Saturday, 9 June 2007

Hitler banned from Xbox Live...funny as hell!

Hi guys and girls. This is probably the first and last time I am doing this but this video worths it! If you are a videogamer you ' ll enjoy it even more but if not do not despair it is still funny as hell. Let me just provide some bakground on this. Xbox Live is the highly improved on-line service that Microsoft provides to all gamers with its new games console Xbox 360. With it you can play multiplayer games with other gamers around the world and if you have certain accomplishments in games you get some points in your account (think it like the discount/credits card that supermarkets provide to lure customers). With those points you can buy certain cool stuff for your games. Other stuff like expansion packs and such (these are levels of an existing game that are released for purchase after the games original release to add some longetivity to the original game) can also be purchased with money.

What happened in Europe as far as I know is that when this improved Xbox Live service was released some people that were not properly registered tricked the system with cracked accounts thus being able to participate without giving a participation fee (I think this is required on monthly basis). Microsoft being the money maker that it is retaliated by tracking down those individual pirated user accounts and banning them out of the Xbox Live network for good. So these people were left with Xbox360 consoles that do not have any on-line capabilities whatsoever.

Now that this is out of the way enjoy the vid, personally I cant stop laughing (and for a nutter like myself this is quite a feat).

Have a nice weekend everyone!


Shan said...

hahaha, yeah I saw that one, it was hilarious shit! Good old youtube...

btw, lovely blog, very interesting! Have a look at mine :)

If you're interesting, love to make a friend and exchange links!


Shan said...

Uhhh, that was "If you're interested, love to make a friend and exchange links!

Shan. :)

Deadpoolite said...

You got it right the first time shan, dont worry about it,lol! Welcome and I hope you stick around.

As soon as I can I'll go check your blog (I swear on my merc's badge of honour....oh man I lost it...well it is the thought that counts anyway,lol).

Talk to you soon!

Zhu said...

In my country - the first one, France - jokes on Hitler are definitely a big no.

But I laughed. Really bad laughed. Does that make me more Candian, away form the old Europe ? :D

I've seen the movie, the Downfall, from the video. Pretty boring to me, I like this version best ! :D

Shan said...

hehe. Thanks for your share of advice, it is very much appreciated... the more I meet new people on the net, the more I realise just how understanding some people can be in this world... your words indeed allowed me a very good look at your own experiences and that... well that is valuable beyond measure because experience and knowledge is what I desire without being hurt by the ones I love.

I've added your blog to my Recommended Blogs list and I truly look forward to really reading some amusing articles... I get bored with all my philosophical thinking...

Shan said...

And there is Zhu!


Deadpoolite said...


I think we both agree that we wouldnt be able to survive from a full blown movie with this concept of Hitler and videogaming.(at least I know I wouldnt...I would burst with laughter...literally...not a pretty sight,lol!)

As time passes some skeletons of the past should stay in the closet and not plague future generations I reckon. Historical memory and misplaced political correctness are two different things in my book. As for this vid I simply think, for what it is , it was very intelligently put together. It is not offending anyone and it is funny as hell!


Well my fav links list says "hi" and welcomes you to its arms (yeah everything is self aware in this blog it is a little problem I am having, everyone is a critic, from the profile page to the links list...geez,lol)

In the next 10 days or so (time permitting) the appearence of the site is changing to a certain extent. What doesnt change is the way I approach things around these blog parts!

Good to have you on board and all the best for your upcoming (or should I say "ongoing") exams.

If something isnt working out I can always snipe a stubborn examiner or two with my trusty long distance pea-shooter and mark the exam papers myself,lol (first one is a freebie too what's not to like in this offer,lol)

Talk to you later!

Zhu said...

Wow, people talk about me and I'm not even here - yippeeee ! :D

dc said...

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