. The thing with these specialized blogs is that they are a bit of "niche" market blogs and you need to find a specific audience out there that likes comics.

Still I am sure things will pick up it would be a shame not to, since the effort you put in your blog shows trust me.

All the best!

Shan said...

I look forward to a new layout. I hope the contents will follow through as well!!

Deadpoolite said...

Hope you like it when it eventually shows up (the layout and the header).

As for the contents, well anything goes really since this isnt a thematic blog but the attitude will always be the same:

"Make the world a better place one laugh at a time"

Hey, it doesnt hurt to have some ambition in life does it now,lol!

itelli said...

U lucky b... b... b... boy!

Time to dive?